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graham4anything's Journal
graham4anything's Journal
November 26, 2012

No, I am not f'in around. She deserves it if there is a mideast easing of tension.

and it would make her wiser than Solomon himself

However, when HIllary goes against head to head any challenger, she whallops them.
I think Biden is 2nd, Andew is 3rd, the others in very low single digits.

The best advantage she has is, all her dirt is long time public knowledge.

That plus the advantage she is the most competent and largest resume of any candidate
(probably her qualifications now equal the sum total of the 20 or other second tier candidates beneath her for the office of the presidency.

Trouble with one issue candidates is, they have no record on any other issue but that or they are out of the mainstream or have nothing to say they would do a better job, different job, or anything else to get above Hillary. There is no track record.
(those on the other side loved to spew about the now knwon fraud that was/is Ron Paul.
He yapped alot, but what accomplishment did he ever get ZERO. Because it takes compromise to get an accomplishment in the USA(ask Lincoln and Stevens).

It is just raw number stats. 2016 will have different needs than 2008 did, and from all the candidates already thought of (the 20 or 30 after Hillary), none presents themselves to having anything that says they would win more electoral votes than Hillary.

And like this time, the only ## I care about is 270. I actually don't even care about wedge issues or any issue but the 270.

Because 270 means we all lead a better life, than if the republican/tea/libertarian/otherkook3rdparty were to win the 270.

That is what I care about.

(as Willie Nelson sang "still is still moving to me" so even if we only stayed parallel, it is still better, however, I don't buy that. I say 10% getting something done is alot better than 100% of nothing or moving backwards.

that was the brilliance later on of President Obama using the word FORWARD. I could not think of a better word.

And I hope for another 10% now, another in a couple of years, and then another in 2017 and 2020 and 2022 and 2024.
By that time, counting the 10% up, we would have about 60% of what we want

NEVER will we get 60% at one time. America does not and never has worked like that.

(cliche- slow and steady wins the race, and yes, it does, Nate Silver would say about 91% of the time).

November 23, 2012

David Carr-NY Times "For One Night at Fox, News tops Agenda"- article & MY RANT against CTers.

This article lower down from Nov. 12, 2012, I read Thanksgiving morning 11/22/12.

Due to hurricane Sandy and the aftermath where I live, a pile of newspapers piled up unread. Yesterday(Thanksgiving) in between the breakfast and the big family dinner my wife was cooking, I jumped into our Whirlpool tub in the bathroom for about an hour, with this big stack of newspapers from the last few weeks that have beem piling up.

First, if I may, my personal rant on the single greatest most satisfying victory WE the democrats and Barack Obama achieved a few short weeks ago.

This board has had about 100 different threads about the election aftermath and that President Obama only won because some hacker stopped Karl Rove from stealing the election.
These threads IMHO make interesting fodder for conspiracies, HOWEVER, they are without the good posters realizing it IMHO delegitimizing all the hard work, the single greatest community activist campaign in history to Get out the Vote and reelect Barack Obama (who is the single greatest President in 50 years past, and maybe 50 years forward).

President Obama (imho) won fair and square this election, in fact, an election IMHO again never in doubt, never close, never one he was going to lose. To me the only question was HOW BIG (SOOOOOOOOO BIG) (picture a parent with their little baby extending the babies arms)

This crap that Rove was going to steal it is really irritating me personally, and I am sure alot of hard working COMMUNITY ACTIVISTS IN CHICAGO AND NATIONWIDE.
YES- it was the awipes on the right who for four years have derided President Obama as nothing but a "community activist".

Well, suckers, it was BECAUSE OF THE GREAT COMMUNITY ACTIVISTS that helped the great GET OUT THE VOTE like never seen before, carefully for four years planning on who to poll, who to prod, which tactic to use for what voter, sign voters up, make sure they vote and secure the most satisfying victory any of us will ever see.

So this is my rant. WE WON FAIR AND SQUARE and nobody could have or would have stolen it because WE WON. WE GOT THE VOTES. and the other side is history.

IF the democrats stay united, use the same techniques in 2016 and 2020 and beyond, and remember CHICAGO and Axelrod and Plouffe and President Barack Obama and each and every one of HIS voters and those that believed in him and voted FOR him, we will find our kids and grandkids etc. will never see a republican/tea/libertarian elected president ever again.

Anyhow, I found this article from Monday, November 12, 2012 in the Business Day section B of that days New York Times (the actual in my hands copy.) I have located it online and am printing a little bit here (due to the copywrite rules of this board and in general, I am only selecting a couple of paragraphs, but urge everyone to read the whole article, especially those trying so hard to say Rove and that anony. hacker are the reason we won.)

NO, victory was so great, the "reporters", the "broadcast team" for one night, let the truth come out and not the propaganda rightwing lies.
(Much like that one day in the aftermath of Katrina, when Anderson Cooper was on TV crying, yelling, pleading for help to come into New Orleans, that NO help was there, that there were NO riots, only dying people (all Black) without food or water just wanting someone to help them. That single day in 2004, Rove was I think in minor surgery in a hospital, Condie was buying shoes in NY, Bush was secluded in Crawford with the single protester camped outside his compound for weeks and a bunch of supporters of her, and Fox that day somehow let the unfiltered truth slip through.)

anyhow-here is the article

David Carr-the media equation "For One Night at Fox, News tops Agenda

(see post #2 immediately below this one, by me in this thread for a couple of paragraphs)

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