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graham4anything's Journal
graham4anything's Journal
May 26, 2013

Jackie Robinson, Jackie Robinson, Jackie Robinson, Jackie Robinson in the HOF

one doesn't stoop to their level
This "it makes him look weak" is yet another myth and he refuses to play by their wants.
Everybody wanted Jackie Robinson to fight back.
He was stronger than them. He is in the HOF. Where is Ben Chambers or the others today?

The war is won at the end. Not in May.
Barack Obama and the village it took to get him elected (WE the people, his core voters like me) won the revolution in 2008 and are moving forward (and as Jerry Brown showed in California, faster than one thinks with all the faux negativity out there).

It's summer. Sad (sarcasm)boo hoo for those that do not like the President for the next 16 weeks, no one is even listening. (and they haven't been listening to the sad sams and debbie downers. The core voters knew Barack Obama roped the dopes in debate #1 in perfect Ali style, while the sweating Cujo like Mittens (who still thinks he won because the faux media told him so and who might even attempt a rematch) flailed around aimlessly.

There will probably be an overabundance of kitchen sinks they will attempt to toss at him
but they won't even be able to lift them and might just get a hernia attempting to do so.
(Hey, didn't Vin Diesel just get a hernia, it was in the media, and I devoured that much more interest than anything Darrel Isaa ever said).

They also seemed to forget something and that is, President Obama is never running for any other election.
They also seemed to forget 95% of the democratic party stands strong in support of the president, and NOTHING will stop that 95% support.

It's all politics, all dirty tricks, the repubs have played this game for decades, everyone knows it, nobody cares about the faux scandals, all of which have been thoroughly repudiated.

And dang, President Obama will look great at the Jersey Shore on Tuesday standing there in the rebuilt shore, after the horrible devastation of Sandy. And standing next to the
REPUBLICAN Governor of New Jersey who from what they say is for some reason beloved to any and all in New Jersey (personally not though politically) and that is the one and only picture people will take home with them for the rest of the summer.

Me, I am going to spend the summer at the lake and beach grab some fun and play
as will America, and that takes us straight through Labor Day
and guess what, the world will still stand, and the world will stand tall in support of President Obama.

No matter what the fake media (which encompasses ALL the media, real and alt) says.
And no one reads the fake papers 'cept for the sport section and the gossip
(Hey, will Simon Cowell reunite with Paula Abdul on next years American Idol now that they fired 4 judges and the showrunner?)
Did you hear about Amanda Bynes? She tweets from jail that she didn't like her picture they made her pose for and may need some work.

Will they let OJ off?

America has voted, and they voted for Barack Obama, and like him both personally and politically. He's a keeper.
And the talk around town is about Hillary.
Dang if Bill Clinton isn't more popular now than ever. And Hillary is like 10 points even more popular than Bill.

yeah, the fake scandals. Didn't America tire of this in like 1996?
But that is how they play the game.
They are partying like it's 1999 when in fact its 2013

and hide as they try every single great news story and picking up economy, they still don't get it.

but the people do.

Happy Summer!
I got my white shorts and my bathing suit (this year after a year on wellness had to buy new clothes as my suit from last year would fall right off) and I can't wait to jump in.

(of course, this morning its about 40 degrees in New Jersey. but it's summer, gonna have a BBQ rain or shine tonight and have some fun.

I bet Darrell Isaa is the type who goes to the beach in his dark suit and has not sat in the sand in 30 years and just had a little fun.
(Wish I was at the Santa Monica pier, did you see how great the health plan is moving along in Darrell Isaa's state of California.

Jerry Brown roped the dopes again too.
Team Obama is something else.

and go see Before Midnight.All the billion dollar movies, all the political movies see those too, but make sure you see Before Midnight (and catch the first two if you never saw them).
You will laugh you will cry you will think wow

That's life. (cue in Frank Sinatra and let the Summer Party begin!)

May 25, 2013

Civil Rights Movement Turned on Collaboration Between LBJ and MLK

Please note- this is in the Barack Obama group. Please respect the SOP of this group.

