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Member since: Sun Apr 1, 2012, 12:07 PM
Number of posts: 50,123

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Just learned a new, high-value Scrabble word for everyone. Zarf.

2. A cardboard sleeve fitted around a hot, disposable beverage container.

Note? It's the second definition as they've been around in the Middle East for ages—fancier and not disposable.

Maybe, but who believes sales figures from trump.

And claiming they were sold out at a gross of 4.5 million, how do you sell out pixels? NFTs can be recreated over and over ad infinitum.

More likely the offering was a flop as the NFT craze is over and no one was interested. The right wing sites commentators are all extremely disappoint at the bs, so-called major announcement and many are saying they're through with him as they expected maybe a VP running mate name, or finally real evidence of 2020 election fraud, certainly not another grifting scam.

I don't believe people are rushing to funnel money to trump anymore after his last few weeks of horrid legal and anti-Semitic dining ridiculousness.

Very nice post. You nailed her exactly.

IMO her penchant for tank-tops at her non-spring chicken age among suited colleagues is a tell-tail sign and fits in quite neatly to your theory.

She looks sillier and sillier and kookier and kookier as she tries this party-leaving move to avoid a primary and thus keep her Senate seat, but it's way too late as she's below water in approval ratings with republicans and independents, and way below water among Democrats who mostly despise how she personally torpedoed the Biden agenda (and her own base) time and time again, once with a thumbs down, look-at-me move in the well of the Senate.

Ya can't get anymore narcissistically silly than that.

Will she ever learn to stop letting words out of her dumb ass mouth?

Apparently unknowingly suffering from diarrhea of the mouth, she just loves being in the spotlight and before a mic, but it's always either anti-democratic, trigger-happy, anti-Biden/Democrats, anti-Semitic or, and now, inappropriately sexual.

She should know not to mention the last part especially since she's rumored to have had affairs that cost her to lose her marriage.

The history of the country shows that that sentiment...

has exhibited itself, and still does, among the minority anti-semites and white racists, so what you're suggesting has not happened and won't happen unless the aforementioned minority somehow become the majority.

That won't happen because more Americans have a sense of justice than are there white racists and anti-semites, or whatever other anti-othered group you can plug into that theory.

Musk wants to prosecute Dr. Fauci. WTF?

Once considered a visonary genius by some (others who know his history of just buying into companies and taking credit for their accomplishments know better), has proven himself to be nothing but a homophobic, facist, nut job, magat POS who has ruined twitter.

And Dr. Fauci is the health official who steadfastly stood publicy against trump sycophants who continually kissed the orange turds ass and back his anti-mask stance during the pandemic, and who also didn't push back against trump racist intent in calling it the China virus.

Time for a ridiculously outrageous poll on Pootin's fate: What will/has happened to him.

With rumors of his fall down a staircase causing caca in the pants, he's scheduled for, or has had surgery for colon cancer, and then there's his other cancer. His face is all puffy and his balance is poor from being stuffed with steroids to relieve the pain in the ass that he is so we thought this was more than appropriate for Pootie-poot. He deserves it.

Which is your perverse flavor?

Come on, dude, let it go.

it's more than two years now. Get over it. You lost. The country rejected you. Get on with you life.

What are you doing, after declaring you were running again for '24 dontcha think this retro request is kinda sketchy?

Buck up, man, I'm sure you'll do a great job on the '24 campaign trail...with your big rallies and all (don't pay attention to the diminished crowds though). It means nothing. You'll see. You'll be fine.

You and Putin can commemorate together when it's all over on loser's row. It'll be nice. Hey, Kari Lake may even join you two swell guys. You'll hoist a drink together...it'll be better than hoisting each other on your own petards.

Best regards.

I was sorry to see Tiffany Cross' show go. I watched...

it regularly. IIRC though, her show was cancelled by something she said on another show..."The Breakfast Club" with Charlamagne Da God and other hosts. She said "Florida literally looks like the dick of the country, so let's get rid of Florida."

And a little laters she said,
"Seriously, let's castrate Florida..."

She was kinda prodded to say that last part by Charlamagne Da God. That was bad judgment as right wing long knives were out to get her and that casually tossed off remark was too castration-adjacent to DeSantis. I think she got a little carried away on the show. She probably should've said "penis" too instead of dick.

Sorry to see her go.

He's an idiot and an embarrassment to Black people.

I can't imagine where his anti-Semitism comes from. It makes about as much sense as when he once claimed enslavement was a choice by Black people.

It's apparent his elevator doesn't go all the way to the top.
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