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When May I Shoot a Student?

When May I Shoot a Student?


This op-ed in the NYTimes this morning by Prof. Greg Hampikian, Boise State University in Idaho, has written a must-read masterpiece of weaponized snark. The Idaho legislature has a bill pending that would allow students on campus to carry guns. A taste...

BOISE, Idaho — TO the chief counsel of the Idaho State Legislature:

In light of the bill permitting guns on our state’s college and university campuses, which is likely to be approved by the state House of Representatives in the coming days, I have a matter of practical concern that I hope you can help with: When may I shoot a student?

I have had encounters with disgruntled students over the years, some of whom seemed quite upset, but I always assumed that when they reached into their backpacks they were going for a pencil. Since I carry a pen to lecture, I did not feel outgunned; and because there are no working sharpeners in the lecture hall, the most they could get off is a single point. But now that we’ll all be packing heat, I would like legal instruction in the rules of classroom engagement.

I assume that if a student shoots first, I am allowed to empty my clip; but given the velocity of firearms, and my aging reflexes, I’d like to be proactive. For example, if I am working out a long equation on the board and several students try to correct me using their laser sights, am I allowed to fire a warning shot?

Wonderful read, worth going to KOs and NYT.

Anti-Obamacare LaRouche Democrat leads Texas Senate primary

The Texas state Democratic Party is distancing itself from a senatorial candidate currently leading in a party primary despite being decried by party leadership.

The Hill reported on Monday that self-identified “LaRouche Democrat” Kesha Rogers was revealed as the front-runner among Democratic challengers taking on incumbent Sen. John Cornyn’s (R-TX) in a poll released by the University of Texas-Austin and the Texas Tribune.


Rogers is a follower of perennial political gadfly Lyndon LaRouche, who mounted seven unsuccessful presidential campaigns between 1980 and 2004. He was convicted of fraud in 1988 and was paroled after serving five years of a 15-year sentence. LaRouche is the object of veneration by a small movement that some have characterized as a political cult.

Rogers’ platform includes calls for the impeachment of Obama, the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, and the re-institution of the Glass-Steagall Act. According to the Texas-based Burnt Orange Report, Rogers released a video in 2012 depicting Obama with an Adolf Hitler-styled mustache, which includes the line, “His doctor should administer some pentothal of sodium,” referring to the chemical used in lethal injections in prison.

Despite receiving less funding than opponents David Alameel and Maxey Scherr, not to mention the lack of party backing, the poll showed 35 percent of respondents said they were more likely to vote for Rogers, compared to 27 percent for Alameel and 15 percent for Scherr.

“That poll was, to put it bluntly, nonsense,” a spokesperson for Alameel’s campaign,Suzie Dundas, told The Hill. “Our internal results are showing us doing very well.”


[Image via Kesha Rogers campaign Facebook page]

Posted by marble falls | Tue Mar 4, 2014, 10:33 AM (9 replies)

The hate map of the USA

The hate map of the USA: From the KKK to black separatists, where America's 939 hate groups are based


Number of hate groups jumped dramatically since President Obama took office but this year marks a slight drop from 1,007 in 2012 to 939 in 2013
California has the most with 77 groups followed by Florida with 58 and Texas with 57
Hawaii is the only state without a single known hate group

By Meghan Keneally

PUBLISHED: 16:16 EST, 3 March 2014 | UPDATED: 16:48 EST, 3 March 2014

A revealing new map has made it clear where hundreds of hate groups are based in the United States, showing how racist and radical groups are still largely found in the South but the number of groups has multiplied dramatically since President Obama too office.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has released a 'hate map' last week which shows the national distribution of the various groups that they could confirm.

The overall number of groups actually dropped from 1,007 in 2012 to 939 in 2013- the last full year with available data- but one of their more troubling observations is that some of the far-right leaning groups have had their ideologies picked up by conservative Republican politicians.

‘The idea that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security, among others, is being plugged by U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.). Last November, U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) suggested the president was using the Affordable Care Act as cover to set up a “secret security force,”’ the report states.

‘Earlier in 2013, U.S. Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas), echoing many Patriot groups, falsely claimed that a proposed United Nations arms treaty “set the stage for [gun] confiscation on a global scale.”’

The SPLC, which focuses much of its work combating racist groups, said that the lack of clear legislative victories for the Obama administration on gun control in the wake of Sandy Hook and the upcoming immigration reform battle appear to have effectively calmed some of the far-right groups.

‘Those factors, along with the collapse or near-collapse of several major groups for a variety of reasons, seem to have taken some of the wind out of the sails of the radical right, leaving the movement both weaker and somewhat smaller,’ the report states.

Many states have varying bands of hate groups, but for their map, the SPLC qualified them into eight categories: black separatist, neo-confederate, Christian identity, racist skinhead, white nationalist, neo-Nazi, Ku Klux Klan and general hate.

There is only one state- Hawaii- that has no known hate groups but a vast majority of the rest can be found below the Mason Dixon line.