=========================================================================================There are so many great paragraphs here, that I don't even know which 4 to post.
This entire article needs to be read. Many might not be familiar with the history and this is written a writer(back then they actually had real writers, real investigative reporters.)

This really needs to be read, if one asked me, in my eyes, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and LBJ would be if here today, directly in synch with each other and side by side with President Obama and what President Obama's long term goals and ideals are.
(as are Rep. Lewis(mentioned in this article), and current Rep. Elijah Cumming and so many other heroes (REAL HEROES of our past and present).

(of course IMHO, if Dr. King had not been taken from us, a mere few days before LBJ opted out of 1968 presidential, in all likelihood,
most of what happened that was so bad (Nixon/Ford/Reagan/Bush41/W/Teaparty would almost certainly have never occurred in the first place, and the Vietnam war would have ended in 1968, not years later thanks to Nixon's sabatoge (as shown in articles later on about the real reason for the later Watergate coverup and what Nixon was hiding).

Civil Rights Movement Turned on Collaboration Between LBJ and MLK


---(see article for the top paragraph and for all the others not posted here due to the 4 paragraph limit)

The popular view of Johnson as “a wheeler-dealer who got us into Vietnam and then lied to us about it is so simplistic,” said Kotz. “The complete LBJ has been lost to history.” Similarly, the public remembers King as a great orator, he said, and fails to appreciate him as the “cool, rational, tough, pragmatic politician” who was the “the field general and tactician” of the movement. Kotz followed their relationship day-by-day to see how they interacted. His talk included taped conversations between the two and slides of their meetings and events of the day.

"In the 1960s we went through a civil rights and a social revolution in two years,” Kotz said. The 1964 Civil Rights Act dismantled official segregation, but the change provoked “a period of terrorism,” he said, that saw 2,000 black churches burned in two years and, in Virginia, the shutdown of public schools and state defiance of U.S. Supreme Court decisions. Kotz’s book examines the years between President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in November 1963 and the assassination of King in April 1968. “I tried to look at the interrelationship between the civil rights movement and laws,” he said. That period of social legislation also saw the creation of federal college loan programs, the creation of Medicare and Medicaid, the immigration act of 1965 (which allowed non-Europeans equal access to the United States) and the creation of a national health care system with advanced regional medical centers, Kotz said.

March 7, 1965, the day the 58-mile march was to begin, was a moment of crisis, Kotz said. King had chosen opponents who were ideal for the roles he needed them to play. Selma sheriff James “Bull” Clark liked to dress in a paramilitary style and wore a button that read “Never!” George Wallace, the new governor, had been in office less than two months after running on stridently racist rhetoric: “Segregation yesterday, segregation today, segregation forever!”

John Lewis, then King’s aide, now a congressman from Georgia, carried only an apple to eat on the way because none of them expected to walk even a quarter mile. At the far end of the Edmund Pettus Bridge a “sheriff's auxiliary” of mounted Ku Klux Klansmen paced under restraint. Clark warned the marchers that they had one minute to disperse and then sent the horsemen charging across. The marchers scattered as the Klansmen rode among them swinging batons, clubbing them down.
snip.....so much more,

(and please readers, remember this is posted in the Barack Obama group.)

May 11, 2013

Tear down Hillary Clinton to get Jeb, yeah, that's the ticket

but it will make some feel good I guess.

like those that unplug a fire hydrant full blast
keep it on all day and it's 100 outside

til later in the day there is a fire
and the fire hydrant is empty and the house burns down

only one who is happy is the arsonist who opened the hydrant in the first place, to watch the ashes

they want the democratic party to get down in the gutter
because they can deal with that

Reminds me of Jackie Robinson. What his enemies couldn't deal with is that they couldn't phase him, that he stared them down and remained calm and cool in the face of 100% negatism thrown at him.

Dr. King knew that too. Never stoop to their level.
They can't defeat it.

Stoop to their level and one already lost.

They can't touch President Obama, and in actuality, they are HELPING Hillary.
I predict 100 million votes for her in 2016.(the record is I think 69).

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