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Bruce Wayne

Profile Information

Name: Bruce Poindexter Wayne
Gender: Male
Hometown: Gotham City
Home country: USA
Current location: stately Wayne Manor
Member since: Fri Jan 6, 2012, 06:22 PM
Number of posts: 692

About Me

I don't like crime. I don't like guns. I'm a 1%er, so I am VERY underground with my social set.

Journal Archives

Rooftops are for crimefighting, not sex.

This is remarkably irresponsible of him. Rooftop sex is NEVER "safe sex."

(Ironically, having sex in a safe is also not safe, since there's a good chance of getting hurt in case the Penguin uses dynamite to rob the safe that you happen to be having sex in.

I miss the good old days when villains robbed banks & wore costumes

This cyber-space war on crime is frustrating. I can't show off my well-oiled muscles while beating up someone on line. But the real problem is that today the bad guys don't dress like bad guys or wear coordinated theme outfits for their criminal activities. It only goes to makes my job all that much harder.

Republicans are a superstitious cowardly lot

Nothing gratifies me more than to see them turning on their own. Their symbol should be the piranha, not the elephant.

I could take down an elephant, however. You just have to find the right pressure points. With Republicans, their softest spot is always the truth.

You can never defeat a large machine attacking the head first.

You have to study your enemy, explore its weaknesess, maybe infiltrate it a little or develop informants who can help you plan out the way to exploit your enemy's vulnerabilities. OWS are good people, but they don't always think strategically.

Still, how can you not love these kids, when their hearts are clearly in the right place.

If you ask it this way, normal, law-abiding citizens don't see the harm.

But believe me, drugs are a scourge on our streets... and a cancer in far many more homes of the well-to-do who don't fit the typical profile of "druggie." And yet drugs work their vile menace on these families too, leading sometimes to far worse crimes than the occasional mugging or smash and grab.

On the other hand, Portugal's had such tremendous success with switching away from a punisment model to a treatment one. Maybe it's time to take the profits away from the pushers. In any event, this Gallup survey is asking about pot--hardly the same menace most people think of when they address "drugs" as a problem.

When he's unpopular, but wants to win, Romney goes negative. Very negative.

The more he needs to catch up, the uglier he fights. That's the lesson from Florida. Romney will go nuclear in a heartbeat against whoever stands between him and his Oval Office destiny. I hope the president is prepared to hit back soon and hit back hard when Romney swings his sights toward the general election.

This will be the ugliest, most mud-splattered campaign since 1992 (far worse than 2008 or 2004). It may be the most vicious since the Jefferson-Adams election of 1800. You don't become part of the 1% by playing by the rules.

You crack me up

Thanks, Mitt. I needed that one...

[font size="5"]Romney- ‘Thank Heavens’ Economy Is Growing Despite Obama[/font]
Source: http://2012.talkingpointsmemo.com/2012/02/romney-thank-heavens-economy-is-growing-despite-obama.php

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