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brush's Journal
brush's Journal
November 16, 2023

I do too, and McConnell's right on this. We are in the process of, and should continue, to decimate Russia's army...

without firing a shot on our own or committing any troops by continuing to back Ukraine, of which this war is one for their very existence as a sovereign nation.

This should not be hard to understand, and I'm so glad McConnell does, as for the short-sighted other republican senators who are against it...how fucking stupid can they get.

Are they so in the tank for Putin they've forgotten that Russia/the USSR and communism has been our avowed worst enemy since Lenin and Stalin and they can't see that we can put to rest their ability to challenge not just us, but western Europe's hegemony over the Eurasian continental land mass. We've shown that Putin's army is second, maybe even third-rate with the decimation of it Ukraine, with our backing, has done.

That's what's at state, not some short-sighted Putin ass kissing because they see him as another white guy like them, and not the evil mother fucker he is and who is intent on conquering the rest of Europe once he defeats Ukraine.

We and NATO are what stands in the breach against him.

November 13, 2023

I've tried to be impartial on this, meaing that I believe Hamas must be...

eliminated as Israel must defend itself by retaliating against enemy attackers. I also believe that the ongoing bombings in Gaza has reached the point of over-retaliation as 11,000 Palestinian civilians, mostly women and children have been killed. The bombings must stop.

The bombings IMO were the wrong way to ferret out Hamas, as way more non-combatants have been killed and injured than terrorists who are probably safe in their tunnels, which leaves urban warfare as the long, hard slog that must be understaken to rid Gaza of the Hamas terrorists.

I believe that is going on now and I wish the IDF success at that.

The bombings still must stop though as civilians to be killed by them.

Eventually I'm hoping for a ceasefire, then successful negotiations and finally a two-state agreement and follow through with a partitioned area for a Palestinian state too.

Finally after 75 years.

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