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Ron Obvious

Profile Information

Name: Ron
Gender: Male
Home country: Middle Earth
Current location: Seattle
Member since: Tue Dec 13, 2011, 10:37 PM
Number of posts: 4,420

About Me

I got the nickname Ron Obvious because -- in addition to being a huge Python fan -- my name really is Ron and I used to start sentences with \"Obviously\" a lot. Obviously, that\'s no longer a problem.

Journal Archives

Leicester City sack Claudio Ranieri nine months after Premier League title win


Claudio Ranieri has been sacked by Leicester City less than one year after he led the club to the Premier League title, it was announced on Thursday. The Italian leaves the club fighting for survival in the league this season. But he will always be remembered for the incredible 2015-16 campaign and Leicester’s astonishing rise to the summit of English football

Ingrates! I hope you go down now.

Grandfather Clock (NSFW!)

Proud Wiener Dog Takes Adorable Maternity Photos With Six Puppies

A smile for you this morning in these uncertain times.


Singer-songwriter Peter Sarstedt dies aged 75


My sister used to play this all the time and thus I've got a sentimental attachment to it.

P.S. Why do youtube videos start taking so long to start playing lately? It's very noticeable.

Serbian survivor of fall (of 33,000') from plane explosion dies at 66

Flight attendant Vesna Vulović set record for highest fall survived without a parachute, said to be 10,000 metres

A Serbian woman who survived what was said to be a 10,000-metre (33,000ft) fall after a plane exploded in mid-air in 1972 has died aged 66.

In January 1972 she was working as a flight attendant a Yugoslav Airlines DC-9 plane when it blew up over the snowy mountain ranges of what was then Czechoslovakia. All of the other 27 passengers and crew on board died.

Trapped in the plane’s tail, Vulović plummeted to earth in sub-zero temperatures and landed on a steep, heavily wooded slope near a village. The fuselage tumbled through pine branches and into a thick coating of snow, softening the impact and cushioning its descent down the hill, crash investigators said at the time.


I remember this case. Truly remarkable, although there's now apparently some doubts about the facts in the case.

December 25th

"On this day long ago, a child was born who, by age 30, would transform the world. Happy Birthday Isaac Newton b. Dec 25, 1642" -- Neil deGrasse Tyson

The human side of Pep Guardiola

I know I've been critical of Pep here over the years. I still think he's a fraud as a manager, but I defy anyone to watch this video and not smile:

Any suggestions for a movie marathon?

As I mentioned in another post, Mrs. Obvious and I will be celebrating Christmas in what has become a tradition here at Obvious Manor:

"Mrs. Obvious and I will once again spend Christmas day watching an all-day movie marathon of related movies. We've done all three Back to the Futures last year, all the Planet of the Apes the year before that and all Lord of the Ringses before that. We'll not shower or get dressed properly and gorge on brick oven-baked pizza."


We've also done Star Trek, Alien(s), the Jurassic Park Series, and 2001/2010 in previous years, but I'm not sure what to watch this year. I realise this is late in the day, but I'd appreciate any suggestions.

Suggested by others so far:

The Godfather (vetoed by Mrs. Obvious)
The Hobbitses (suggestion greeted coldly by your humble correspondent)
Rocky (vetoed by both of us).

Anyone? Thanks in advance!

List of restricted things on US network TV and Airline TV

Found this while cleaning up a hard drive. I don't have a source, and google only reveals it being quoted on a French website, so I can't vouch for the accuracy. Still, I thought it was interesting.

The following is to be used as a guide only. It is not possible to include every visual or language restriction, and we must rely on the discretion and common sense of the producer, director and/or editor to ensure necessary coverage. If an action or word is questionable, please cover, replace or delete it for the airline or television version.

Visual and Audio Restrictions
• airplane crashes/mechanical problems/airline names or logos (for airline versions only)
• Explosions and fiery visuals need to be trimmed and the audio needs to be softened for airline
• nudity - both front and back (derrieres, G-strings and pasties are also not acceptable)
• female nipples (exposed or visible through clothing)
• fornication/coitus position/pelvic thrusts/humping/bumping and grinding
• fondling of breasts/groin
• kiddie porn
• “snuff” porn
• bestiality
• masturbation
• defecation
• urination
• flipping the bird/traditional arm gesture/masturbation gesture
• grabbing one’s parts/genitals/breasts and derriere
• gratuitious violence/blood/squibs
• Dead bodies with eyes open
• impact of bullets/knives/multiple bullet/knife wounds
• injections where you can see the needle entering the body/sharp objects penetrating bodies
• humans and animals on fire/electrocuted
• slamming humans and animals into/through glass or into objects
• kicking or beating of humans and animals
• severe injuries to humans/animals (e.g. car running over body)
• product identification (e.g. repeated shots or close-ups of Coke bottle, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes box, etc.) (Networks TV only)
• Cigarette smoking (ABC only)
• Quoting of non-fact-based statistics. (Network TV only)
• Practical jokes/imitable behavior. (ABC & NBC only)
• The only telephone numbers which are cleared for broadcast are 555-0100 through 555-0199.
• Visuals of World Trade Center, planes flying low/approaching buildings. Audio references to WTC or 9/11. (Airline only; ABC not currently allowing WTC visuals)

