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graham4anything's Journal
graham4anything's Journal
December 5, 2012

Hillary45. It's a done deal. Because this time Hillary has the voters she did not have in 2008

and those voters want her 100%

the core Obama voters like myself. There is no question, no waiver, no others.

It takes a Clinton to defeat a Bush

and Hillary will knock out Jeb in 2016 (to continue with the boxing analogy so perfectly worked by Barack Obama and Chicago in 2008 and 2012

There are just so many reasons and it will happen.
The other female candidates on the list don't have anywhere near the track record Hillary has.
The other male candidates besides Joe Biden remind me of the ones that ran in 1988 besides Jesse Jackson(who should have won that year, but it was just too soon.)

The other female candidates all won't run if Hillary does (and it boggles the mind to think they would have the chutzpah to even try, they are so out of the league.)

Look at our demographics, and well, 2016 there will not(and I say this just from the demographics and no negative reason at all) but there will not be a white male candidate for president. It won't happen. The party is not going to run from its destiny to continue to create history.

Look for the US Supreme Court standard. First came Thurgood Marshall, then came Sandra Dey O'Connor.

It will 100% guaranteed, as never in my life have I been so assured of it, Hillary45 as our 45th President.

She will run, there is no doubt. For her mother. For all those in the past. For her daughter.
For destiny. For all time.

and Hillary has the one singular thing no other candidate in the nation has- ALL her baggage, all the crap they threw at her, 100% of everything there is to know about her, all is already been vetted. There is no swiftboating possible.

Whereas Jeb, we hardly know ye. Most people know nothing about him
and any of the above candidates named, NONE of them have ever been vetted.

But the beauty of Hillary is, all is known and she fights to win.
And in 2016 has President Obama's core voters like myself on her side this time
(those that know me, know I was 100% against her in 2008. She EARNED my vote the old fashioned way- through hard work and loyalty and for not whining and leaving the arena like Bill Bradley and Russ Feingold (and even to some extent Al Gore did) disappeared after their loses.

She toughed it out and stayed in the public sector, SERVING THE PEOPLE of the nation, in a very JFK kind of way. Bill envoked JFK back then, though I never really saw it as anything more than namedropping. Hillary though actually envoked the JFK spirit doing for the country, instead of going into some high paying private sector job like so many others.

Hillary has earned my vote and loyalty. And she has earned the Presidency.
And nothing will change my mind about this

Right now I got them as LINCOLN-FDR=LBJ=OBAMA=CARTER as the five best.
Can we have in Hillary yet another best of all time in her?
I believe so, and btw, I believe Hillary will act as our President from the left, like the
great Saul Alinsky the republicans derided her about.

Because Hillary is another Team Chicago and Chicago is a great work, not a bad word,
and Chicago wins Presidential races (1960 1964 2008 2012 2016 2020)

It takes a Clinton to beat a Bush. Sometimes history repeating itself is a good thing.
It will again in 2016 when Hillary beats Bush and KO's him decisively


December 4, 2012

Wow! I was googling to find a pix of LBJ with long hair & found an old DU thread from 2004

and it goes without saying, I love LBJ (and think he indeed is #3 on the all time list).
Wish we had LBJ now in the senate as majority leader ramming everything through.
the five singular greats are one.(IMHO)

I don't include JFK because sad to say we were not given the time needed to judge what # he would be.

This is a great thread from June 2004
Because it is an archieved one, there are no photos in the links in this thread



November 26, 2012

No, I am not f'in around. She deserves it if there is a mideast easing of tension.

and it would make her wiser than Solomon himself

However, when HIllary goes against head to head any challenger, she whallops them.
I think Biden is 2nd, Andew is 3rd, the others in very low single digits.

The best advantage she has is, all her dirt is long time public knowledge.

That plus the advantage she is the most competent and largest resume of any candidate
(probably her qualifications now equal the sum total of the 20 or other second tier candidates beneath her for the office of the presidency.

