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graham4anything's Journal
graham4anything's Journal
May 25, 2013

Civil Rights Movement Turned on Collaboration Between LBJ and MLK

Please note- this is in the Barack Obama group. Please respect the SOP of this group.

=========================================================================================There are so many great paragraphs here, that I don't even know which 4 to post.
This entire article needs to be read. Many might not be familiar with the history and this is written a writer(back then they actually had real writers, real investigative reporters.)

This really needs to be read, if one asked me, in my eyes, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and LBJ would be if here today, directly in synch with each other and side by side with President Obama and what President Obama's long term goals and ideals are.
(as are Rep. Lewis(mentioned in this article), and current Rep. Elijah Cumming and so many other heroes (REAL HEROES of our past and present).

(of course IMHO, if Dr. King had not been taken from us, a mere few days before LBJ opted out of 1968 presidential, in all likelihood,
most of what happened that was so bad (Nixon/Ford/Reagan/Bush41/W/Teaparty would almost certainly have never occurred in the first place, and the Vietnam war would have ended in 1968, not years later thanks to Nixon's sabatoge (as shown in articles later on about the real reason for the later Watergate coverup and what Nixon was hiding).

Civil Rights Movement Turned on Collaboration Between LBJ and MLK


---(see article for the top paragraph and for all the others not posted here due to the 4 paragraph limit)

The popular view of Johnson as “a wheeler-dealer who got us into Vietnam and then lied to us about it is so simplistic,” said Kotz. “The complete LBJ has been lost to history.” Similarly, the public remembers King as a great orator, he said, and fails to appreciate him as the “cool, rational, tough, pragmatic politician” who was the “the field general and tactician” of the movement. Kotz followed their relationship day-by-day to see how they interacted. His talk included taped conversations between the two and slides of their meetings and events of the day.

"In the 1960s we went through a civil rights and a social revolution in two years,” Kotz said. The 1964 Civil Rights Act dismantled official segregation, but the change provoked “a period of terrorism,” he said, that saw 2,000 black churches burned in two years and, in Virginia, the shutdown of public schools and state defiance of U.S. Supreme Court decisions. Kotz’s book examines the years between President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in November 1963 and the assassination of King in April 1968. “I tried to look at the interrelationship between the civil rights movement and laws,” he said. That period of social legislation also saw the creation of federal college loan programs, the creation of Medicare and Medicaid, the immigration act of 1965 (which allowed non-Europeans equal access to the United States) and the creation of a national health care system with advanced regional medical centers, Kotz said.

March 7, 1965, the day the 58-mile march was to begin, was a moment of crisis, Kotz said. King had chosen opponents who were ideal for the roles he needed them to play. Selma sheriff James “Bull” Clark liked to dress in a paramilitary style and wore a button that read “Never!” George Wallace, the new governor, had been in office less than two months after running on stridently racist rhetoric: “Segregation yesterday, segregation today, segregation forever!”

John Lewis, then King’s aide, now a congressman from Georgia, carried only an apple to eat on the way because none of them expected to walk even a quarter mile. At the far end of the Edmund Pettus Bridge a “sheriff's auxiliary” of mounted Ku Klux Klansmen paced under restraint. Clark warned the marchers that they had one minute to disperse and then sent the horsemen charging across. The marchers scattered as the Klansmen rode among them swinging batons, clubbing them down.
snip.....so much more,

(and please readers, remember this is posted in the Barack Obama group.)

May 11, 2013

Tear down Hillary Clinton to get Jeb, yeah, that's the ticket

but it will make some feel good I guess.

like those that unplug a fire hydrant full blast
keep it on all day and it's 100 outside

til later in the day there is a fire
and the fire hydrant is empty and the house burns down

only one who is happy is the arsonist who opened the hydrant in the first place, to watch the ashes

they want the democratic party to get down in the gutter
because they can deal with that

Reminds me of Jackie Robinson. What his enemies couldn't deal with is that they couldn't phase him, that he stared them down and remained calm and cool in the face of 100% negatism thrown at him.

Dr. King knew that too. Never stoop to their level.
They can't defeat it.

Stoop to their level and one already lost.

They can't touch President Obama, and in actuality, they are HELPING Hillary.
I predict 100 million votes for her in 2016.(the record is I think 69).

