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graham4anything's Journal
graham4anything's Journal
January 30, 2013

Someone on Democratic underground today said, One persons vote is meaningless.

The audacity today of someone on Democratic Underground to say in print, that a persons vote is meaningless.That one person doesn't matter.

I am sure glad someone didn't tell that to the following 10 people, and that they didn't listen
President Abraham Lincoln
President Franklin D. Roosevelt
President Lyndon B. Johnson
President Barack Obama
President Jimmy Carter
President John F. Kennedy
President Woodrow Wilson
President Bill Clinton
President Hillary45 Clinton
President Michelle46 Obama
The 10 greatest Presidents of All Time(the first five in numerical order).

The other biggest laugh on Ralph Nader and the others is that President Obama is a two term President, and Hillary45 will be the next two term President.And Michelle46 could be after that.

Remember-the revolution was won in 2008.
Life is greater in America collectively in spirit, than it has been in 50 years.(and it wasn't as great then as fabled anyhow. Nostalgia of the Happy Days era really wasn't, especially for most of the people
who were left out of Thomas Jefferson's "all men are created equal" spiel.

The world is better for it. (this is said collectively).

The legacy of Ralph Nader is, that he singlehandedly and trippingly ironically so, killed off the third party movement for ever more in America.
Never again is the phrase.

Karma came back to avenge 2000, in a trippingly, groovy sort of way, don'tcha think?
Never again will the Ralph Nader's be anything more than an afterthought in National elections.
Because Ralph Nader was too lazy to do any actual grunt work,(like run for the senate like say Al Franken or Harry Reid),(easy to whine about Harry Reid, but run for office and be better? Naaa, that is work), but instead lazed around with the whine making speeches like
Ron Paul,who now gets $50,000 a speech if there is anyone stupid enough to hire him to speak.Ralph Nader according to reports is a multi-millionaire himself (the upper 1%).
If you google one place says minimum wealth of $4.2 million.Wish I had one eighth of that.

and if you look at the Presidential place mat that one can purchase at the Lincoln Memorial, or the FDR memorial gift shop, one thing is for sure. There are 44 Presidents pictured, 43 different people(one was President twice and is accorded two different numbers).
Nowhere is the name of Ralph Nader even mentioned.

Sad thing is, I probably give him more lip time than he gets anywhere else. But like most,
in the sands of times, most people after a generation or two of family members, are not remembered.Most people would probably just like to never hear his name again, but to have the slogan NEVER AGAIN, people must not forget. Because otherwise history has a habit of
repeating itself. The other ironic thing is, most people alive today in America, for all intents and purposes were not alive when Ralph did something good. After all, it's been what, 50 years now come 2016? How many of us can remember that far back? It's a shame.

But the men and women that are(or will be) President and Vice President shall never be forgotten. Not even Millard Fillmore.

and the people who protested in the 1960s, including special mention to Mark Rudd, well, I admired him then, I respect him now. Working from within. Not tearing things down with no plan what happens the day after.

2013 is not the 1960s.

and every persons vote is meaningful.
Shame on the person today who said that one should waste a vote, that a vote of one person is not important. Shame on that person.
My grandparents who took the treacherous journey with my mother and other relatives, giving up everything (but never whining),through the mountains, through countries, some not friendly, to come to America, for the right to vote-and the 20 million people that were unable to make that journey. shame on this poster today who said a vote is unimportant.
Shame on Ralph Nader for aiding and abetting and helping to take away what the majority of Americans wanted and voted for in 2000.And what it gave us the next 8 years.


especially some of those juvenile answers above. Are we in junior high school?
(oops, that is an archaic phrase. Today people call it middle school, but back then we
called it junior high school, where people thought things like wetting toilet paper and throwing it on the ceiling were funny when it dried and fell on someones head.
Or smoking in the boys room(so fondly recalled in an archaic 1973 song).
Now 90% of the public is smart enough not to smoke in the first place.

Grow up, actions have consequences. 2000 led to every bad thing afterward.

But 2008 started forever more, the betterment to overcome what 2000 had happen.

Because yeah, Scalia, Thomas, Alito, Roberts, yeah, AL Gore would have named those people to the court. If you believe Ralph Nader, he would have.
But in real life, he would not have.
Breyer, Ginsburg, Kagen, Sotermayer are not Scalia, Thomas, Alito, Roberts, Rehnquist, O'Connor, Kennedy.

shame shame shame on anyone who says they are.


feel free to disagree with me, and support Ralph Nader and Ron Paul and Ross Perot.
Though it's beyond me what those people have to do with Democratic Underground as none of those people support the democratic party causes.

IMHO of course.

me I will support
Christine Quinn for mayor 2013 nyc.