Trouble with one issue candidates is, they have no record on any other issue but that or they are out of the mainstream or have nothing to say they would do a better job, different job, or anything else to get above Hillary. There is no track record.
(those on the other side loved to spew about the now knwon fraud that was/is Ron Paul.
He yapped alot, but what accomplishment did he ever get ZERO. Because it takes compromise to get an accomplishment in the USA(ask Lincoln and Stevens).

It is just raw number stats. 2016 will have different needs than 2008 did, and from all the candidates already thought of (the 20 or 30 after Hillary), none presents themselves to having anything that says they would win more electoral votes than Hillary.

And like this time, the only ## I care about is 270. I actually don't even care about wedge issues or any issue but the 270.

Because 270 means we all lead a better life, than if the republican/tea/libertarian/otherkook3rdparty were to win the 270.

That is what I care about.

(as Willie Nelson sang "still is still moving to me" so even if we only stayed parallel, it is still better, however, I don't buy that. I say 10% getting something done is alot better than 100% of nothing or moving backwards.

that was the brilliance later on of President Obama using the word FORWARD. I could not think of a better word.

And I hope for another 10% now, another in a couple of years, and then another in 2017 and 2020 and 2022 and 2024.
By that time, counting the 10% up, we would have about 60% of what we want

NEVER will we get 60% at one time. America does not and never has worked like that.

(cliche- slow and steady wins the race, and yes, it does, Nate Silver would say about 91% of the time).

November 23, 2012

David Carr-NY Times "For One Night at Fox, News tops Agenda"- article & MY RANT against CTers.

This article lower down from Nov. 12, 2012, I read Thanksgiving morning 11/22/12.

Due to hurricane Sandy and the aftermath where I live, a pile of newspapers piled up unread. Yesterday(Thanksgiving) in between the breakfast and the big family dinner my wife was cooking, I jumped into our Whirlpool tub in the bathroom for about an hour, with this big stack of newspapers from the last few weeks that have beem piling up.

First, if I may, my personal rant on the single greatest most satisfying victory WE the democrats and Barack Obama achieved a few short weeks ago.

This board has had about 100 different threads about the election aftermath and that President Obama only won because some hacker stopped Karl Rove from stealing the election.
These threads IMHO make interesting fodder for conspiracies, HOWEVER, they are without the good posters realizing it IMHO delegitimizing all the hard work, the single greatest community activist campaign in history to Get out the Vote and reelect Barack Obama (who is the single greatest President in 50 years past, and maybe 50 years forward).

President Obama (imho) won fair and square this election, in fact, an election IMHO again never in doubt, never close, never one he was going to lose. To me the only question was HOW BIG (SOOOOOOOOO BIG) (picture a parent with their little baby extending the babies arms)

This crap that Rove was going to steal it is really irritating me personally, and I am sure alot of hard working COMMUNITY ACTIVISTS IN CHICAGO AND NATIONWIDE.
YES- it was the awipes on the right who for four years have derided President Obama as nothing but a "community activist".

Well, suckers, it was BECAUSE OF THE GREAT COMMUNITY ACTIVISTS that helped the great GET OUT THE VOTE like never seen before, carefully for four years planning on who to poll, who to prod, which tactic to use for what voter, sign voters up, make sure they vote and secure the most satisfying victory any of us will ever see.

So this is my rant. WE WON FAIR AND SQUARE and nobody could have or would have stolen it because WE WON. WE GOT THE VOTES. and the other side is history.

IF the democrats stay united, use the same techniques in 2016 and 2020 and beyond, and remember CHICAGO and Axelrod and Plouffe and President Barack Obama and each and every one of HIS voters and those that believed in him and voted FOR him, we will find our kids and grandkids etc. will never see a republican/tea/libertarian elected president ever again.

