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old man 76

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Member since: Sat Feb 18, 2012, 04:53 PM
Number of posts: 199

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Old saying

I remember an old saying he can lie faster then a dog can trot. Remind you of any one?

Like a old west novel.

The rich and powerful man comes to town. He promises the ordinary town folk a wonderful future if they elect him mayor. They believe him and he becomes mayor. The mayor then replaces the town council with out side people and family. Gets ride of the sheriff and judge and replaces them with his hand picked people. He tries to discredit the newspaper. He makes new rules and regulations.
This remind you of any one? At this point the person of strength and resolve arrives to save the day. I guess it takes some time for that person to arrive.

Only people with cats will understand.

Not political just for laughs. People who have cats will under stand. My wife got some thick plush chair pads yesterday. You know to freshen up the chairs for spring. She no longer has her chair. Seems the cat feels that new pad was put there just for Her.

The first Korean War

Who remembers the Korean War? The Chinese provided ground forces and Russia air power. Stall mate but no truce was ever signed. If North Korea makes first strike and we bomb the hell out of them China may let it pass but if we invade then it might just be world war 3. My worst fear is Trump is too stupid and over steps common sense. The second fear is when he see what he has got this country into he will sell the farm to appease China and say he made a great deal.

Not me.

Every day I hear more Trump voters saying not me I thought he meant the other people.

A conversation

I got a phone call yesterday. The person introduced him self and said he had important information he wanted to share. He then said the name of some organization which I can't remember and they supported President Trump. I said hold it any thing you tell me would be a lie and not even an amusing one. He came back with President Trump doesn't lie. I said see I told you you would tell me a lie and then hung up.

Another reason for Trump to admire Putin

I read in the paper where Russia is moving to decriminalize domestic violence. Putin approves this measure. I am quite sure this will make Trump happy as he just cut the grant program by the Office of Violence against Women which worked to reduce domestic violence and sexual assault. I wonder if the women who voted for him like to be slapped around and assaulted?

Give them enough rope

Recently I was listening to a discussion on what the Democrats should do with the realization that the Republicans have all the power. One of the members of the panel was a gentleman that I have always liked his thoughts, but I can never remember his name. His response was do nothing. Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves. I agree entirely. Yes, there will be pain but, the people who elected Trump and company, will suffer at least as much, if not more, than the progressives. This is the only way to pound some sense of reality into the conservatives heads. They may not be smart enough to figure out that they are being sold a bill of goods but when they hurt, they will know it is something they do not like. The only ones they can blame is the Republicans. May you all have a Happy New Year.

Is it impossible?

Today I read that Trump will bar Muslims from entering The U. S. and all Muslims in this country must be registered. I suspect a lot of people will agree because of terrorist attacks. Bill O’Reilly claims that Democrats are trying to undermine the white establishment. These possibilities make me wonder how long will it be before people supporting climate change, women’s rights and a host of other progressive issues will be considered un-american therefor subversive and banned; even to the point of criminal prosecution. Suddenly the bill of rights no longer applies if it conflicts with the agenda the government is pursuing. All citizens, regardless of being liberal or conservative, will be forced to accept new rules set by those who are in power. Sounds impossible, but think about it. Even a post like this could lead to a knock on my door.

An Opinion

Let me say first that this is just my option not based on facts. Has Trump struck a deal with Vladimir Putin? Simply we stay out of your plan to rebuild the Soviet Union and you stay out of our plan to break China. This may sound absurd but I wonder.
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