January 13, 2013

Serving the public-those that want to, do-like Bob Graham and Jerry Brown

in another thread, it is talking about Krugman, the writer, should be treasury secretary.
Nine out of nine times, people who are writers/talking heads/speech makes do not actually want to serve the public, it would take away their livelihood, much like those that were in a position in public service, lost an election and took their ball and mitt and left the arena, only to whine and whine and whine (aka Bill Bradley, aka Russ Feingold, etc.) instead of just serving the public in some elected office, that doesn't have to be the top, or by relearning things while in office.
But not just by whining.

For a good example of someone who just wants to serve the public, and does so not for fame and fortune, just to serve, no matter what position, see Jerry Brown. After the presidential run, (and the public sold him down the river), after his first go at Gov., he just set an example for all to follow- he went back to smaller positions in the public sector and served, a shining beacon of a human being.

and note that Jerry Brown has, through his ideas, now brought a surplus to California, a complete turnaround, and he, the inventor of the 1-800 send in a dollar campaign for president that almost (if not for a slur against him near the end) won him the nomination years ago. And the constant rightwing name calling against him. And he proved that when the right candidate is running, whom the public knows, respects, and loves through decades of service,
money could not buy that election and enabled California to sensibly balance the budget, have a surplus at the same time increasing spending as needed.(in a way making taxes a good word for once, instead of the hijacked bad word the republicans made it).

also the legendary (and my board name tribute to) Sen./Gov. Bob Graham's 386 workdays he did as Gov/Senator of Florida, to try and better the citizens of Florida, he wanted to know what different people actually did


Bob Graham's campaign trademark was to work a full, eight-hour day at various jobs which represented Florida's constituents. He began his "Workdays" in 1974, teaching a semester of civics at Miami Carol City Senior High School in Miami while serving in the Florida Senate. At that time, Bob Graham was on the Education Committee. After a speech, M. Sue Riley, an English teacher at Carol City, approached Bob Graham and said, "The only problem with members of the Education Committee is nobody has any experience in education."

Bob Graham was taken aback at that assertion and asked, "Well, what can I do about that?" A few months later, Ms. Riley contacted Senator Graham with a proposal to teach the next semester of civics. Following that teaching experience, he performed 99 additional workdays prior to his successful 1986 campaign for U.S. Senate.

Graham has continued doing workdays throughout his tenure as governor and in the United States Senate. His jobs have included service as a police officer, busboy, railroad engineer, construction worker, fisherman, garbageman, factory worker, and teacher. On No. 365, he checked in customers, handled baggage and helped serve passengers on US Airways. He totaled 386 days.

Two examples of people just doing.
Not bloviating, not in it for fame and fortune.
Just doing.

(and just wistful here, if only Gore had picked Bob Graham in 2000, or Kerry had picked Bob Graham instead of the fraud known as Edwards in 2004, how different life in America would have been...
and in the 1980s, if only Jerry Brown had become President.
(cue in Louis Armstrong, "What a wonderful world&quot it would have been.

But Jerry was called names and Bob Graham was called too ugly, too old, too obsessive
(in an age that led to Cheney being the least open VP, wouldn't Bob's notebooks of daily data been a breathe of fresh air?) and Bob Graham was never picked by any of the people for VP.
It is a damn shame.

When the 3rd party ites say both parties are one and the same
besides their continual lies on that front, on the issue of SCOTUS alone, remember
people like Bob Graham, Jerry Brown and Barack Obama are out there making a difference and laying to rest the lies.

If only everyone in elected office would be like those three.
What a wonderful world this would indeed be.

January 4, 2013

The second paragraph is a great point

a republican that would actually be able to win these states without playing games, would in essence lose the states because it would help the democrats

(much like every other "fix" the repubs have tried like term limits of presidents. It backfires on them.

One of the reasons the democrats did not rush to change things after the 2000 and 2004 elections when 2008 came.

And one of the reasons they are hesitant to change anything at all. Because it backfires at some point.

And the public is wiser now and with new social media, they are quick to pick things up and make an issue of it.
(Had for instance there been the social media in 2000, I am convinced the Tom DeLay goons who posed as regular citizens would have been outed and the recount continued
The meeting that led to the real info in the "supposed" fake memo would have had pictures from cell phones and if there was a set up(like it was said at the time that a republican trickster was posing as the person passing a memo on), he would instantly have been outed and they couldn't have screwed Rather.

I don't much like the theft scenerios anyhow. After 2012, President Obama won a major landslide, yet some were still floating the Rove story to delegitimize his major victory.

And even lets say they change some of the states-
well, the GREAT candidates would adjust their thinking and go to all the areas in a state and not just the big ones, so one could not even say, that had President Obama shook hands with thousands of people in every district that was red, or tossed those districts some pork, why wouldn't some of them vote with him instead of against him?

