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brush's Journal
brush's Journal
September 1, 2023

Not mini, but micro stroke maybe? A precursor to the real thing?

Can't say I didn't lick my chops when I heard he had had another brain freeze episode as I'm as into schadenfreude against republicans as much as the next Dem, but where is his wife, for God's sake? She needs to do an intervention to get him the care he needs.

She was recently the Transportation Sec'y, presumably still a capable person. Why is she letting him continue to be set-up to fail by his likely successors like this?

August 23, 2023

A few days ago there was an OP on artist Edward Hopper's "Night Hawks."


A favorite of several DUers,including me. Poster CTyankee mentioned that it has a film noir quality and what if the lone, male diner had a gun and was about to rob the place.

I liked that idea immediately and conjured up a film noir-ist type script that needs the next page. Here it is. Anyone else in this writing group want to take it, participatory-style, from where the woman leaves the dinner following the protagonist (who, btw, needs a name)?

The protagonist arrives, fortuitously, quickly sizes up the what's up,stymies the holdup, his own gat handy, an army .45, surplus. Disarms the robber, tosses his .25 to counterman, cautions the bandit to sit, and still.

Counterman makes a call, covers the crook with his own piece, waiting for the squad car.

Not particularly anxious to be around cops, the protagonist tilts his hat just right, tips it to the woman then leaves for a drink, needs one now, food can wait.

She follows, alone, just like that, heels tapping signals on the sidewalk.

Take it away, whoever wants to join in.
August 22, 2023

Rudy, Rudy, Rudy...you were once riding hign, leading NYC cop riots...

stirring them up to continue killing unarmed Black men; you flaunted your mistress in public down 5th Avenue, leaving your wife humiliated at home in Gracie Mansion; you dominated the spotlight on 9/11 and became the celebrated "America's Mayor" and rode that wave as far as it could take you.

Not far enough though as you ran for president but became known only for Joe Biden's quip..."A noun, a verb and 9/11" (yep, that was Biden's). After that you somehow hooked on as trump's sidekick/personal attorney...a big mistake.

We thought, you being the famous ex-mayor of New York, and CEO of your own security consulting firm, that you were a savvy, sophisticated guy, but it seems that's not the case at all.

Was it the divorce, another one, from the glamorous mistress/now ex-wife and the huge alimony payments? Was it the failure of the firm? Finally, is it the booze and the association with trump that led to the Four Seasons Landscaping debacle, was it the hair dye running down your face, the 60-some odd failures in court to your filings to show evidence of election fraud in court, on one of which appearances you farted audible in Jenna Ellis' face? All of course resulted in huge bills, money owed and an indictment with legal bills and bail money needed, which your broke ass doesn't have.

Oh, Rudy, what a come down, what a colossal fall. We all once thought you were a shrew operator but you turned out to be nothing but a sad sack bumpkin having to go hat-in-hand to trump to help you out by paying you legal fees he never paid, hundred of billed hours...hundreds of thousands, maybe millions owed.

Come on, Rudy, you should know better. Everybody else knows by now, you get your money from trump up front or you won't get it.

What are you gonna do now? Try a go-fund-me page like Jenna Ellis, another lawyer victim of MAGA — Making attorneys get attorneys?

August 21, 2023

Bring back the clipper ships. I tried to find a mention of the speed...

of these ships compared to conventionally powered ships. Couldn't find it. That has to be a consideration as to whether we should go back to the future with these partially wind-powered ships.

And speaking of speed of sailing ships: The famous clipper ship, Sea Witch, was built by Smith & Dimon in their yards in NY in 1846 ... she established records which have never been beaten by ships under sail. Her two fastest runs from Canton, China to New York stand this day as all time records for sailing vessels. She was famous for fast runs to California too, being the first ship to sail from New York to San Francisco, 'round the horn, in less than one hundred days.
August 20, 2023

Wow! Karelin just manhandled that guy. Thanks for this.

I will add him to the list.

August 19, 2023

FYI: POCs and allies, what is the real reason for wlid fires in Hawaii, a state whose image is...

that of a lush, green, tropical paradise.

