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Return to rationality...

I think it is a mistake to "pile on" when an incident like the 'Ted Nugent' event occurs. We will never win hearts and minds by ridiculing the way of life of an individual that differs from our own. The truth is that there are many out there like Ted ( i.e. those who vote against the best economic interest of their families because they have been tricked by the GOP into believing that the Dems threaten some aspect of their life that they value more than wealth ). Indeed, I believe these people ( NRA, anti-abortionists,religious right, et al) are the votes we should go after, not so called "independents". An Independent is really just someone who wants to look clever. I don't believe that there is such a thing as an "independent".
The point is that over half of those who vote republican are voting against the financial interest of their own families. This is the weakness of the GOP. If their Base suddenly realized that their family would be better off by voting Democrat, no republican could ever win an election . That is why the GOP must constantly stir up controversy ; to manipulate their own base into think about something other than the financial future of their family. The GOP really only represents the 1 %; the rest of their rhetoric is just fluff. Take gun rights, for example.
The Nuge may be rich ,compared to myself, but to Mitt Romney, Ted is just another poor piece of shit to be exploited in the name of his campaign. This is the real nature of the relationship between the GOP and its " Base". That is why I believe we need to show the NRA ( and other republican voters ) that we are not a threat to their way of life. We are the party of Diversity ; the party of individual freedom.
Ted was wrong to make to make veiled threats on the president's life, but that is no reason to alienate the entire NRA voting block by making fun of "rednecks". Instead, we should point out that if Ted had said such things about George W. Bush, he would have ended up on the wet end of the waterboard at Gitmo instead of just getting a visit from Secret service.
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