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Member since: Mon Dec 19, 2011, 05:17 PM
Number of posts: 312

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Are We Losing Control Of Our Justice System?

Had a real sit-down today to do some reading. And I have to say -- I'm disappointed. It feels like my generation is shutdown before we leave the gate. (besides the global warming) I mean, half these guys in the picture are wanted for charges that the American/world people know are trumped up.

Are we losing control of our justice system? Why is Aaron Swartz dead and Zimmerman walking free? Maybe I'm totally out of line, but I wanted to know what DU thinks.

Vice: Pussy Riot Gets Whipped In Sochi

Absolutely great report live from Sochi. Really gave me insight into whats going down and what segments Russia Today decided not to show.

Also: doodles of the events.

Have a productive morning at work, everyone.
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