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Member since: Fri Mar 9, 2012, 02:24 PM
Number of posts: 634

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a dialogue in a safe forum, where I can be safe from opposing opinions, while claiming to be open

to a dialogue about "facts".

How to protect the 1% and the Democratic parties ability to raise money from the new corporate owners of politics.

1. Protect the spying program because it makes a lot of money for Corporate America

Do so by claiming that that FISA is oversight. Nevermind the FACT that it is statistically a rubber stamp; use the word "fact" to imply that there are some facts to back you up. Obviously, do not OFFER these facts as they will just create more work for you....


Also, say that the info is just meta data, which is useless. Useless, unless you wanted to track Protest organizers and those that they talk to. You know, just in case those protesting "terrorists" wanna whine about "Democracy" or "Constitutional rights" or something. Like those" XL pipeline" terrorists....


Remember to point out that that the NSA is collecting this useless data with no intention of using it. They are just gonna store it in an expensive state of the art facility to make the terrorist think they are being spied on. Don't get involved in a discussion about how we pay for such things whilst trying to slash Social Security, medicare and other programs that would help the 99%. This is a trap,designed to trick you into caring about people.

Make up a cutsie-poo name for opponent and use it in a derogatory manner. This causes irrational behavior due to anger, and has the added benefit of not requiring those pesky "facts" we demand from them. And post these derogatory , factless attacks in a friendly discussion group, so if someone gives you any lip, you can get them blocked from the group.

Speaking of blocking, claim on posts that you have been ready for open debate all along and then tell your friends that you intend to block all cutsie-poo content and you think they should do the same. You know, to shield yourself from all the "faux" outrage. ( note: "faux" means " not real "

Also , be sure to frame you words carefully; someone who posts about NSA spying is a "Snowdon Lover", while us good guys are " other DU'ers ". UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are you to refer to any of Us as "Pro-Obama". The Democratic Brand must be preserved if we are gonna get any of that fat cash for future elections. We must turn the discourse on this subject AWAY from NSA spying and make it about snowden ( you know, the guy who revealed that the NSA is doing nothing wrong, yet we are going to hang by his thumbs when we catch him? ).

You might also refer the Enemy to the NSA fact sheet that was released to clear up this matter. You know, the one that those two Hair-on-Fire idiots on the intelligence committee gave back to the NSA because it was misleading about privacy intrusion?

Make sure that you don't fall victim to narcissism; if you are connected to strategy-making for the Democratic party don't advertise it. Someone may mistake you for a political operative, trying to sweep this issue under the rug to protect the Party.

Always remember that we are talking about A LOT OF MONEY here. How can Corporate America and the 1 % put their trust (and their $$$) in the democratic Party if we cannot control Dissent?

And remember: " England prevails "

thanks, Citizens United ,for all you have done to destroy Democracy in America.

I admit, I wrote the above in a fit of pique. Having finished, I find my Pride assuaged.

Perhaps I was too harsh?

the terrible truth about most " pro-lifers"...

If their wives or daughters were impregnated by a rapist, they would go running to the Clinic.
Especially if the rapist was black...

we should all place bets on how many times the romney camp will have to "walk back" one of his lies

My money says 12 times for the night.

The First Lady has the right idea...

I think that the proper political response to all the Voter Suppression laws getting passed is to resurrect the Civil Rights Movement. If there is anything that will make Rove, Romney and the rest of the uber-wealthy soil themselves is the possibility that their own actions might give birth to a new and more powerful Civil-rights fight. The last thing the Right wants is another high profile protest era. Unlike OWS, a renewed civil-rights protest movement would get decent media coverage. Just the phrase " civil rights protest " might give even that idiot in Florida pause.

just a thought...

Mitt " the Git " laid bare ...

Self-Interest Spurs Society’s ‘Elite’ to Lie, Cheat on Tasks, Study Finds

Are society’s most noble actors found within society’s nobility?

That question spurred Paul Piff, a Ph.D. candidate in psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, to explore whether higher social class is linked to higher ideals, he said in a telephone interview.

The answer Piff found after conducting seven different experiments is: no. The pursuit of self-interest is a “fundamental motive among society’s elite, and the increased want associated with greater wealth and status can promote wrongdoing,” Piff and his colleagues wrote yesterday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The “upper class,” as defined by the study, were more likely to break the law while driving, take candy from children, lie in negotiation, cheat to raise their odds of winning a prize and endorse unethical behavior at work, the research found.


Remember that story about Mitt tripping other family members in order to win at events at family gatherings?

Money is the only way a guy like Mitt can win.

Who would vote for this guy?

Just looking at him lowers your standard of living....

What is it that we are doing here...

When we post on DU are we ;

trying to learn from each other through intelligent discourse?

trying to provide food for thought for the National Liberal dialog? i.e. trying to get the Dem leadership to hear what we think is important?

trying to convince undecided voters to vote big "D" ?

engaging in socio-political masturbation?

trying to piss off repubs?

Just wondering what everyone else thinks.

I have felt all of the above.

What are they thinking...

Does the Media want to go back to the W. Bush Limited access, pre-screened ,"kiss the President's @ss or go home " culture ? Or has real journalism began to rise from the dead?

I can't imaging being a reporter and wanting to see a Repub in the White House. They'd have to fire me...

Just wondering out loud if the mainstream Media are too corrupted by 1% influence to serve any Democratic function...

Does " Citizens United " shield me from a lawsuit.

If I print a list of corporations that I believe contributed to the " Scott Walker Rape Of Democracy ", can I be sued?
If they will not tell us, why shouldn't I be able to guess?

If I am sued for defamation, doesn't that prove that they know that the Koch Brothers (tm) are Evil?

Maybe I could just ask them if they did....

Just wondering if there is a way around this ridiculous Ruling.

Doubting Thomas (DTom67) and the Grand Pastor...

GrandPastor: " God wants you to be a heterosexual !"
" God wants you to be chaste till marriage!"
" God does not want you to kill your babies !"
" God does not want a ' Kenyan ' in the White House !"
( GP smiles knowingly at his use of the word " kenyan " . Wink, wink )
" God wants the tax rate on the top 1% of Earners lowered to 1.3 % !

Dtom: Una pregunta por favor !

GP: uh......What?!?

Dtom: What is the Bible?

GP: The Truth!

DTom: OKaaay. Why do we need it?

GP: It tells us Gods Will !

DTom: Why doesn't God just make us do His Will?

GP: because God gave us Free Will !

DTom: So, God wants us to do what the Bible say of our own free will? Is it good enough to follow the bible because our parents force us to?

GP: No. You must truly believe.

DTom: So... It is against Gods Will to force others to follow the Bible?

At this point, the Grand Dra...I mean Grand Pastor smelled a trap.
GP: Just what are you trying to say?

DTom: I'm saying that if God wanted us to be forced to do what you Over-priced, right-wing shills (who pretend to be men of God), tell us to do, He would do it himself.

Several large fellows began paying keen interest to the conversation. Doubting Thomas decided that the idea to check out the Tea-bagger rally on his lunch break had been a bad idea.

He ran.

He ran like a Religious Right chairperson chases after a hefty kickback from the Corporate Mafia.......

He smiled......

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