The 11 states that make up the area between Texas and the Atlantic are home to 589 of the 939 active groups that the SPLC identified- a whopping nearly 63 per cent.

Though Florida hosts 58 groups and Texas has 57, they do not take the top slot this year.


Judge orders guns returned to blind FL man who ‘stood his ground’ against drinking buddy

video at link


John Wayne Rogers, a blind man acquitted of killing his friend James Dewitt under Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” statute, successfully sued the state to have his guns returned to him.

Prosecutors had charged Rogers with first-degree murder in the 2012 shooting death of his house guest and drinking companion, James DeWitt. Rogers’s attorneys contended that he was a blind man defending himself from a drunken guest, but the prosecution had witnesses willing to testify that Rogers can see.


DeWitt’s girlfriend, Robertson, told Seminole County deputies that the two men had been “play fighting” when Rogers shot him.

Rogers was freed from Seminole County Jails on January 9, 2014, mere hours after Circuit Judge John Galluzzo granted his “Stand Your Ground” motion.

Rogers, who was blinded in a work-related accident in 2001, has an extensive history of violence. In 2010, following another night of drinking, Rogers shot at his cousin and roommate, Michael Rogers, 15 times with a handgun. Michael Rogers was not shot, and John Rogers eventually plead no contest to one count of unlawfully displaying a firearm, for which he was placed on probation.

That probation was revoked when, in 2011, he punched a woman, which led to him spending 71 days in jail on domestic violence charges.


Judge Galluzzo agreed, saying that “I have to return property that was taken under the circumstance. I have researched and haven’t found case law to say otherwise.” He ordered the return of the 10 millimeter Glock that Rogers had used to shoot at his cousin, Michael, and the hunting rifle with which he shot James DeWitt.

The judge did, however, order that all the confiscated ammunition be destroyed, claiming that it was “too old and dangerous.”

'cuz whats the worst that could happen, right?

A look at findings of Pa. fracking health project


An environmental project is providing some of the first specific numbers about people who may have been affected by the boom in natural gas drilling. Here's what the Southwest Pennsylvania Environmental Health Project has found in Washington County south of Pittsburgh and how experts and the industry are reacting to it:

— Air pollution seems to be more of a threat than water pollution. Only seven of 27 cases of people who believed they were hurt by nearby natural gas activities involved water pollution. The rest involved air pollution. The numbers don't represent a full survey of the area, just cases so far with plausible exposures.

— Huge processing stations that push gas into national pipelines might be more of a problem than the drilling sites themselves. One of the worrying findings of the project was extremely high levels of air pollution found inside two homes about 1,000 feet from a large gas processing station.

— One expert not involved in the findings said more work needs to be done to confirm that residents were affected by natural gas activity and not by other factors, but he called the project an "important start."

— The gas drilling industry says that in general air quality has sharply improved because of natural gas since it emits far less pollution than coal-fired power plants.

Glenn Beck Is Done With America: 'I'm Really Considering Burning The Flag'



Glenn Beck Is Done With America: 'I'm Really Considering Burning The Flag'
Submitted by Kyle Mantyla on Wednesday, 2/19/2014 4:35 pm

Whatever America once was and once stood for and once represented, Glenn Beck said on his radio program today, that it is all over ... and he really doesn't even care anymore if they just burn Washington, DC and all of its monuments to the ground.

"I will tell you this," he bellowed, "the country, the institution, what that flag, those buildings that the flag flies over, what the flag is becoming, what it means to the rest of the world, I DON'T KNOW! I don't care!"

No matter what happens though, Beck proclaimed that he was never going to change and would give his life in defense of the Constitution, if necessary.

"Shoot me in the head if you have to," he said, "you're not changing me."

Saying that he despises them, by which he means progressives who are responsible for everything that is wrong in the world, Beck said he is working on becoming entirely indifferent to them, so much so that "I don't really care" if they were to burn down the entire city of Washington, DC and the Capitol Building and the White House and all the monuments.

"I don't care," he shrugged. "I don't care. I'm not about the buildings, I'm not about the flag, I'll burn the flag every day. In fact, I'm really considering burning the flag. I may do a show really super soon where I burn the flag. And if you don't like it, then maybe you should figure out what the flag means."

While he vowed to defend the Constitution to his last breath, Beck said "I'll burn the flag every day of the week":

Montana judge admits fault for blaming victim of rape

Montana judge admits fault for blaming victim of rape
By Reuters
Wednesday, February 19, 2014 7:32 EST

Rape is rape sign (AFP)


A Montana judge, under fire for suggesting a 14-year-old girl was partly to blame for being raped by a teacher, admitted on Tuesday that he violated judicial standards and invited censure from the state’s highest court, documents show.

Judge G. Todd Baugh drew fierce public criticism last year when he sentenced the former teacher, 54-year-old Stacey Rambold, to just a month in prison for the 2007 sexual assault of his student, Cherice Moralez, who later killed herself.

In a complaint filed with the Montana Supreme Court earlier this month, a Montana panel that oversees jurists sought to discipline him over the sentence as well as for saying the girl appeared “older than her chronological age,” and “as much in control of the situation” as her teacher.

