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Member since: Sun Apr 1, 2012, 12:07 PM
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Does Carlson even know what he himself stands for?

If he hates trump so much, why does he propagandize for him every night on the FOX liar network?

Could it be that tanning his testicles has affected his critical thinking skills, if he ever had any?

I mean he's a rich, trust fund boy who's never had to worry anything, especially getting fired for anything he says on the air.

So who the eff is Carlson?

He has always been a stupid idiot who benefited from inheriting his father's wealth.

Also he stole millions from his late brother's estate when he died, and was thus always able to lawyer-up, sue and outlast business opponents/vendors he cheated in deals, but IMO he's shown signs of losing it mentally.

I lived in NY in the late '70s thru the '00s when he was younger and making spectacularly stupid financial moves, plus the attention-grabbing ones he did to stroke his ego/get women, but he also did some things that weren't stupid, like when he took on and quickly refurbished the Wollman Skating Rink in Central Park that the Koch Admin had bungled for years.

That got everyone's attention, and along with the Trump Tower building, it made him seem like someone who knew how to get things done.

The tearing down of the Bonwit Teller building, with its Art Deco frieze masterpiece, to build his gaudy tower was a disappointment to architecture observers though. The casino failings and other business fiascos were still to come, as were his grooming by the Russians, his political ambitions and the increasingly apparent mental acuity/sanity lapses of the 2010s to now.

Remember, his father also suffered mental decline in later years.

Attn homeowners and home buyers. Find out asap the age of the main water line...

as if it ruptures you are responsible for fixing it as homeowner's insurance doesn't cover it and the local water company's responsibility stops at the curb.

About 3 weeks ago I got a letter, on paper with red ink, that there was a continuous flow issue at my house. My bill went from around $50 a month to some $300 a month. The letter suggested it could be as little as a running toilet or a leaking faucet inside or outside not completely turned off.

That got my attention and I immediately checked every toilet and faucet inside and out. The only thing was one toilet tank had a leak on the bottom (a washer needed to be replaced) where I had put a pail until I could get my home warranty people to fix it. I. thought that was the leak so I turned off the water to that toilet and called the water company to see it that was the problem.

It wasn't, there was still continuous flow as I spoke to the water co. employee ...multiple gallons a day.

I had to hire a leak detection company and they found that the main water line had indeed ruptured and it was going to cost thousands to fix. I had to bite the bullet and get it done. The leader of the group gave me a bit of info on water main lines. They usually last about 20 years at best and my house is 18 years old. I was responsible.

THE ADVICE HE GAVE ME was it's best to get the main water line insurance when buying a house as it could save you multiple thousands of dollars if it breaks. We're talking up to 10k. It's mentioned in the reams of paper you have to check off and sign when buying but no one, not even your own RE agent mentions/stresses it.

It's a concern for tenant too if the landlord doesn't pay the water bill.

It certainly is business as usual as invading other countries...

is what they do — Hungary in 1956, Czoslovakia in 1968, Afghanistan in 1979, Cheznya in the late '90s, Georgia in 2006, eastern Ukraine in 2014 and western Ukraine last year, 2022.

My God, that's all they do, every decade just about like clockwork. They've already signaled their intent to "merge" with Belarus and they are also infiltrating and undermining Muldova's systems.

What monsters. Poland and the Baltic countries should be very worried as Alexandre Dugin, the deconstructionist Russian philosopher has been whispering in Putin's ear of a Russian empire from the Atlantic to Vladivostok.

Russia already spans 11 times zones but that's apparently not enough. What's funny is they expect to do all that with that third-rate army.

I absolutley believe Rep. Raskin. I just wish AG Garland would take action.

So many obvious crimes with no need to appoint special counsels...just indict already on the piles of stolen docs found at MAL, and the continued obstruction of justice refusal to return them.

That's low-hanging fruit.

IMO he hasn't proven he's up to the job. It's more than two years since J6, many obvious crimes, no indictments. Come on, at least pluck the low-hangers to show something is being done, then come back for more as evidence is developed.

Again, come on, trump led/encouraged AN 'EFFIN' TELEVISED ATTEMPTED COUP on the US government and none of the big wig republican ringleaders have been indicted more than two years later.

Several excellent ones on posters' lists. Here are mine.

Godfather l
Godfather ll
Shawshank Redemption
Pulp Fiction
Maltese Falcon
Watch on the Rhine
Good Fellas
A Bronx Tale
Bad Santa

When the Biden docs were first found I thought the timing was...

particularly optimal for the trump camp as Jack Smith was ratcheting up his investigation of the hundreds of stolen classified docs found at MAL, and the Biden revelation effectively shifted intense scrutiny and condemnation onto Joe Biden while at the same time tamping down enthusiasm for criminal and espionage charges against trump.

How curious.

Then the Pence docs were found and I thought, WTF, as that reveal blew all previous speculations as to motives out of the water and left everyone scratching their heads and thinking maybe a few classified docs ending up accidentally with former presidents and VPs wasn't that unusual.

But I do think the few Biden and Pence docs found were inadvertent packing/moving mistakes, but that can not be said about the thousands of pages and humdreds of classified docs found in a barely secured storage area of trump's MAL country club.

Anyway, whoever was behind the Pence docs being found, did Biden a favor, leading to another thought — was this a spy v spy, tit-for-tat operation?

LBJ's decision to seat Fannie Lou Hamer's Freedom Democratic Party...

at the 1964 Democratic National Convention played significantly into the southern Dixiecrats jumping over to the republican party which totally severed the repubs from their Ripon, Wisconsin roots.

Nixon's Southern Strategy and Reagan adhereing to it by opening his presidential campaign in Philadelphia, Mi. also helped to complete the change over from southerners, Dixiecrats, being part of the Democratic Party to joining the republican party which became the party of the southern racists, thus totally severing the republican party from it's already badly frayed Ripon, Wisconsin reform party roots.

Just learned a new, high-value Scrabble word for everyone. Zarf.

2. A cardboard sleeve fitted around a hot, disposable beverage container.

Note? It's the second definition as they've been around in the Middle East for ages—fancier and not disposable.

Maybe, but who believes sales figures from trump.

And claiming they were sold out at a gross of 4.5 million, how do you sell out pixels? NFTs can be recreated over and over ad infinitum.

More likely the offering was a flop as the NFT craze is over and no one was interested. The right wing sites commentators are all extremely disappoint at the bs, so-called major announcement and many are saying they're through with him as they expected maybe a VP running mate name, or finally real evidence of 2020 election fraud, certainly not another grifting scam.

I don't believe people are rushing to funnel money to trump anymore after his last few weeks of horrid legal and anti-Semitic dining ridiculousness.
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