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Bruce Wayne

Profile Information

Name: Bruce Poindexter Wayne
Gender: Male
Hometown: Gotham City
Home country: USA
Current location: stately Wayne Manor
Member since: Fri Jan 6, 2012, 06:22 PM
Number of posts: 692

About Me

I don't like crime. I don't like guns. I'm a 1%er, so I am VERY underground with my social set.

Journal Archives

Six years later they're still together

http://www.wimp.com/bearcub/ or at least friendly.

I had a German shepherd named "Ace" for a long time.

He was one damned smart best friend. No one word can capture his resilient personality. The closest I can come to it would be laconic. This was one damned efficient dog.

Here's a picture of us together.

I swore on my parents' grave to spend my life bringing justice to the world.

But ya know, a fella gets busy... and we all have to move on sometimes.

Lately I've been refurbishing this sweet vintage Alfa Romeo I bought from my friend, Lex. Once I get 'er humming again, I'll try and get back to that whole justice bringing thing. Or I might pick up gardening.

Don't like LA. They built the buildings too far apart.

And all that sunshine... fuhgeddaboudit! We all need a few lurkable shadows in our lives.

As a 1%er, it's high time I joined in with George Soros, Warren Buffett, Lex Luthor, and Bill Gates.

and call for a hike in taxes on those of us who have prospered. I call on all the other patriotic millionaires of DU to join me. It's time to stop talking about the annual deficit and the national debt and time to start doing something about it.

E, H, K, L, N, and T are all endorsing candidates smarter than themselves

Clint Eastwood, I salute your balls. Now everyone else, get the hell out.

It occurred to me yesterday, my Maserati is basically a Corvette for grown-ups.

But then again, couldn't you say the same about my Alfa?

Newt Gingrich Pointing At Things Condescendingly: a technical diagnosis

Ass seen right here. Quite funny (and a little bit edifying).

e.g. ...

Gingrich: Luddite 'Elites' Promoting Attacks by Killer Robots

Today on The Gotham Today Show, Newt Gingrich said that an intolerant “elite” made up of “Luddite judges" and "illiterate professors” are trying to promote a “radical take over of all fifty states of planet Earth” by "elitist killer liberal robots." Gingrich, who told John Hagee’s church that America may soon be “a robot infested country, potentially one dominated by uneducated lesbians,” said that there was a conspiracy between the Justice Department, Oprah Winfrey, Carl Sagan, organized labor, Seal Team 6, and the little purple ocelot who lives in his head and plays the violent incessantly (sick) to “begin to enforce the destruction of all technology in America by an army of giant robots, built by Nazis and left dormant on the dark side of moon until discovered by a liberal-dominated NASA in 1969.”



Gingrich: Well, I think that we have to really, from my perspective, you don’t have an issue of robot tolerance; you have a Luddite elite who built these robots to bring radical change, certainly by radical Nazi liberals intent on redistributing wealth and forcing all of America to live their oppressive homosexual vegetarian lifestyle. Secular bigots who control our universities won't tell you this, but vegetarianism was started by Hitler as part of the Eugenics movement in the 1930s in order to drive barbecue out of public life and to suppress Arthur Godfrey's music. Hypocrites in the US Justice Department deny this, but when you attack Arthur Godfrey, you attack everyone's free speech... and specifically free sing. Censorship. I think that’s just an amazing concept frankly."


Gingrich interrupted his comments when he recieved reports that his wife, Callista, had contracted a cold while out on the campaign trail. The former Speaker immediately rushed from the studio to go update his status on Match.com.

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