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Kashkakat v.2.0

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Member since: Sat Jan 7, 2012, 05:28 PM
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And you know this was orchestrated by HRC - how? You young whippersnappers seem to have no clue re

the history of dissent and activism and the lengths to which the opposition goes to sow seeds of suspicion and destroy dissenters - provocateurs, Cointelpro, infiltration, etc. (and how to resist it). Classic divide and conquer - one would think activists in our state would be wise to that by now and capable of discerning it in ALL its manifestations.

Do you think the apparatus and motivation to destroy political enemies all just went away, now that communications happen more digitally vs. inperson and by phone???? NO. It changed along with the technology.

If we're doomed - I daresay it will be because too many of yall are on Facebook absorbed in your self-contained belief systems repeating hearsay amongst yourselves and not taking in information from elsewhere.

ME, I voted for BS in large part because he clearly stated that if he didn't go on to the general election he would use his power to effect change in the platform (short term goal) and in the party (long term). He is not going to take his toys and go home like some of yall apparently.

Y'all don't speak for for every BS voter in this state. You may think from the DU forum (yikes) that BS and HRC supporters are mortal enemies but in the world where I live - taint necessarily so. A recent survey (sorry no time to google it) said 70% of Dem voters think the discussion/debate is healthy & energizing.... a good thing.

Ask yourselves - in whose interest is it that BS & HRC supporters end up as mortal enemies? And then act accordingingly.

Old fart signing off.

Posted by Kashkakat v.2.0 | Wed Apr 27, 2016, 08:43 AM (1 replies)
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