The Montana Judicial Standards Commission said Baugh undermined public confidence in the judiciary, created an appearance of impropriety and “justified the unlawful sentence by blaming the child victim,” according to papers from the commission.

Baugh, in a response filed with the state Supreme Court on Tuesday, agreed that his comments violated judicial codes.

“My remarks … were the proximate cause of the firestorm of criticism and, thus, in violation of” judicial conduct, he wrote in legal documents, in which he also waived formal proceedings before the commission to submit himself to the state supreme court for reprimand or censure.

But the judge, who has said he would not run for re-election when his term expires at the end of the year, rejected the commission’s description of the rape sentence as overly lenient.

“It is a subjective observation. In any sentence, it is possible that some see it as lenient while others may see it as harsh,” Baugh wrote.

The judge technically sentenced the former Billings high school teacher to 15 years in prison with all but 31 days suspended and gave him credit for one day served.

State prosecutors have asked Montana justices to overturn the sentence, arguing that state laws required Rambold to serve a minimum of two years in prison for his crime.

It was unclear on Tuesday when Baugh might face disciplinary action or what penalties were to be imposed.

The commission has declined to say if it was seeking a reprimand or Baugh’s ouster, but said it received eight formal complaints against Baugh as well as hundreds of emails, letters and phone calls from those outraged by his remarks and the light sentence.

The Montana chapter of the National Organization for Women, which lodged one of the formal complaints, wants him ousted, its president Marian Bradley said on Tuesday.

“There is only one right decision to be made in this case: remove Baugh from the bench,” she said.

(Editing by Cynthia Johnston and G Crosse)

Even Abby 'Gets' It

Couple New To Florida Aren't Happy With Gay Neighbors
By Abigail Van Buren 9 hours ago Dear Abby

DEAR ABBY: My husband and I relocated to Florida a little over a year ago and were quickly welcomed into our new neighbors' social whirl. Two couples in the neighborhood are gay -- one male, one female. While they are nice enough, my husband and I did not include them when it was our turn to host because we do not approve of their lifestyle choices. Since then, we have been excluded from neighborhood gatherings, and someone even suggested that we are bigots!

Abby, we moved here from a conservative community where people were pretty much the same. If people were "different," they apparently kept it to themselves. While I understand the phrase "when in Rome," I don't feel we should have to compromise our values just to win the approval of our neighbors. But really, who is the true bigot here? Would you like to weigh in? -- UNHAPPY IN TAMPA

DEAR UNHAPPY: I sure would. The first thing I'd like to say is that regardless of what you were told in your previous community, a person's sexual orientation isn't a "lifestyle choice." Gay people don't choose to be gay; they are born that way. They can't change being gay any more than you can change being heterosexual.

I find it interesting that you are unwilling to reciprocate the hospitality of people who welcomed you and opened their homes to you, and yet you complain because you are receiving similar treatment.

From where I sit, you may have chosen the wrong place to live because it appears you would be happier in a less integrated neighborhood surrounded by people who think the way you do. But if you interact only with people like yourselves, you will have missed a chance for growth, which is what you have been offered here. Please don't blow it.


I work the monthly county Republican women's club luncheon .....

and this week the program was pretty good - wounded warriors - vs last months Sharia Law speaker.

But what got me was the local Teabilly who called Sen Cronyn an "Obama Democrat" over the budget. After as it was breaking up I heard more remarks regarding chagrin over the GOP giving forum to the Tea Party than anything said in any sort of support of the gas bag.

Texas may not go Blue by 2016, but its going to get bluer.

Pot Head Robs Conveniance Store with Chainsaw

What a pothead!

An Australian teenager has been arrested for robbing a 7-11 gas station with a chainsaw while wearing a flower pot over his head.

Steven Frank Steele of Ipswich, Queensland, was arrested Monday morning after cops responded to a call from employees terrified by a man brandishing a chainsaw.

The suspect, identified by police as Steele, wore a flower pot over his head in an attempt to conceal his identity, the Queensland Times reported.

Steele allegedly lunged at the employees and damaged a window and several display racks with his power tool. He also flashed his buttocks. He allegedly stole a single bottle of soda before making his escape.

Police say Steele damaged a parked car while leaving the crime scene.

Steele was arrested a short time later after police saw him walking down the street. The chainsaw was found in a bush near a service station, Menafn.com reported.

Steele has been charged with multiple crimes, including one count of armed robbery, two counts of willful damage, and one count of public nuisance.

Investigators say Steele was drunk during the late-night rampage, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Steele isn't the only guy who allegedly used a chainsaw a bit excessively.

In October, Petr Svacha, a 36-year-old man in Zlin, Czech Republic, reportedly used a chainsaw to cut a hole into the front door of a restaurant so he could retrieve the dessert he wasn't allowed to finish at closing time.

Last June, Lynn Marie Herzog of Winfield, Mo., was accused of trying to scare children by approaching them with a chainsaw while wearing a ski mask.

When chainsaws are made criminal only the criminals will have chainsaws.
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