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The Supreme Court Hands Trump An Election Boost

A cowardly Supreme Court punted today on two investigations that could reveal Donald Trump and his Trump Organization as major league criminal tax cheats.

In its weaselly 7-2 Trump decisions, both written by Chief Justice John Roberts, the Supreme Court stood yet again for the idea that you can get as much justice as you can afford.

The high court also turned away three House committees seeking Trump tax and business records, again on narrow procedural issues that downplayed the substance of the matter. That ruling came despite a 1924 law that flatly states the Treasury “shall” turn over such records on the written request of one of the three committees’ chairs. That law also grants Trump the same power to look at anyone’s tax returns without requiring him to justify such requests.

The Trump case delays the court order, to allow further procedural hearings. The Supreme Court action is in sharp contrast to the 1974 unanimous Supreme Court decision that President Richard Nixon had to immediately turn over his secret Oval Office tapes to Watergate prosecutors. Nixon resigned days later knowing the tapes would provide irrefutable evidence of his criminal conduct.

Should Trump win a second term via a combination of the Electoral College, voter suppression and unlawful help from Russia and other foreign governments, the case will then become one can of procedural worms after another. That could have been avoided had the high court acted definitively today instead of with an eye to politics.

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