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Ronald the asshole reagan took solar panels off the White House.

Jimmy Carter, a man who was familiar with nuke power, is the man who put them there.

34 years later, the country has just recently put solar back on our White House.

Carter also was the man who put coffin nails to nuclear power and the asshole who replaced him opened up that casket and let that vampire loose.

30 years later, on DU, I proposed that nuke power radiation was killing birds. It really pissed off some DUers, and ever since they have gone from claiming nukes were safe and radiation was not dangerous to what you see here, tonight, on this thread.

It has been one hell of a trip, and now, because of Fukushima and that fact that Fukushima can't be hidden like TMI and Chernobyl was, the pro-nuke people are relegated to a few measly posts on DU.

I have been called all kinds of names by the pro-nukes, and yet here I stand, still here, still telling the truth, 35 years after that damned asshole reagan diverted the course Carter set the country on.

Hey, one does what one can do, eh?

No, you didn't. Yes, you did. FBaggins!

You actually sit there and tell me I do not know science and then go on to disclaim elemental thermodynamics?

I figured your post dismissing electrolysis would have been deleted by now, in shame, after these many hours, but no, it is still there.

Incredible, meaning: you have no credibility.

What the hell is going on here?

The biggest baddest pollution in the history of mankind and this new thread is ignored by thousands of what I thought were caring peeps here on DU.

Let them eat cake, is what the elite say about us, and I guess this is proof they were right about our worth.

Eat cake, indeed. Trickle their pollution down and make us eat it, indeed.

And people wonder why some of us say we are doomed?

I guess DU is just one big popularity contest anymore? "Look, momma, I can post and post and post all kinds of shit on DU, and ignore important stuff. Hahahahaha"
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