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Graham - Ignorant, Rude. Deserved Dressdown from Irish Prez.

Michael Graham hosts a local Boston Talk Show on 96.9 WTTK every weekday, the same station that fired Racist Jay Severin twice. Other than Graham the station is respectable and hosts are respectful. (Michael Smerconish, Jim and Margery are two examples of the better shows on the station.) But I digress.... Graham is a Tparty incompoop. He can never be wrong and disagreeing callers are abused. He takes the most simplistic views amd exaggerates every issue to the point of idiocy. Ive spoken to Graham in person, a very disagreeable experience due to his objection/ aversion to facts. One of Graham's most memorable calls was in 2008 when he famously said "there is no foreclosure problem in the country. And there wont be. There are ONLY 2 million foreclosures in the housing market now." As if 2 million families Were of no importance. Well, we all know what happened in the next few years. Graham proved he was ignorant then and still is.
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