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graham4anything's Journal
graham4anything's Journal
June 30, 2013

+1. Wow that is something, and the link is to the Ron/Rand Paul boards

the link you posted (from the OP cut/pasted here)-
The dailypaul is a bonafide RON AND RAND site, for their supporters.


Good investigative work, and everyone likes investigative reporting.

The TOS of DU indeed specifically states NO Paulites (Paulites=Ron/Rand and this is their site).

Do people not know Ron and Rand are bonafide REPUBLICANS who this week were jumping for joy that
the US SUpreme Court tore down voting rights for all Americans

while at the same time,
Rand Paul was ranting and raving over the DOMA victory we Democratic party supporters are very happy about.

Sorry, I myself DO NOT STAND for or with Rand.

I support the Democratic party of Barack Obama, President. Not the republican senator from Kentucky.

What the Paul's are doing are equal to Karl Rove in the dirty tricks business.

June 29, 2013

I vow that I will NOT tear down any candidate that runs against Hillary.

Why give fodder for the republican party of JebBush/Rand Paul?

Let's tear down Bush and Paul and Rubio and Christie and all the others.

If some here like someone other than Hillary, instead of saying anti-Hillary stuff, just say positive whoever stuff.

Remember, in 1988, the great Mike Dukakis in the debate got hurt by the Bernie Shaw question,
yet it was A DEMOCRATIC CHALLENGER that brought the situation up, later used by Rove.

Positive your choices, let's not tear others down

Remember, SCOTUS depends on a democratic president winning in 2017.

That is going to be the term that the big switch on the court can happen.

So, I vow not to tear others down, and just say the positives about Hillary.

It would be nice to all do the same.

Same with all senate/house/governors. Say positives about primary runs but not tear down each other.

June 28, 2013

Rachel is the single most honest and truthful witness I have ever seen in my life.

Perry Mason wouldn't be able to touch her.

Simply the best.

Wish everyone I knew was as good a person as Rachel is.

I have never, ever seen anyone as believable. There is not a false bone in her body.

My heart broke 100 times in the harassment and abuse the defense attorney did to her.

I wish Rachel were my friend.

To Rachel-

I hope someday, your pain recedes. And the rest of your life gives you everything you desire.

(of course the Supreme Court two days ago makes it so much harder),

God be with you, Rachel.

You are an inspiration.

June 22, 2013

Four people of various celebrity died within a day of each other, and you know what, I only knew 3.

I AM CLOSING THIS DOWN as it is veering off message. but am cutting/pasting the OP here, and putting it in my journal.
It makes the point that we all know and follow people but in America, in such a big and vast country, it isimpossible for all of us to know by name every single person.

44 President (actually only 43), how many can name all of them and in their correct order?
How many people know Millard Fillmore's vice president? (note, that is a trick question, as he did not have one).
Everyone has their favorites and those they know, but favorites are not the same to everyone.

If it would be that simple, everyone would agree who was the greatest pitcher of all time, Sandy Koufax or Bob Gibson.
--------------------------------------the following was the post in the OP that I closed down.--------------------

Four people of various celebrity died within a day of each other, and you know what, I only knew about 3 of them.
And I venture to guess most people in America also would say the same thing.

Four people of various celebrity died within a day of each other, and you know what, I only knew 3.

The greatest writer in Rolling Stone magazine history died, and I read him all the time, and his books.
His name was Chet Flippo. I even had the pleasure of meeting him and talking to him. Loved his writing style both in Rolling Stone and his books, and later on the CMT.com site.

I knew about 90 year old Slim Whitman even before his comeback on latenight tv, and later on Mars Attacks!!!
(and who didn't in their shower try to do what he did).

I knew about as did everyone James Gandolfini and I can honestly say I never saw the Sopranos as I don't get HBO,
though according to my latest cable bill, it will be available under our plan free of charge(except the bill is going up ten dollars
to get it free).

However, the other,Michael Hastings, I never heard of.
I heard of him because of the accident, and they say he wrote for blogs and articles and had some articles in Rolling Stone.

However, I get a subscription to Rolling Stone. I wrack my brain, and I can't recall ever seeing his name in it.

I buy it for old times sake, and the music stuff and Hollywood stuff.

The NY Times, well, after Jayson Blair and Judith Miller, and their getting rid of Frank Rich (who pegged it 100% correct about the President and the hatred of him), and what it was from day one), I don't really read the news in the Times.

Ironically, their obituaries are the one thing I still buy it for, and the Sunday Crossword puzzle, and their entertainment stuff.
Without the obits, I wouldn't know some great character actors died.

But through the years, the people I have listened to, most people in America never heard of any of them.
I listened to WLIB for years, with Gary Byrd and Mark Davis and I watch Al Sharpton.
Can't recall him being mentioned on any of the three (but I am sure Gary and Mark are names foreign to most people too.

There are 325 plus million people in America.

It's nothing personal, it is the truth.

And I bet others would agree with me.

In my travels the last 2 days, I asked everyone I saw about the 4.
They all heard of James. A few remembered Slim. One person besides me knew Chet.
No one knew this writer/blogger Michael Hastings.

It's a matter of perspective.

It's what it is. It is not putting him down, or elevating the others. It's not an insult.

It is my opinion. Of course you are welcome to disagree with me.