April 16, 2013

Racist past haunts Sanford Fl-Mr. Jackie Robinson attacked and Mr. Trayvon Martin killed

Racist past haunts Sanford Fl-Trayvon was shot dead,Jackie Robinson had to flee 2 lynch mobs.
After seeing the movie 42, I had not realized something.
In spring training, a lynch mob came after Mr. Jackie Robinson.
That happened in Sanford Florida.

flash forward to 2012.
Mr. Trayvon Martin was harrassed, stalked and murdered in cold blood, unarmed, and it was by someone who was armed with a legal gun, out looking for someone to kill it appears.
The police told him to back off in a phone call after it appears Zimmy called in saying Mr. Martin looked suspicious to him.

Mr. Trayvon Martin was shot to death in Sanford Florida.February 26, 2012 unarmed.

here is an article from 2012

Reuters) - The year before Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier by becoming the first African American to play major league baseball, he fled the racist threats of townspeople in Sanford, Florida, where Trayvon Martin was shot 66 years later.

It was 1946 and Robinson arrived in this picturesque town in central Florida for spring training with a Brooklyn Dodgers farm team. He didn't stay long. Robinson was forced to leave Sanford twice, according to Chris Lamb, a professor at the College of Charleston in South Carolina, who wrote a graphic account of Robinson's brush with 100 angry locals in a 2004 book

In the downtown area, Victorian-era cottages and old brick office buildings sitting a wide and alligator-infested bulge in the St. Johns River, provide a glimpse of the past - but not all of it. There are no reminders of the lynch mobs and Ku Klux Klan members who once killed blacks with impunity in Sanford and elsewhere across Florida.

Florida was the site of more lynchings per capita than any other southern state, according to Ben Brotemarkle, executive director of the Florida Historical Society. Lynchings were common in the southern U.S. in the second half of 19th century and continued into the 20th century.

...(more at link)

April 14, 2013

President Obama is lengthening the game clock. From 2 terms to forever.

President Obama is doing something never done in modern times-He lengthened the game itself

Most people are thinking in 4 to 8 years.

President Obama is thinking forever.

The 8 year thinking is yesterday. The two term thinking is yesterday.

President Obama is thinking, like all the greats, like Lincoln, like FDR, like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, like LBJ he is thinking forever.

And it is such a radical idea, because in retrospect, no one ever said it aloud before.
No one ever thought to say it aloud. President Obama is doing it for all of life.

Dr. King did not do what he did, so he could use one bathroom for one time.
Or to sit in one restaurant to get one meal and say he won.

Dr. King did it to last forever.

President Obama is doing that. And I quite believe this has been his vision since before he was President, though he didn't come out and say it.

Quite a few here mock the ropeadope, the chessmatch, the 10 step ahead.

Quite honestly, maybe I sold him a little short. 10step? HELL, its 50 steps ahead.

It is the long time prize.
And in every war, in every battle, sadly there is collateral damage.

But wave on wave on wave on wave on wave on wave
The 100% complete victory only can occur by the battles fought.
Should Dr. King have given up day one when they put the hoses on him?

Dr. King foresaw it all in his "Mountaintop" speech, where he let the world know, this is not a quick or temporary thing, but it is forever all eternity.

Maybe just maybe some can see how truly historic the entire package is.
And maybe just maybe President Lincoln himself had a 500 step ahead plan
and in his plan, he envisioned the hard chocies President Obama has to make to get to the next step

And maybe, just maybe President Lincoln is standing right now, next to President Roosevelt, standing right now next to President LBJ, standing next to Dr. King standing and guarding the back of President Obama.
Maybe he is them. Maybe they are him.

Dot the I's and Cross the T's.
A war is not won in a short period of time. And battles lost are part of any war.

And like Presidents Lincoln, Roosevelt, LBJ and Dr. King, time is not measured in 2 terms as President(and especially not after just months after beginning the 2nd term.)
And yes, that means continuing the legacy of all them with Hillary(or a suitable other if not Hillary) to CONTINUE the legacy of all of those mentioned.

And keep in mind, to win the war, any of the others mentioned did things that many did not like at the time it was done.
All of them are smarter than me.
All of them are a helleva lot smarter than the opposition is.

March 26, 2013

I love President Obama,his eloquence,his words,& cherish every second of his Presidency

I personally love President Obama and 100% of what he stands for and 100% of what he has done, and 100% his vision of what will be.

There has never been so eloquent a President in the history of Presidents.