Anyhow, I found this article from Monday, November 12, 2012 in the Business Day section B of that days New York Times (the actual in my hands copy.) I have located it online and am printing a little bit here (due to the copywrite rules of this board and in general, I am only selecting a couple of paragraphs, but urge everyone to read the whole article, especially those trying so hard to say Rove and that anony. hacker are the reason we won.)

NO, victory was so great, the "reporters", the "broadcast team" for one night, let the truth come out and not the propaganda rightwing lies.
(Much like that one day in the aftermath of Katrina, when Anderson Cooper was on TV crying, yelling, pleading for help to come into New Orleans, that NO help was there, that there were NO riots, only dying people (all Black) without food or water just wanting someone to help them. That single day in 2004, Rove was I think in minor surgery in a hospital, Condie was buying shoes in NY, Bush was secluded in Crawford with the single protester camped outside his compound for weeks and a bunch of supporters of her, and Fox that day somehow let the unfiltered truth slip through.)

anyhow-here is the article

David Carr-the media equation "For One Night at Fox, News tops Agenda

(see post #2 immediately below this one, by me in this thread for a couple of paragraphs)

October 23, 2012

Teddy Bobby and Jack are smiling in heaven tonight! The Dream lives on!



There is a new wave of change all around us, and if we set our compass true, we will reach our destination — not merely victory for our Party, but renewal for our nation.
And this November the torch will be passed again to a new generation of Americans, so with Barack Obama and for you and for me, our country will be committed to his cause. The work begins anew. The hope rises again. And the dream lives on
-Teddy 2008 convention

October 18, 2012

Used to say Frank Rich was 100% correct...now 98%..I have read this article three times

and it is written in an issue of NEW YORK MAGAZINE (not the new yorker which is another)
which is a 2016 issue more than anything else.

Frank Rich likes high drama.
I used to say Frank Rich was 100% correct, but then he quit (was canned?) the NY Times and has practically disappeared writing once or twice a month in the magazine, and sometimes adding stuff on line.

I read this 3 times, and also read the Hillary 2016 article and the Jeb 2016 article in the same issue, which really was more about 2016 than 2012...I think both John and Frank take it as a given that Obama will win.

this article has to be taken into that context.

I myself think Hillary45 will defeat Jeb (two titans, the Kennedy/Reagan match we never got).

That will be the biggest election ever (if you can believe there is a bigger one than this year.)
This year we have one Titan(Obama) and one lightweight poser (Mitt). We have not had 2 titans since???

LBJ/Nixon never happened in 1968.

it has been 1 titan/ 1 lightweight each cycle now (lightweight is not necessarily a bad word either but by Titan I mean game changing different between each person of equal stature in their power to get their fans to vote and have their unconditional back because they are such opposites. OR the party fractures itself, turning a heavyweight into a lightweight
(in 1968 we saw that happen, and in 1980 we also saw it happen.)

United each side stands, united they win (and having someone the vast majority of the party likes vs. having a candidate just to say they don't like the other guy).

Reagan Vs. Teddy would have been just that. (1984 would have been the perfect time too, not an innerparty war like 1980 turned out to be. Teddy should have made a deal with Jimmy
and had the party been united, Jimmy would easily have beaten down the actor.(and I love Teddy).

And Rich is 100% correct, if you consider the Bushfamily the cocharoaches of the world.
Because thank God Jeb isn't running this year.
Compared to Mittens, people are pining for W of all things (it was a great debate moment when Obama KO'd Mitt using the logic that Mitt/Glove are even more draconian than bush was.
So by 2016, with Glove(Ryan) getting blamed for Mitt's lose(they will say if only Mitt wasn't forced by the farright that Ryan leads...
Jeb will be the "sane" one (with the minority wife to attempt to get the Hispanic/Latino vote)
(which is why President Obama in 2013 needs to spend a good heapin' hunk of his capital and get amnesty/citizenship (then also have millions of new taxpayer dollars to get the deficit down)

leading to the battle of the next 8 years.

