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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Member since: Thu Dec 1, 2011, 12:59 PM
Number of posts: 7,830

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FDR Populist Progressive who believes the environment trumps all. We\'re sinking the only ship we\'ve got, and govt leaders are ignoring it.

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"We need to fight & we need to fight hard...for the economy, for the environment, for civil rights, for students...Trade is the fight right now. The vote in the house on TPA is Friday, so we need to get to work right now....Big corporate interests are the ones who get to see/write the TPP, 85% are lobbyists for corporations...fast track needed to pass it...but also fast track will allow any president elected next the ability to push through more bad trade deals.

But trade is just one of many issues we're working on right now...college students...the cost of college is out of control...2/3 of students are borrowing money to go to college. Average $30K debt when graduate...starting out in debt is hurting our economy. Student loan debt affects all of us...(sounds like Bernie!) Lobbyists won't be fighting for free student debt or to expand social security...research funding for cancer is weak...& of course, we'll never give up on holding wall street accountable....

One more, we've got to take back the senate...people like Russ Feingold...I wasn't sent to DC to fight for corporations, I was sent to fight for people, and we need to get more people in the senate fighting for people not corporations..."

Q to Warren: How to help stop TPA in the House on Friday. "Call your congress person, facebook, tweet...make your voices heard. Ask your friends, neighbors, family. If enough people speak out, this is how we change what's going on in Washington..."


And so on....Still disappointed she isn't running. This call is to try to make sure we're not disaffected now in our disappointment. They want us to fight with her, still. I will. But I'm tired of the uphill fight for progressive issues. She wants great energy from us. It will be very hard if another fake progressive gets elected only to continue with endless war, gifts to wall street & the shaft to the poor, fracking ongoing & growing, privatization expansions, BigAg wrecking nature, & so on. But hey, it won't be as bad as a republican!


...She's asked how she stays hopeful. (very good timing) She shares a story. One of her wins. The Consumer Protection Agency...

The big banks will never let it happen, she'd been told...but she fought with MoveOn & more than 100 others. Huge fight ag banks & million$ of lobbying ag them...But David fought Golith & won.

We stood up before & we can against money in politics...

We did it before & we can do it again.

...We're going to be working with Robert Reich in getting message out since it won't be in MSM...

It was a nice call. I'm thankful for it. I think. For me, it will take a while to get over the loss of what could have been...

So there's my take on the call.

If anyone else listened in, would love to hear your thoughts, as I'm sure others here would.

And a huge thanks to the guy who designed it...he was a teen at the time.

Boyan Slat.

NYC_SKP on 6/3/15: "You know what? You're a GOOD DU-er!"


You were a good one too, NYC_SKP!! DU truly won't be the same without you.

What you just wrote is more offensive to me than what he wrote. The actual WORD is highly

highly offensive to me. He didn't use the word. He was incredibly childish, but not offensive in his use of a word game to convey it.

It should have been a hide & a time out maybe, but not a ban. The ban was purging, imo.

The Progressive Agenda isn't "left wing"...It's America's story

Turn Left on Main Street
Thursday, 04 June 2015
By Bill Moyers and Michael Winship, Moyers & Company | Op-Ed

In a recent Washington Post op-ed piece, headlined, "The last thing America needs? A left-wing version of the Tea Party," the Democratic congressman from Maryland scolds progressives and expresses his worry "about where some of the loudest voices in the room could take the Democratic Party."

He writes, "Rejecting a trade agreement with Asia, expanding entitlement programs that crowd out other priorities and a desire to relitigate the financial crisis are becoming dominant positions among Democrats....

...Good grief, John. A trade agreement that favors multinational corporations over working people? Cutting "entitlement programs" such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, worker's compensation? Letting Wall Street off the hook for crashing the economy and costing millions of Americans their jobs and homes?

These are Republican policies, bought and paid for by plutocrats.

If Democrats simply mimic them, there would be no need to bother with voting for a Republican president; we could cancel the election and put the billions saved in campaign contributions straight into the Clinton Foundation.

The progressive agenda isn't "left wing." (Can anyone using the term even define what "left wing" means anymore?)

The progressive agenda is America's story - from ending slavery to ending segregation to establishing a woman's right to vote to Social Security, the right to organize, and the fight for fair pay and against income inequality. Strip those from our history and you might as well contract America out to the US Chamber of Commerce the National Association of Manufacturers, and Karl Rove, Inc.

At their core, the New Deal, Fair Deal, and Great Society programs were aimed at assuring every child of a decent education, every worker a decent wage, and every senior a decent retirement; if that's extreme, so are the Declaration of Independence and the Preamble to the Constitution.

But such is the level of what passes for discourse inside the Beltway these days. The cushioned political and media elites who eat, drink, and make merry with each other at the annual White House Correspondents & Celebrity Ball are so cozy up there in the stratosphere that they dismiss as the lunatic fringe any voice from below that challenges the status quo.

And by the way, John, the "loudest voices in the room" aren't populists or progressives; they belong to the auctioneers selling our government to the highest bidders.....

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