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Several excellent ones on posters' lists. Here are mine.

Godfather l
Godfather ll
Shawshank Redemption
Pulp Fiction
Maltese Falcon
Watch on the Rhine
Good Fellas
A Bronx Tale
Bad Santa

When the Biden docs were first found I thought the timing was...

particularly optimal for the trump camp as Jack Smith was ratcheting up his investigation of the hundreds of stolen classified docs found at MAL, and the Biden revelation effectively shifted intense scrutiny and condemnation onto Joe Biden while at the same time tamping down enthusiasm for criminal and espionage charges against trump.

How curious.

Then the Pence docs were found and I thought, WTF, as that reveal blew all previous speculations as to motives out of the water and left everyone scratching their heads and thinking maybe a few classified docs ending up accidentally with former presidents and VPs wasn't that unusual.

But I do think the few Biden and Pence docs found were inadvertent packing/moving mistakes, but that can not be said about the thousands of pages and humdreds of classified docs found in a barely secured storage area of trump's MAL country club.

Anyway, whoever was behind the Pence docs being found, did Biden a favor, leading to another thought was this a spy v spy, tit-for-tat operation?

LBJ's decision to seat Fannie Lou Hamer's Freedom Democratic Party...

at the 1964 Democratic National Convention played significantly into the southern Dixiecrats jumping over to the republican party which totally severed the repubs from their Ripon, Wisconsin roots.

Nixon's Southern Strategy and Reagan adhereing to it by opening his presidential campaign in Philadelphia, Mi. also helped to complete the change over from southerners, Dixiecrats, being part of the Democratic Party to joining the republican party which became the party of the southern racists, thus totally severing the republican party from it's already badly frayed Ripon, Wisconsin reform party roots.
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