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Profile Information

Name: Stuart Fleishman
Gender: Male
Hometown: Lancaster, PA
Home country: USA
Current location: Lancaster, PA
Member since: Fri Dec 16, 2011, 09:17 PM
Number of posts: 96

About Me

Active retiree. Was an Engineer, MBA. (yoy!, I really did that). Long history on Amazon Politics Discussion Group. Done with that. Learned about the right wing mind and am trying to escape the depression it has created. Passionate about the economy especially the subprime mortgage debacle. Trying to understand what happened and how to communicate a complex issue so that the masses get it. It does not fit on a bumper sticker!

Journal Archives

President Obama could learn a great deal from a 1995 movie.

I couldn't sleep last night and found "An American President" on one of the free movie channels. Michael Douglas as President finally, after being convinced by his staff, speaks out to the American people. He takes a stand and strongly announces that he is done caving to loudmouths who promulgate only hate and fear. He stands up for that which he believes is correct.

If the Pres. caves on this birth control issue, I swear I will not vote!

A Person's Right to Exist

Republicans call themselves "pro-life," refusing the mother's choice to carry a fetus even if it was created by a blood relative or rapist. Every person has a right to exist, so they say.

But when it comes to health care for living people, they would allow a person to die if he/she had not purchased insurance. They applauded that concept at one of the GOP debates. Isn't that depriving a person the right to exist? If the right to life applies to a fetus it should also be applicable to an existing person, rich or poor, with a pre-existing condition or not.

The availability of health care for the purpose of prolonging human life is a human right. It is not related to material possessions which are options for those who can afford to buy them. There is a reason that the US is the ONLY country in the world without uniform, low cost health care for all.
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