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Bruce Wayne

Profile Information

Name: Bruce Poindexter Wayne
Gender: Male
Hometown: Gotham City
Home country: USA
Current location: stately Wayne Manor
Member since: Fri Jan 6, 2012, 06:22 PM
Number of posts: 692

About Me

I don't like crime. I don't like guns. I'm a 1%er, so I am VERY underground with my social set.

Journal Archives

Jewelry Heist at La Palmera

[font face="Berlin Sans FB" size="5"] Jewelry Heist at La Palmera [/font]

[font face="times new roman" size="1"]Posted: Jan 17, 2012 11:05 AM CST [/font]

[font face="times new roman" size="2"]FROM THE CORPUS CHRISTI POLICE DEPARTMENT - Occurred 1/15/2012, 9:50 AM Theft 5488 SPID[/font]

[font face="Baskerville Old Face" size="3"]Officers responded to the La Palmera Mall where they contacted the owner of a Jewelry kiosk. The booth had been burglarized, and over $25,000 worth of jewelry was reported taken. The suspect, described as a 40 to 50-year-old male, was seen leaving the mall in what appeared to be a Ford Expedition.

The CCPD is asking anyone with information on this theft to call Crime Stoppers at 888-TIPS, or log on at www.888tips.com. The information provided could earn you a cash reward.[/font]


Dammit, if only I coulda been there. Sounds like a Cobblepot job. Or maybe Waylon Jones... he always goes south during the winter. I can't be everywhere, but dammit, if I'da been there, I'd be all like BAF!! CRASH!! BIFF!!! POW!!! on their asses.

Ah the voice of ignorance.

Turkey's going to be one of the three most important (and possibly one of the three most powerful) nations in the late 21st Century. We would alienate them to the peril of our foriegn policy's effectiveness. Some of their moves are troubling. They remind me of a particularly problematic colleague of mine in a certain exclusive club I've belonged to over the years. Let's just say this colleague had significantly different operating parameters than the majority of the "club" members.

She was, of course, difficult to work with at times. Always flying off here, flapping around there, pushing the envelope of appropriate boundaries for club activities. I obviously can't go into details here. But in the long run, the group's cohesion and operational effectiveness was enhanced more by having her inside the tent spitting out than outside the tent spitting in (to paraphrase a Texan far wiser than Governor Perry). Therefor we, as a group, did what was necessary to engage and redirect this unacceptable behavior toward more profitable ends. Turkey is no different from our "hawkish" colleague in this--proactive engagement and gentle redirecting of a sturdy, if divergent, ally is always far preferable than confronting and coming into conflict with a roguish ex-affiliate.

Perry suffers from delusions of American omnipotence--always the hallmark of a petty, irrational mindset. God forbid he should ever become president, because the next step down that fool's path is his suffering from delusions of American relevance in a rapidly changing world.

Seriously, is it hi•RO•shi•ma or HEE•ro•SHEE•ma?

and while you're at it, let me know if you found this out...

1- by reading it
2- because that's the way your teacher/parent/History Channel narrator always said it
3- by actually speaking Japanese
4- from just following your gut instincts established by the way you read stuff off the menu while ordering sushi

Inquiring minds, as usual, want to know

A well armed society is a polite society, they say.

I would argue "a disarmed society" instead, but then again I'm hardly objective when it comes to guns.

But did you know about the Hall and Oates Emergency Hotline?

This beats the hell out of the hotline I gotta use.

To be fair, Mitt really is a job creator.

Think about the people who print up the pink slips, not to mention all the accountants needed to shut down and liquidate those factories Bain bought, disassembled and dumped the workers out of.

You couldn't have the 19th Amendment till you passed the 18th.

Look, I don't have a problem with women voting--far from it; in fact the whole point of passing women's suffrage was because women tend to vote for reformers who will clean up the corruption at city hall. The only caveat is that before women could vote, you'd first have to pass Prohibition of alcohol. The last thing we need is a bunch of drunk ladies showing up at the polls, casting their votes off one way and casting their petticoats off the other--Land's'aMercy, the very notion of it gives me the shakes. Thus, all of this may well be ultimately related to Locke's original "Social Contract." The basic agreement that holds today's society together is: "Sure, we'll letcha vote, sister, but first you got to sober the hell up."

You fools!! Oklahoma is playing right into Ras al-Ghul's hands!!

You'll all be sorry when Oral Roberts University is surrounded by minarets and you can't get a decent Harvey Wallbanger anywhere in Oklahoma City!

This is so big... it might not just be Ra's behind this nefarious scheme... I wouldn't be surprised if C.O.B.R.A. isn't involved in it, too.

I know not what the rest of you think, old chums...

But think this is great news! The Newt would be the funnest Republican to run against in the fall.

Romney's right: a boss should be able to fire a worker

I once had an employee--let's call him "Tayson Jodd" for anonymity's sake--and he started at the bottom in one of my enterprises. Now this young fellow just wasn't up to the tasks assigned him--in this case he even cost me some critical advantages in my, um, line of work. It was past time to let him go.

But I was reluctant to let "Tayson" go. Among other factors, I knew that if Tayson lost his job, he would find himself out on his own, without any healthcare. Firing him, while entirely in the interests of my "business," would then turn out to be an untenable burden on him. And as it turned out, Tayson was going to be in desperate need of a lot of quality healthcare, but was not going to be able to afford costly C.O.B.R.A. payments. This placed an unfair moral/social burden on me as his employer.

So, in fact, Mitt Romney makes an excellent case for single-payer universal health care benefits provided by the government--just like nearly every other industrialized country in the world provides. Why should his healthcare be bundled with his employment? His need for healthcare certainly doesn't end with his employment. Romney's comments, while only inadvertanly humane, point out a glaring problem in our healthcare system. We need true universal coverage, just like any modern industrial wealthy nation in the Western world recognizes is a fundamental right. When Tayson contracted a bad case of, say, "iron poisoning", he deserved to have this condition treated, and I as his boss shouldn't have a special responsibility for someone's health just because they worked for me at one time.

Only the government can provide this kind of service. Running a business right requires tough choices--choices almost tough as a responsible grown-up Republican voter faces this year. Our healthcare system shouldn't make it any tougher. So in a way, Romney's right: we need a single-payer, government run healthcare system.
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