Every single word President Obama speaks, has EXACT meaning, though his detractors and professional agitators in politics, attempt to either not understand (not realizing the 10 steps ahead that President Obama clearly sees), or not wanting anyone else to understand what indeed they do understand that President Obama's every word has meaning.

Life in America has been made so much better, so different in a short period of time, thanks to President Obama and to his agenda moving forward. And will be even better as each day passes and more and more happens.

And, I am sure most Democratic folks here there and everywhere, truly applaud that.

(Being that as always, 95% of the core base,myself included) of democratic voters are very, very happy with the first half of President Obama's term, and looking forward for even more and better times in the years/decades ahead as his agenda continues.

(And I am looking personally forward to 2018, when President Obama is nominated for the US Supreme court by President45, Hillary Clinton (or whomever the democratic president should for some odd reason it not be Hillary) at that time.

His words are beautiful.

I do understand perfectly what President Obama says and does 24/7/365.

Nothing has ever been so clear as what his victory (to me, winning the revolution) in 2008 has meant to me.
And I am loving every single minute of his Presidency.

(If only he had what FDR had, 4 terms, sad to say, it cannot be more than two terms, but SCOTUS awaits him like it did for President Taft, to have in effect, more than 4 terms.)

Can one imagine how great it would be if President Obama directly replaced Antonin Scalia in 2018, and rightfully became the heir to the seat of Justice Thurgood Marshall?

(note, on a different thread I posted a version of the above, but this opinion should stand separate in the Barack Obama group.)

March 17, 2013

You just agreed with what I said!

Without the rich, you still would have had Rosa, Ghandi and Chavez

You got it.

The rich did NOT make America.
The people made America.

Take away the rich, and nothing changes that fact.
(you put the tilde' on the wrong part of the sentence in your rush to think I mispoke.)

If each rich person is a wave, take away the wave, and you still have the water.

Enjoy this song, which in a perfect word, would have been the #1 song of the year that
Butch Hancock wrote it, and Jimmie Dale Gilmore sang it
(and on this, the magnificent musical talents of Jerry Douglas and Bill Frisell.
Does it get anymore beautiful than this?)

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="
?feature=player_detailpage" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

The revolution won by the people when they elected Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, and will elect Hillary in 2016 and 2020 and Michelle in 2024 and 2028 and Chelsea in 2032 and 2036 and John Schlossberg in 2040 and 2044 ...are the ever flowing ever glowing ocean of love

Wave on wave on wave on wave on wave on wave on wave on wave
(as Pat Green also sang years later)
or as David Essex sang(and Michael Damien later sang)
Rock on
March 3, 2013

Jeb Bush's new book released this week...and the repubs are making it easy for him in 2016.

It is almost as if everything is scripted by the Bush family.

Bring in their entire collection of failures and wackos and oddities and nutjobs like the Paul family on the way right. Have Mitt reappear, Sarah reappear, all of them back in the news.

Then Jeb waltzes in to the republican convention with an easy nomination, looking like the one and only adult in the bunch. Then picks someone he knows will never be president, but for some reason the people like him, they really like him regardless of his antiquidated far right views, Chris Christie.

Jeb Bush/ Chris Christie

Luck have it, the Democratic party will sweep into another 8 years with Hillary Clinton easily defeating Jeb/Christie at the electoral college voting booth.

The only thing that could derail this train would be the same person or type of person that derailed 2000.
The 2013 version of Ralph Nader.
Watch them, like it was scripted attempt to do it.
Especially if Hillary is the nominee.
They will get someone and use the preposterus "both sides are the same meme" in a last
ditch attempt to divide the democratic party and create a democratic party civil war like
happened in 2000 to keep the vote down.
Nothing scares me more than that. The theft meme is far under that.
President Obama proved twice over that the theft meme is bull when you have someone the vast majority of people want.

And in Hillary in 2016 the vast majority of people do want that, and Hillary has in 2016 what she did not have in 2008, that being the President Obama voters (like myself).

But watch, the both sides are the same meme will become louder and played to the hilt by
Jeb Bush's background people, like Karl Rove, and like in 2000 they will fund an instigator to do so.
While everyone on the left is talking about the rpeublicans having a civil war, it will be the operatives of Jeb Bush (Karl and Karen Hughes and all the other old "FRIENDS" we all have come to know and despise.
Like it was written. And we all now know that Nader was heavily financed by the right.
Nothing would stop Sheldon and the Koch's from doing just that again in 2016 with a new Nader.

The only thing we have to fear is a new Ralph type itself.