June 18, 2013

Here is an analogy so good, it should be it's own original post in a new thread.

In the original Invasion of the Body Snatcher (not the remake)

all the character played by Kevin McCarthy needed really was to sleep.

There was no conspiracy.
He just needed sleep.
No pods.
No change in people.

Just a good nights rest.

Now, in the remake, the creative team (can there be a creative team on a remake? How creative is it) however
they KNOW what the people felt about the original.

therefore, wink, wink, people go into the remake in a totally different frame of mind.

So, in the remake, of course it was a conspiracy.

It's no different than Gilligan's Island.
OF COURSE the professor could from minute one actually have gotten all of them off the island.
But why would he? He was something of a loner, and now had some really good friends with him, who wouldn't think he was an oddball and would freely talk with him any day of the week.
(and that is what made the Spoof Brady Bunch movie so funny when at the end it was revealed the Professor was actually
Carol Brady's first husband and the father of the three all of them had hair of gold, like their mother, the youngest one in curls.)

The only reason this issue is seemingly so important in 2013, when the whole world knew about this for specifically years,
but in general decades is-

You all watched the original, and now are going in there with to this, with having seen the original.
The kids think they are onto the greatest thing.

But the parents have already seen the original and there really is NOTHING that can beat the original, and definitely nothing
new here.

Think about it.

(btw, when 9-11 happened, live time, first thought in my mind, as I was watching tv, livetime Channel 7 in NYC a few minutes to 9am
to watch the inane bantering of Regis starting at 9, when they broke in saying the first plane hit,
My first instinct was a small plane
When they live time showed live the 2nd plane, 100% true, my first instinct was this was the script of Bruce Willis's Part Two of Die Hard, the one where at the start, they control the power over the airplanes, and the pilots thought they were in a different place
than they were.
And 9-11 ended up (of all things) playing out like the first Die Hard.
While we looked up, all that was happening was actually happening below.

Or, in Get Smart terms
This is the old make them think it is so bad, that they turn on the President and the party that brought them out of the
deep badness that pervaded and of which, 9-11 was the central focus, solely to bring back the person who made it so bad to begin with trick.

And is it working? You tell me. That would be telling.

(btw, mock this if you want, this entire piece wrote itself. Fifteen minutes ago, I didn't even know I was going to write this,
NOR did I know how it would end. It wrote itself).

(and if you say ???what is this mishmash, well, everything I have to say at 445am in NYC area on 6/18/2013 is clearly in this post.
Back in two hours going to the gym.)

June 15, 2013

Senator Bill Bradley strongly endorses for NJ Senate Cory Booker

Bill Bradley strongly endorses Cory Booker
(if one goes to Cory Booker for senate website, standing right next to him is former Senator Bill Bradley, who ran a noble, but unsuccessful campaign for President in 2000 that was 100% endorsed by Paul Wellstone.
If one recalls 2000, had Bradley won the nomination, it is quite likely he would have picked Paul Wellstone for his VP.)


Cory Booker formally enters NJ Senate race, endorsed by Bill Bradley

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Newark Mayor Cory Booker on Saturday formally announced he’s in the race to finish the U.S. Senate term of the late Frank Lautenberg.

The 44-year-old Democrat made his candidacy official at a news conference Saturday in Newark, New Jersey’s largest city. He was joined by former U.S. Sen. Bill Bradley, a former pro basketball player(and Senator, who for 18 years held the seat Booker is seeking.

Bradley, who endorsed Booker, called him “the right person for the right office at the right time.”

Booker began raising money for a Senate run even before Lautenberg, who died Monday, announced retirement plans in February. He had raised $1.9 million by the end of the last reporting period in March


June 12, 2013

Do you Stand with Rand or with President Obama. Only two choices here.

this is a confidential poll, so please answer honestly.
No one is tracking anything.

I stand with the President.

edited to put sarcasm smilie in what was obvious an ironic joke.

edit to add- I did not realize that automatically the poll adds a no opinion or no vote choice.
I only made the two
So I guess there are 3 choices, but my poll stated only 2

June 11, 2013

CORY BOOKER-After Rescuing Woman From Fire, a Mayor Recalls His Fear and Focus

after he wins, and there is a separate Cory Booker section, gotta remember and post this there.

After Rescuing Woman From Fire, a Mayor Recalls His Fear and Focus


There was a moment, Mayor Cory A. Booker of Newark said Friday, when he “thought we were not going to make it.”

“No air,” he said. “I just could not breathe. That’s when I thought, if I don’t find this woman in a few minutes, we’re both going to die.”

Less than 12 hours earlier, Mr. Booker had run into a burning house on his street and carried a woman to safety, but only after arguing with a police detective assigned to protect him who tried to restrain him and even reached out and grabbed his belt. “It was just one of these moments in life when you just decide to jump in,” the mayor said.

Mr. Booker has had other moments in life when he had jumped in, and he has not hesitated to talk about them — or, late Thursday night, to send out a message alerting his Twitter followers. There was the time when a teenager was hit by gunfire and died in his arms. There was the time when a drug dealer named T-Bone threatened to kill him. Later on, T-Bone broke into tears as he asked Mr. Booker for help in getting his life on track. And, as mayor, he is known, according to several people who have worked with him, for keeping an ear tuned to the police scanner in his security detail.

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