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LovingA2andMI's Journal
LovingA2andMI's Journal
February 17, 2017

The Systematic Dismantling Of America's Institutions Of Government

Beginning to wrap one's head around the breakneck pace of information which has happened in America the last four weeks under Trump. It appears a Systematic Dismantling of America's Institutions of Government are taking place.

First, can anyone effectively keep up with the flurry of changes occurring in Washington, D.C. Everyday, there is a new story, article, point of panic, a concerning nominee for a cabinet office, resignation, new announcements, Tweets, "Breaking News", and more resulting in a state of outright chaos in America.

Eventually, this amount of an unstable ship sinking on the high seas will seep down in the Capitols of States in the Union, County or Parrish Units of Government and municipal operations -- if some forms of what's occurring at the top of America's Governmental pyramid have not already.

Trump and company are doing their best to create an unbalanced matrix where the chains of authority and governmental functions - all of them - are squarely centered in the hands of individuals in the White House, seeking to destroy what is left of modern day Democracy, held on by a string.

However, these actions have been transpiring for awhile, bit by bit as greed capitalism has become the mainstay since the 1980's based "Reagan Years".

Read More Here: http://www.reachoutjobsearch.com/2017/02/the-systematic-dismantling-of-americas.html

Point of Reference: Autocracy: Rules for Survival by Masha Gessen

February 14, 2017

The Alabama Trump - AL Governor Robert Bentley Impeachment Gets Renewed Effort

Gov. Robert Bentley thought he had solved his problems. But he may have made them worse.

At least two state representatives - who throughout the whole Bentley scandal over the last year have been judicious and slow to cast stones- have had enough and are ready to act.

Reps. Corey Harbison and Randall Shedd, both Republicans from Cullman County, say the time for tolerance is gone. They will begin today to try to introduce an impeachment resolution on the House floor, a move - difficult though it may be -- to bypass the inactive impeachment committee and send the issue directly to the Senate for trial of the governor.

"Something has to give," Harbison said. "Public trust toward all of us is at an all-time low. We have to get some answers."

"I just don't believe the state can stand another two years of this," Shedd said. "It's very disturbing."

The resolution, similar but expanded from one introduced last year, cites ethics charges against the governor. It says he misused state property and broke campaign finance law by failing to disclose a campaign loan in a timely way. It says using campaign funds to pay attorney's fees for Mason was a big problem, and argues that Bentley violated the public trust and broke the law by waiting until 2018 to call a new election to fill Jeff Sessions senate seat.

But it's not just the legal problems that spurred action. Putting Mason on a state plane to attend the inauguration of Donald Trump last month - while taking a "date" he refused to identify on a state plane - was a slap in the face to people who supported him.

The appointment of former Attorney General Luther Strange to the Senate looked like a Bentley attempt to dismantle the AG's investigation of him. The subsequent appointment of former Marshall County District Attorney Steve Marshall did little to ease the minds of those who smelled a rat.

"I'm troubled by the appointment," Shedd said. "There may not be a deal cut but it sure seems like it."

Read More: http://www.al.com/opinion/index.ssf/2017/02/gov_robert_bentley_impeachment.html

Two REPUBLICANS in Alabama are ready to subnit Articles of Impeachment Against Governor Robert Bentley.

Will U.S. House Representatives REPUBLICANS be willing to start Impeachment Proceedings again Trump for colluding with Russia with violations of the Logan Act with Michael Flynn?

We Will See!
February 1, 2017

At a time when Democrats need to be lions, most have turned to lambs at Trumps feet

Source: New York Daily News

At a time when a backbone is needed, the Democratic Party does not have one. With few exceptions, it is a spineless group. They have no earthly idea how to effectively oppose Donald Trump. They have no idea how to regain power. They have no idea what they are doing right now. Daily, they fail to stand up for their constituents — so much so that it is genuinely hard right now tell most Democrats in the Senate from their Republican colleagues.

So far, and this actually came as a shock to me — 14 Democrats in the Senate have voted for every single nominee of Trump’s that has been approved thus far. They are:

Joe Donnelly of Ind., Dianne Feinstein of Calif., Heidi Heitkamp of N.D., Maggie Hassan of N.H., Amy Klobuchar of Minn., Angus King of Maine, Tim Kaine of Va., Claire McCaskill of Mo., Joe Manchin III of W.Va., Jack Reed of R.I., Jeanne Shaheen of N.H., Brian Schatz of Hawaii, Sheldon Whitehouse R.I., and Mark Warner of Va.

Another 21 Democrats voted to confirm four out of five of Trump’s nominees that have been approved thus far. They are:

First off, Senator Christopher Murphy of Conn. voted to approve four out five of Trump’s confirmed nominees, but abstained from one vote a piece. In other words, he failed to vote no on a single Trump candidate.

Then voting yes on four out of five of Trump’s confirmed nominees, and voting no on just one are:

Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Tammy Baldwin of Wis., Michael Bennet of Colo., Maria Cantwell of Wash., Benjamin Cardin of Md., Thomas Carper of Del., Bob Casey of Pa., Richard Durbin of Ill., Tammy Duckworth of Ill., Al Franken of Minn., Mazie Hirono of Hawaii, Patrick Leahy of Vt., Edward Markey of Mass., Robert Menendez of N.J., Patty Murray of Wash., Bill Nelson of Fla., Gary Peters of Mich., Chuck Schumer of N.Y., Debbie Stabenow of Mich., and Jon Tester of Mont.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/king-democrats-turned-lambs-trump-feet-article-1.2961375

If This Is True, This Is A HUGE PROBLEM. HUGE!! This means from reading the article, only Kristen Gillibrand have voted NO on Each of the Trump Nominees thus Far. Not even BERNIE folks, only Gillibrand.

If this is the way the Democrat Party will ROLL, the Party is DONE and look for Trumpland to not only continue but stomp out the rest of what's left of Democrats in 2018 up for the Senate and whatever is left in State Legislators.


Meanwhile, thank you KRISTEN GILLIBRAND for standing STRONG and appears ALONE.

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