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Profile Information

Name: Bob Burgman
Gender: Male
Hometown: Tony, AL
Home country: USA
Current location: Home
Member since: Sat Dec 17, 2011, 06:20 PM
Number of posts: 330

About Me

Life long Democrat in a sea of republicans.

Journal Archives

President Obama: A Radical Liberal Moderate Conservative Socialist Corporate Stooge?

Who is this masked man?

Ask the Professional Left, and they’ll tell you President Obama’s in bed with big business, sold out the 99%, broke his promises about closing Gitmo, isn’t ending the wars in a speedy enough fashion, and hasn’t done enough for the gays.

Ask Republicans, and they’ll say he’s a socialist who wants to turn the country into one big money melting pot and distribute it evenly among the masses, that he pals around with terrorists and, though just a child at the time, was undoubtedly the mastermind behind Bill Ayers​’ and the Weather Underground‘s domestic terrorism.

Ask the teabaggers, and they’ll tell you that he’s damn near a communist, the stimulus was a complete and total failure, healthcare reform is going to be the death of society as we know it, and the unemployment rate would have come down anyway. And he’s not a Christian. And he hails from Kenya.

Read the entire piece at http://www.laprogressive.com/election-reform-campaigns/obama-corporate-stooge/
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