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Interesting. Seems this post's scope is about our galaxy.

With our limited reach into the vast distances of space using land-based telescopes, and space-based Hubble and now Webb, plus our launched explorers including Voyagers l and ll (Voyager l reached interstellar space in 2012 and Voyager ll in 2018 after some 40-plus years of travel), we have barely penetrated near space in half a human lifetime, 40-some years, and still have no idea how many galaxies are out there in the many light years of space and time.

I mean Earth exists in a spot on a not particularly distinctive arm of a not particularly distinctive spiral galaxy, of which there are perhaps multi-millions. And IMO it's a remarkable humankind of hubris of some to think that of the trillions of possibilities of development in the endlessness of space, to us at least considering our short lifespans and non-existent ability to travel and discover over light years of time/space, to think that our planet is the only one with technological development is... well, I'll just say let's reserve judgment on that.

IMO Pence didn't get in the car because he wasn't sure...

they'd get him back that day, Jan. 6, for him to finish his Constitutional duty on J6. And with a wild insurrection raging, it wasn't a certainty that the SS would be able to get him back. I think also he wanted to do his duty in order to finish off trump, leaving more of a chance for himself in 2024.

Whatever the reason, thank God he didn't leave and finished his Constitutional duty. If not, who knows what would've kicked off. Grassley, as Senate Pro Tem may have stepped in and rejected the EC ballots or
sent them back to the states–what trump wanted and Eastman kept pushing.

And once it was Jan. 7, with the EC ballots not confirmed all bets were off. With Steven Miller likely in his ear, trump would've probably declared martial law as he was now in total charge and Biden's election not certified, confirmed or whatever the word is.

There's no Constitutional clause to cover such an unprecedented eventuality but I would bet magats nationwide would've felt that they'd won and who could blame them. They'd be in streets rejoicing and who knows what would've jumped off if our side had went into the streets too.

Thank God Pence didn't leave as the inauguration may never have happened on Jan. 20 with trump in total charge. We came that close to losing it.

Justice Alito's apparently a 17th century man, a man of his time, a time...

when men were men and women were their property, and/or witches to be burned at the stake when appropriate.

Tell me he's kidding us with this 17th century bullshit in the abortion brief. Somebody tell me quick that this can't possibly be true here in the 21st century—that a SCOTUS justice, someone purported to be a serious thinker worthy of sitting on the highest court in the land, is citing a witchcraft-believing misogynist from the 1600s.

It can't possibly be true.

I repeat, he cites a 17th century misogynist, a 17th century misogynist who believed in witches.

He and his clerk, or whoever wrote that claptrap of the highest order and thought it was an appropriate preference reference to back up a claim that women should be denied autonomy over their own bodies, should be laughed and ridiculed out of the Supreme Court building and never be allowed to return (and preferably tarred and feathered if we were somehow transported back to the 17th century, as they apparently have been).

I mean he cited a witchcraft believer. God! What kind of antiquated creatures have been put on the Supreme Court?

Seems Bragg would've jumped at the chance to be the one who...

finally got trump. I mean that would be a ticket to higher office—maybe the governor's mansion, the Senate, and even higher in the future.

To have gotten where he is means he's not a dumb man, so why didn't he reach for the brass ring?

Something is up.

"I Didn't Know What Time It Was" by Sarah Vaughan is sublime.

Why would you think the admin, LEO and Nat'l Guard leadership will let thousands of trucks...

get close to DC after they've seen what's still going on in Ottawa, not to mention how Jan. 6 went out of control.

That will never happen. People will not be asleep at the wheel.

Something smells like corruption to me. And it's directly connected...

to Manchin. The rent is not getting paid but Manchin is.

Trying to snatch back pieces of the former Soviet Union.

This is so racist. If Asian Americans are the best in competition...

so be it. Guess whoever wrote this wants white skaters to be the top finishers. Well, they just have to practice harder and show it on the ice.

We certainly don't want our skaters to fall as soon as they get on the ice, like the white woman skier who keeps falling as soon as she gets on the slopes.

It's dumb, perhaps the dumbest political slogan ever.

And I read the post. See post 16.
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