Language Restrictions

• any verbal references to plane crashes/airplanes in jeopardy (airline only)
• fuck (and all derivatives)/motherfucker/frigging/fricking/hitting skins/laid/get laid/bang/tapping ass/knockin’ boots/jump your bones/ball/bang
• wanker
• screw/screwed (in a sexual connotation)
• shit/scheist/crap/bullshit/bullspit/b.s./doo-doo/turd/take a dump
• Goddamn/Goddarn (“damn” is not usually acceptable to networks if it’s a “family film”)
• Jesus/Christ/Jesus Christ (When used as an expletive)
• bitch/son of a bitch/s.o.b.
• bastard
• piss/pissant/pissworm/pissing/pissed off/whiz/squirt/pee (not always acceptable)/take a leak
• come/cum/coming/orgasm/cream/jizz
• fag/faggot/queen/fairy/dyke/pansy/bull dyke/butch/pillow biter/fudge packer/rump ranger/cocksucker
• cunt/pussy/beaver/punany/poon tang/booty/boot/cootch/cherry/break the cherry/honey pot/snatch/fur/pink/monkey print/clitoris
• on the rag/on the plug
• prick/pecker/cock/cocksucker/dick/jimmy/tool/johnson/schlong/meat/putz/beef
• schmuck
• balls/cojones/nuts/chewing my eggs off
• ass/asshole/jackass/butt cheeks/butt crack/up my Lincoln Tunnel/cocoa factory/Hershey highway/brown-noser
• hot between the legs/moist between the legs/wet/juicy
• whore/slut
• nigger/schvartze/kike/chink/spic (and any other derogatory ethnic slurs)
• pubic hair
• dildo
• scumbag
• fart/cut one/cut the cheese
• tits/boobs/bloarts/knockers/hooters/nipples/nips
• masturbate/ejaculate/jerk off/jack off/jack me off/hand job/blow job/suck off/eat out/eat me/wax me
• 69/rimming
• erection/boner/hard-on/hump/ramrod/lube job/in deep
• hose gobbler/suck it/lick it/muff diver
• mouthing of profanities (fill with audible replacements)

Please note that any profanity spoken in a foreign language will also need coverage, as will profanity in subtitles.


Airline/TV ADR should be chosen carefully to fit lip movements and/or the context of the scene. The following are some suggested replacement words that are commonly used for TV ADR. Please contact Post Production Services (310-244-8914) if you need other suggestions or have any questions.

• fuck/fucking - damn, freak/freaking, very, fudge, fine (screw, frigging and fricking are not acceptable replacements)
• fucker – fella, fool, freak
• motherfucker - motherfool, motherlover, my brother, brother, punk, mother, mean freak/fella
• motherfuckin’ - motherlovin’
• goddamn – damn, dagnab, gosh-darn
• shit - stuff, squat, great, damn, no (“shoot” is not usually acceptable)
• Jesus - Jeez, gee, yeesh,
• Jesus Christ - Judas Priest, gee whiz, this is nuts, this is great, this is crazy, very nice, holy cow, I could cry, I could die, this is sad
• Christ - great
• bitch - brat, broad, babe, biddy, beast, mean (“witch” is not usually an acceptable replacement)
• son of a bitch - son of a gun/bum/buzzard, I don’t believe it
• bastard – monster, buzzard, bratty, bozo, beer keg, butthead, bully, butcher
• piss – pee, go, break
• pissed - ticked, mad, miffed
• pissed off - ticked off, put off
• orgasm - good time
• homo - honey, homosexual, gay
• fag/dyke - gay
• dick - jerk, dork, pig
• prick - pain, jerk, punk, pal
• balls - chops, guts, brains, bones
• blow me - kick me (“bite me” and “eat me” not acceptable)
• asshole - airhead, jerk, loser, armpit, animal, idiot, psycho
• ass - rear, neck, keyster, hide, skin, nose, schnozz, ear, butt, arm, face, behind, bod, head, tush
• whore - harlot, witch, tramp
• slut - tramp, slave
• nigger - brother
• peckerhead - peabrain, pinhead
• dickhead - pinhead
• booty - baby
• hittin’ skins - gettin’ down, having sex
• jerkoff - jerk, jerkhead, jughead
• scumbag/douchebag/dickwad - dirtbag, dummy, dumb guy, scum
• shut the fuck up - shut your mouth up
• cocksucker – con artist, crazy jerk, conehead
• bullshit - bull, bogus, nonsense, baloney, bull session, business
• bollocks – buttocks
• cunt – cow, chick, crone, git (for British films)

Dear Papa John's, your pizza is disgusting. Please deliver me another one for free.

Sincerely, Ron.

If this is obscure, it's in response to a Papa John's ad I just saw on Sky promising a free pizza if you don't like the one they delivered. Seems a bit of odd logic to me.
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