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Member since: Mon Dec 19, 2011, 05:17 PM
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C-SPAN Call-ins Blame Corporate America For Shutdown

This morning showed a real opposition to the Republican's claim that they spoke for "The Will of The People". These calls of dissent might just get you through your day

Recorded this morning 9.22.2013

C-SPAN Callers Hate Republican Congress

Lots of C-SPAN liberals bashing on the manufactured crisis. This is in response to the Republican budget ultimatum. The new budget would require Obama to fold on the XL Pipeline and the Affordable Care Act.

"This is Treason!" Democrats Call-in To C-SPAN This Morning

Yes, they used the "T" word.

Recorded 9.20.2013. With a government shutdown coming soon, I anticipated a troll-bush of Republicans this morning on C-SPAN radio. But instead there were a lot of Democrats calling out the Republican congress and their opposition to Affordable Care Act.

CSPAN Conservatives on Gov. Shutdown

So, a lot of disinformation going about on CSPAN in regards to the government shutdown.

First. A caller from Kentucky wants to end entitlements and is totally cool with a government shutdown. Second, A call from Louisiana who wants, "Something to happen from the fruitcakes". Last a campaigner calls in to tell us why Tom Graves, infamous for trying to underfund the Affordable Care Act, should be the next president or at least a senator.

I strongly feel you should talk with your friends and family about the affordable care act. Many of the callers seemed to be oblivious to the benefits of the Affordable Care Act. It has nothing to do with fruitcake.

Also, Tom Graves is a horrible person.
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