And again, with the demographic change, soon red areas will be blue anyhow, so as you said, the individual repubs will end up being the ones voted out of office.
And it will lead to a better house, and more governorships(assuming we stock each race and have backups for the future in all districts. Why is that so hard for democratic state leaders to do? (if a state has 250 positions, you mean to tell me there are not 500 people in each state fully qualified to run? And in this day of social media, why can't a separate message for funds be put out for each and every one of them?
It could be like an adopt a red state district pledge across the country.
Make fundraising nationally to use on a very local area.

December 30, 2012

actually that is not true I can have my pie and cake and Edith too

I can go into the diner in Twin Peaks and have a damn good piece of Cherry Pie and go into my Diner here in NJ and have a damn good piece of Blue Velvet Cake (as my diner serves both Blue Velvet and Red Velvet cake.) They also serve pie.

Therefore I can have my cake and pie, and also, on AntennaTV, I can still watch All in the Family.
Therefore I can have my pie and cake and Edith too.

enjoy a piece of Blue Velvet cake, while listening to Lana Del Rey from my favorite album of the year doing a version of the isabella Rossellini version of the song Blue Velvet from
David Lynch's Blue Velvet

meet pie

or perhaps I can have the above pie and cake and this Edith too
the legendary Edith Piaf, who if alive now, would be a welcome guest at this White House
and like her, since President Obama took office, I too have NO REGRETS
December 23, 2012

Thank you Jerry Brown for a lifetime of serving the public and decades to come doing more

It is not beyond question that a Hillary45/Jerry Brown ticket could be dreamed of

The democrats screwed both Jerry Brown and Jesse Jackson more than once in the past.

Jerry Brown both the youngest Gov. of California ever, and the oldest, with many roles in service in between the two!

One of the true legends in political history.

And Jerry, for those that remember, ran a shoestring campaign much like Barack Obama's 2008 campaign, way before the internet was thought of, way before social media

Jerry ran solely on a 1-800-# and almost had one of the singular biggest upsets ever.

And Jerry ran another shoestring campaign for Gov. against the filthy rich Meg Whitman, friend of Mittens, who, had she prevailed, might have been Mittens VP choice but Jerry wiped out that horrible thought singlehandedly with zero money.

Why? Because the people love him.
And he is liberal as they come. However, he is a great liberal in the classic sense, and he knows enough not to overplay his hand.
(so I would say he is not a progressive.)

He is liberal and wins as opposed to progressive and whines.

And now California is 100% democratic. There are no republicans left. As article says, the republicans are a minor also ran party.

Which is the model Barack Obama is doing nationwide.
(and the liberals love Obama and get steady forward gain, while the progressives want 100% and whine and whine)

Love you Jerry Brown!
Showing how instead of cuttenrunning, he stayed and served the public and continues to do so his entire life.

December 23, 2012

Jerry Brown's California revival. Jerry Shows how serving, not ego is the objective for greats


He’s no kid at age 74, but California Gov. Jerry Brown has staged a comeback this year that Bill Clinton could appreciate.

It looked as though Brown’s second go-round in the governor’s job might well end after a single term. He staked his governorship on a referendum to raise taxes that was in trouble approaching Election Day. His approval ratings were mired in the low 40s.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2012/12/jerry-browns-california-revival-85440.html#ixzz2FrhoCvTk

But voters pulled through for Brown and approved his ballot measure to mend the long-broken state budget. And now Brown finds himself in prime position to achieve his ambitious agenda — and a virtual lock for reelection.

“He’s absolutely unbeatable in the state of California. Not even the Lord could beat him,” said former San Francisco Mayor and legendary Assembly Speaker Willie Brown. “California is Jerry Brown territory.”

In a political life that stretches back to the 1960’s, spanning one presidential campaign, three terms as governor, and a stint as Oakland mayor, Brown seems to be experiencing a career high of sorts. Voters also elected Democratic supermajorities to both chambers of the Legislature, removing the last check on the party’s near-total control of state government and relegating Republicans to something approaching minor-party status

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2012/12/jerry-browns-california-revival-85440.html#ixzz2Frht9OSH
December 22, 2012

President Obama as Charlie Brown, the Repubican/tea/libertarians & the naysayers as Lucy

President Obama is the common person who is Charlie Brown

President Obama is the smartest person in the room and knows he is Charlie Brown, and knows Lucy will not letting him kick the ball

knowing that Lucy is reviled in the world, as are the republican/tea/libertarians

Charlie Brown though is beloved worldwide

and over the course of time(because President Obama plays the game better than anyone, )
he sees the game 5,6,7,8,9 steps ahead each and every time and wins every single game he plays

Remember something- you do NOT need to kick the football in football to win a landslide

And the republican party is totally shredded quicker than Ollie North shredded the Iran/Contra documents

The republican/tea/libertarians are nothing

And when in the near future there are NO doctor bills to pay, much like in the superb system in France,and like in France the retirement is paid for, that will mean each and every person
will have a much better life.

