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Name: Rich
Gender: Male
Hometown: Annapolis, Md
Member since: Wed Feb 15, 2012, 09:50 AM
Number of posts: 292

About Me

I visit DU for the news, don't really comment as the tone is out of control combative. Truly it is a shame that this site is used more like a boxing ring than a place where people come together and unite. I wonder if plants help to make this site so hopelessly combative? Sounds paranoid I know, but what an inexpensive/effective weapon to use against us! I'm grateful for the collection of news that DU brings to me, that there is zero chance I would otherwise encounter.

Journal Archives


just now figured out how to check for replies on my posts.

I'm really not a Red Operative. I was thinking of our battle related deaths, and the people we directly kill (not counting pretending not to notice what we contribute to), as apposed to the total Iraqi dead, for instance. I agree and recognize that far more than tens were lost.

curious what the DU community thinks about D's doing the same...

I'm trying to remember how badly we do this infighting ourselves. I mean, I remember Hillary and Barack going at it pretty good but I'm hoping to get some historical perspective from someone on DU

Also- I've heard about nothing but Republican primaries on NPR for a long time now. One question I keep asking myself, without remembering, is what was the coverage like when we were against Bush's second term?? I'm trying to decide if they are moving towards the right since their funding was threatened. -or if its just cyclical.
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