Who knew of the water scarcity, diversion and just about theft really from west Maui? Seems there's a long-standing history of this that has a racial tinge to it. Many of hat area's inhabitants are native Hawaiians. Below are photos of the last Hawaiian monarchs of the 19th century from which native Hawaiians are of similar lineage.



It's my opinion that we at DU, progressives and POC allies, understand what and why there is water scarcity that turned west Maui into a near-desert tinder box.

Once the American/European planters forced King Kalajaua to sign the "bayonet constitution" in 1887 he no longer had veto power. He died in 1891 childless and his sister Queen Lili'uokalani took over but was soon deposed through conspiratorial machinations by planters. https://teachinghistory.org/history-content/ask-a-historian/20348

Anyway, backed by US Navy gunboats, the planters took over and the land was first plantations in past times and eventually luxury homes, tourist resorts and busineses in recent times where the water from west Maui was diverted to.

My wife and I first learned of this ugly history when we visited Hawaii in the early 2000s for a wedding and were greeted warmly by the native Hawaiians who worked at our hotel. We're African Americans and the workers related to us insolidarilty and told us that their struggle was similar to what Black people have historically gone through in the the US..

What I'm getting at is, from the photos it's apparent that native Hawaiians are somehow part of the African diaspora from who know how anay centuries past, and have been discriminated against in their native land— witness the long-going water diversion and now the disaster capitalism attempting land grabs and water rights — people still in extreme trauma from losing everything in their lives, are being offered money for their land.

Another poster mentioned that with all eyes on Hawaii because of the fire, this won't be allowed to happen. Let's keep out fingers crossed that it doesn't.

Maybe this story will began to come out now that it's been revealed that the fire hydrants had no pressure and the fire alarms were not sounded during the fire.

Just thought as progressives we should know history and water politics how that piece of Hawaii became a fire disaster waiting to happen. As recently as 2020 it was considered endangered.

For those interested in helping people specifically affected by the Hawaii wildfires, you can still select Hawaii Wildfires on redcross.org, or call 1-800-RED-CROSS (800-733-2767), or text the word HAWAII to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

August 16, 2023

A favorite. I get the single guy, a respite from lonliness, the couple,...

a brief stop in anticipation of next, the counterman, glad for customers speeding his shift.

The restaurant, a beacon for night crawlers, a fishbowl.

August 7, 2023

Real GOATs of different sports. IMHO. Feel free to name/add your own.

Boxing: Muhammad Ali

Basketball: Michael Jordan

Football: Tom Brady

Baseball: Willie Mays/Babe Ruth/Hank Aaron/Ted Williams/Shohei Ohtani

Hockey: Wayne Gretsky

Men's Tennis: Novak Djokovic

Women's Tennis: Serena Williams

Women's Golf: Nancy Lopez, Annika Sorenstam

Men's Golf: Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods.

Men's Track and Field: Usain Bolt, Edwin Moses.

Women's Track and Field: Florence GRIFFITH-JOYNER

Gymnastics: Simone Biles

Women's Soccer: Marta Vieira da Silva

Men's Soccer: Pele, Lionel Messi

Men's Swimming: Michael Phelps

Women's Swimming: Katie Ledecky

Cricket: Don Bradman.

Olympic Wrestling: Aleksandr Karelin.

That's it. Can't think of anymore.

April 16, 2023

George Santos' name popped up again recently on another thread...

about McCarthy's failure to expel him as he needs his vote. It made me think of what Santos' musings will be once 2025 comes around.

About now he's probably thinking there's plenty of time but it's never too early to figure out the moves come mid-January '25 as he knows he's not getting reelected. His thoughts might be something like the following:

Feign running even though campaign funds are just about nil as that con has run its course — check.

Always have a bag packed — check.

Passport at the ready — check.

Airline tickets to country with no extradition treaty (Brazil is out as it's the first place they'll expect) — check.

Ride to the airport prescribed to avoid press— check.

Driver already secured, palm greased, pick-up point at secret Capitol exit agreed upon — check.

Slowly move clothes and other trip necessities out of apartment to office so landlord doesn't notice — check.

Figure out how to bullshit landlord on late Jan. rent...Dems holding up last check might work — check.

Clean out personal bank account and last dregs in campaign account — check.

Hmmmm? What else, let me think...?

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