When Hillary45 wins, we will own the courts, the house, the senate and WE MUST WIN THE GOVERNORSHIPS in every state we can, then we decide how the election boards are run
and the Jim/Juan Crow bullshit will stop.

That is what Frank Rich in the political issue of NY Magazine is talking about.
Not 2012 at all. Because you gotta read the whole issue.
(also remember John Heillerman(MSNBC, writer in NY MAG) and Rich both were major Hillary supporters to start off with.
And remember for those that are not from the NY area, Frank Rich started off a a Broadway play reviewer, perhaps the single biggest one ever, and his words made or broke a million dollar production instantly. A bad review from him closed the show.
So Frank Rich knows and loves drama.

I used to say Frank Rich was 100% correct til he left the NY Times. Now it's just 98%.
But I do love reading him and his views.

just my opinion.

October 17, 2012

OHHH the most delicious irony of all happened last night

Mitt Romney had his Gerald Ford moment on live tv
(when Candy Crowley spanked him down and in live real time fact checked Mitt's lie.)

This happened when Gerald Ford debating Jimmy Carter showed he did not know what the hell he was talking about.

And now last night, Mitt Romney showed he was a stupid lying moron just like Gerald Ford was that night.

That night in 1976 led to Jimmy Carter being elected President.

The rightwing racists/awipes in the republicantealibertarian party have been trying to
jimmycarter'ize our President from day one.

And last night, in the single moment to be remembered for all debates in the future,
Mitt Romney became Gerald Ford.

Jimmy Carter got his revenge!

Now when people say President Obama is Jimmy Carter- give a great big smile and say indeed
both men are ELECTED Presidents we can be proud of, immortals in world history forever, and the soon to be forgotten from the political world, Mitt is Gerald the bumbler,never elected but selected for veep and president.

I am sure President Carter had a million dollar smile last night! (WE LOVE YOU FOREVER AND UNCONDITIONALLY JIMMY39!)


October 16, 2012

edited list of Presidents 1960-2040

Who would I have taken out to put Bill Clinton in???
how about...if I replaced JFK Jr. with Bill.
(then JFK Jr. would have been nominated to the US Supreme Court by Bill Clinton in 2002)

President Kennedy 1960-1968
President L.B.Johnson 1969-1976
President Martin Luther King 1977-1984
President Bobby Kennedy 1985-1992
President Teddy Kennedy 1993-2000
President Bill Clinton 2001-2008 who elevates Obama to the US Supreme Court
President Barack Obama 2009-2016
President Hillary Clinton 2017-2024 President Michelle Obama 2025-2032
President Julian Castro(after many glorious terms as Gov. of Texas,then Senator) 2033-2040
October 12, 2012

Obama=Ali, Smoking Joe Biden=Rocky,(Champs) Willard is Mitt then Ryan is Glove

Champions Ali Obama and Smokin'Joe Rocky Biden

but which Mitt is which?


and which glove is glove?

October 12, 2012

I hope to visit St. George Isle next year or 2014

I have wanted to visit based on the images in the song (and later video) St George isle since I first heard the song. I have been in Florida many times, but never stayed in the panhandle I hope to visit St. George Isle next year or 2014 area. We are thinking, depending on finances, about a cross country drive in the spring from NY to Los Angeles' beaches, then on the way back making a number of stops and staying there awhile.

Or if we need to do shorter and more realistic, driving south with stops in DC NC and St. George Isle(instead of going to Orlando and further south) and just relax for a week or so.

And I thank you very much, for mentioning St. George Isle and the beaches in your post, and it has me wanting to get in the car and drive right now and spend the winter there. (I am so tired of winters here and know last years warm one won't happen again this year).

and never give up the fight and dreams. We have changed the world and we all continue to do so, even if it seems slow and that time is passing us by with all the new stuff out there.

I often think of my grandparents,and even the two great-grandparents that I knew, who all are deceased now for 35 and many more years, and how much they witnessed in their life, and since they have been gone, how much has changed since.

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