We just gotta get there.

So stop harping on minutia, when 9 steps ahead, life is going to be perfect

As LBJ said-(though I doubt many who seem to hate everything Obama tries to do will get the analogy-)
The great society is a place where men are more concerned with the quality of their goods than with the quantity of their goods.
Lyndon B. Johnson

or try this one

There are plenty of recommendations on how to get out of trouble cheaply and fast. Most of them come down to this: Deny your responsibility.
Lyndon B. Johnson

and remember something this holiday season-
Charlie Brown had the foresight to see how that Christmas tree would, 9 steps later, become the singular most beautiful Christmas tree in the entire village of mankind

December 22, 2012

LBJ-Any jackass can kick down a barn but it takes a good carpenter to build one.

Any jackass can kick down a barn but it takes a good carpenter to build one.
Lyndon B. Johnson

this quote above says it all.
And describes the great Abraham Lincoln=FDR=LBJ=Barack Obama=Jimmy Carter=Great Carpenters

while also describing the worst- Reagan, Ford, Bush, Bush=Common Jackass'

another great quote that equally could describe both LBJ and Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama
If one morning I walked on top of the water across the Potomac River, the headline that afternoon would read: "President Can't Swim."
Lyndon B. Johnson

It's time to reclaim how great LBJ and Jimmy Carter were. And how great Barack Obama is.
and up yours to the haters and the debbie downers, sad sams and cuttenRunners.

Same people that hated the Christmas tree Charlie Brown bought.

Those that don't look 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 steps ahead and see what will be, and who
just keep their eyes wide closed to every little minutia, that in the long range scheme of things matters little to the betterment of life on this planet.
Yet who's hatred and disent will be the cause of never attaining that goal, while they then whine and whine and drone on and on about this is bad or that is bad.

Damn tired of them not realizing how much worse life could be collectively if we did not have at this time President Obama doing everything and anything. We shall not see the likes of him or any of the above very soon. Cherish what he brings.
If we don't, we will lose it for decades forward.
December 14, 2012

The continuation of President Obama's glorious 2008-2017 term,and from there, forever more...

I forgot something in all the anti-negative Susan Rice posts last week vs the JK committee to elect him SOS (and I said elect him, on purpose).

that being that I forgot what I keep telling everyone else about President Obama.
He sees things 9 steps ahead in the chess game set match that is the TEAM politics game

and it dawned on me as I was working out this morning
this beautiful sunny morning in the NYC area, the greatest city in the world

that President Obama is smarter than me

and maybe, just maybe, President Obama actually wants a BETTER more LOYAL person in the senate seat who actually wishes to be there and stay there for a long time coming.

Not one that might or might not consider it a stepping stone to SOS or whatever.

And maybe, just maybe there is a behind the scenes plan, and getting John Kerry out of the senate seat, might be part of that plan

Who knows

President Obama is the coach and star player,in fact the singular best player ever in the game of politics after the great LBJ, and I am proud to be a part of Team Obama forever.
And that means in 2016 the single best candidate to win, as winning the game keeps you in the game and that means the singular one will be Hillary45.

And maybe that means Senator Rice now (as someone else marvelously thought about)

Or Senator Patrick leading the way

Or possibly maybe it will be Senator Kennedy rightfully returning to the seat.
(and I mean one of the Kennedy's who backed Barack Obama 100%, to keep the message one of continuation from 2016 to infinity and beyond (as Buzz Lightyear (c) said) LOL

as Bing Crosby indeed states in White Christmas, everyone has an angle
mine is the continuation of Barack Obama forever.

May my team beat the teams that don't wish that in this football/baseball/tennis/golf/bowling/checkers/chess match that is 9 steps ahead.

The Dream lives on!

December 8, 2012

in Crist I trust! And now I don't gotta make excuses. Charlie Crist is now a democrat!!!

The one and only person that wasn't a democrat that spit in Jeb Bush's face twice while he was Governor.

That made me like him

Congratulations Charlie! We (at least ME) welcomes you to the democratic party and whatever position you want to run for is fine with me.

And I would not be adverse to a Hillary45/Charlie Crist ticket in 2016 and reelected in 2020.

Ensuring Florida for the democrats even with Jeb running aginast them.

In Crist I trust!

And thank you for you did in Campaign 2012 for President Barack Obama!

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