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Member since: Sun Apr 1, 2012, 12:07 PM
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Poor Russkies, never a history of democracy...

just Czar/landlord/serfs for centuries, and then dictator/apparatchik/peasant in the Soviet Union...too bad. They just don't get the concept of people voting in their leaders, and voting them out if they do a piss poor job.

They just want to be dominated by a strongman daddy figure either in royal robes or Stalinist military garb or poorly tailored Soviet-era suits. Which is why they couldn't adjust to Gorbechev in his stylish Euro cut suits and his modern, reformist ideas. He definitely had to go.

No wonder they feel empty now...and Ukraine was just sitting there...all bread-baskety with food worth billions and plumb for the taking.

Welcome. You'll find that most DUers prefer a Nordic model society...

and work and vote for candidates as far as possible who lean that way. Progressive pragmatism does creep in as we need to win elections to implement policies, and not be so inflexibly idealistic that we never get anything done (see the accomplishments of the Biden Admin in just two years).

Things have to get done for the general welfare of the people.

That last sentence sounds somewhat socialistic, right, and I'm sure you agree with it. We lean left but understand the nation doesn't lean as far left as we do and that the word "socialism" is toxic to many (many boomer and GenXer voters, not all by any means, who were school as kids about Khrushchev, Brezhnev, fallout shelters, the Cuban missile crisis, the iron curtain, Red China, failed communist collectives, Stalininst purges and on and on. Many of those voters never lost the fear of socialism/communism and vote that way. Florida's Cuban and Venezuelan voters for instance, and of course republicans.

What say you? And really I myself voted for Gus Hall and Angela Davis in my first presidential vote, lived in Berkeley across the street from a hippie commune...the whole works.

So I get where you're coming from but understand pragmatism is often necessary. BTW, IIRC the world is still waiting for a sustained society/nation that has a socialistic economy.

IMO it's hypocrisy and cherry picking of amendments.

More justices needed on SCOTUS to counteract the Taliban 6.

Uh-oh, SCOTUS original constructionists of the Constitution...

better take a look at the 9th Amendment.

It being the 4th of July I thought I'd take a closer look at the Constitution and its amendments. The Second Amendment is of course hugely problematic, as is the EC provision, but Scalia and his disciples must have entirely skipped over THE 9TH AMENDMENT in their strict constructionist theorizing (or chose to ignore it), as it states as follows:

The Ninth Amendment of the United States Constitution states that the federal government doesn't own the rights that are not listed in the Constitution, instead, they belong to the people. The 9th Amendment states that the rights not specified in the Constitution belong to the people, not the federal government.

Huh? WTF? Did I read that right? The Ninth Amendment of the United States Constitution states that the federal government doesn't own the rights that are not listed in the Constitution, instead, they belong to the people. The 9th Amendment states that the rights not specified in the Constitution belong to the people, not the federal government.

So Alito's weak ass argument for striking down Roe because it's not mentionned in the constitution is in direct contradiction to the 9th Amendement, as is Scalia's Heller decision on guns, and all the other originalist claptrap being pushed by the SCOTUS Taliban 6.

I therefore move that blue state attorneys/legislatures immediately draw up bills and pass them that can be moved into the appropriate protocol through lower courts which lead to the Supreme Court taking it up—if they dare.

Yep, much flotsam already adrift with more jetsam...

being thrown over to save the orange turd.

The man is not a brilliant, once-in-a-lifetime figure worthy of such devotion. It's makes no sense as he's actually a once-in-a-lifetime, hopefully, incompetent, bloviating bully.

Guess they all checked their critical thinking skills at the WH door on taking their jobs. I give some credit to the ones who got out early like Tillerson and a few others once they realized trump was a moron.

There's no hope for the once who stay to the end or near to the bitter end like Kelly Ann Conway.

Madame Speaker is on MSNBC now and she just said...

"How about those 3 judges who stated they respected stare decisis, privacy. We're they lying then?"

Yes they were. And now they're SCOTUS justices.

Kavanaugh, Gorsuch and Coney Barrett...liars all.

Got to give it to Clark, a mid-level DOJ environment flunky...er, ahh...lawyer...

a nobody really, but he took a shot and went for the top spot at DOJ.

He failed miserably, thank God, and his house was raided by the FBI today and he's undoubtedly waiting for the other shoe to drop now...which is assuredly an indictment for his coordination with trump in the attempted coup.

Ok, I looked it up. There could still be vibration problems.

Probably solvable but since it's never been done who knows what the vibrations will do to deeply buried tunnels or tubes. Probably solvable but experimental ones have to be built and tried, just as high-speed aircraft have to be wind tunnel tested, build and test piloted to find out what problems develop to figure out how to fix them.

High speed rail may be an efficient way to get large numbers of people between two high-traffic destinations, but it does pose some problems. One is the recently-confirmed existence of "ground vibration booms." These are sonic booms that happen underground.

It's probably doable but will take years and a commitment much like the interstate highway development of the '50s.

Maglev technology is certainly promising and where it's already up and running...

in China it's a success, although you exaggerate slightly in say maglev makes air travel seem like horse and carriage. That's a nice turn of phrase but come on, the 270 mph of the existent Chinese maglev line is nowhere near the 500 mph plus of airline speed.

And even if maglev reached much over the speed of airlines there would be the problem of breaking sound barrier and all the accompanying problems that would bring. So the 270 mph of the Chinese maglev is possible but traditional high-speed rail can reach that speed too so is maglev less costly to build and maintain?

And more likely to get funded v regular high-speed rail, which is already having much resistance in getting funding.

trump should be indicted and tried as evidence has...

come out of his incitement of sedition and dereliction of duty on J6. There is no category in the poll for the descent into lawlessness and chaos over time our nation will experience because of trump, what with the nature of our extremely partisan, winger SCOTUS ruling in favor of the trumpist magats on matters of existential importance.

We're already in a low-grade civil war unleashed by trump. It will only get worse because there were enough idiots (and craven republicans who thought they could use/manage him) in the nation who thought an overweight, orange-haired, time-and-again business failure whose reputation as a business genius was hyped by a reality TV show, would make a great president.

He didn't, the presidency was w-a-a-a-a-y beyond his capabilities but he liked being president with its endless grifting possibilities so he refused to give it up without first trying to overthrow the government to keep it, and here we are.
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