Because the democratic party can do what hasn't been done since FDR- win 4 terms in a row.
and be seated 4 terms in a row. With zero fracture. And by dropping the ridiculous
both sides are the same meme.

Because Jeb is coming
and Jeb/Christie is going to be a formidable, however easy to beat in the electoral college
republican ticket.

By the way, Jeb Bush's book is coming out this week. And Jeb will be all over New York City's morning tv shows promoting this. Don't say Jeb is not running. He is.

It will take a Clinton to defeat a Bush. History repeating itself in a good way. Only a Nader repeating the same bad history can stop it.


February 20, 2013

Bush family Inc. went to Iraq to avenge a personal Grudge. As THEY did to Dan Rather

The problem isn't any war.
the problem was Iraq.
It had nothing to do with any problem and was just a personal millions of billions of dollars wasted to settle a personal score as the Bush family always remembers and holds grudges against those they perceive are their enemy.

To conflate it to guns or other issues has nothing to do with the core reason Bush went to war, and that is to settle a personal grudge.

This was nothing more than Aaron Burr vs. Hamilton back in the early days except a far
biggest waste of time.

(In essence, it would have been alot easier and cheaper, and so many lives saved, were
one drone dropped on Mr. Saddam back then (however, I am not sure if drones existed
back then so it might not have been possible.)

but there was nothing wrong with Afghanastan or the fight on terrorists.

The wrong was Iraq (and that is what this whole vid is showing. )

Let's not expand the video into anything more than it is.
Which is Iraq.

Which again to reitterate, was a personal grudge settled by W for the family.
(An example would be the mafia and how a kid on a bike was once run over accidentally by a neighbor, and heaven and hell couldn't prevent the neighbor from ending up in a vat of acid to settle the personal score. It had nothing to do with the rest of the mob or their biz, just
the personal score.)

I wish a filmmaker would make a movie nuanced to just the Bush family akin to the mob,
and saddam another mob leader and show a personal vendetta and how the one mob exacted
their vigilante vengengence on the person they perceived did it.

(If one wanted to conflate another issue, then intersect Dan Rather into it, and do the same thing with a personal grudge-
show how Rather hammered 41 in the interview questioning, and follow it through to that.
Show the embedded press and the press that died, and show how the press once embedded became psynchophants to the President's and generals minds.
Show how Dan Rather was the one outsider to it all, and how since the early days, was the thorn in his side.
Show how basically Dan Rather was stalked (and intersect that weird beating almost death he got on the streets) and how he was 100% character asssassinated by the dirty tricks squads.

That is something the general public would entertain. (at least the democratic side of the general public. No one is going to get 100% of anything anymore as the other side has their own agenda.

AGAIN-investigate it as a personal mob like personal grudge.

all the other issues are either a red herring or gravy to the meat loaf.
It is that elementary.

February 3, 2013

VP Joe Biden, Mike Bloomberg, Gabbie Giffords on the cover of Time Magazine

I haven't seen anyone post this yet.
This is the NRA's worst nightmare come true.


January 30, 2013

OMG! Mr. Hardy Jackson has only a little while to live. Sending my love and prayers to him.

How much pain and suffering does one family have.

Mr. Hardy Jackson, who to me was such an inspirational story during the early days of Katrina, is dying.
My heart weeps for him and hope that Hardy and his wife are reunited at long last when the end comes.

I have never forgotten Mr. Hardy Jackson and the horror he went through.
Nor will I ever.


ATLANTA (CBS ATLANTA) - One man's heartache during Hurricane Katrina and his determination to keep a promise to his late wife captured the nation's attention.
Hardy Jackson lost his wife to the storm surge. He recalled what happened to CBS Atlanta News' Jennifer Mayerle hours after the floodwaters receded. The two have kept in touch since then.

"Seven long years. No, I thought I'd never see seven years pass by. It's been a long, long hard seven years, too," Jackson said.

Hardy Jackson lives in Palmetto, GA, along with two of his kids and four grandkids. They are hundreds of miles from Biloxi, MS, the place they used to call home before Hurricane Katrina roared ashore and changed their lives.


Now facing his own mortality, Hardy Jackson received a letter he'd been longing for, his wife's death certificate. Tonette's body was lost to the storm surge. The court order reads, "The date of death is hereby established as August 29, 2005, the date of Hurricane Katrina."
"It gave me a whole lot of closure. Dried my tears up, eased the pain in my heart," Hardy Jackson said.


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