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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Member since: Thu Dec 1, 2011, 12:59 PM
Number of posts: 7,830

About Me

FDR Populist Progressive who believes the environment trumps all. We\'re sinking the only ship we\'ve got, and govt leaders are ignoring it.

Journal Archives

Hillary In Her Own Words

Hard to believe her campaign has an enthusiasm problem, eh?

Want to understand what we're talking about when we say 'Third Way Democrats'?

Watch this & learn about it. Including the "bloodless coup" of the Democratic Party planned by The Right. (Yes it involves Clinton1)

Third Way hates regulation. They view Elizabeth Warren as a threat. Cowen wants economic populism to be buried. These people are republicans.

Democrats hear the warm & fuzzy things said by Third Way Democrats, and then fail to notice what they're doing to our economy...

So much covered.

Progressives, we need to stand up and be who we are. Third Way is terrified of that. That's why they hate Bernie Sanders so much....

An excellent & thorough discussion~

This will help GOTV - Obama: "Labor unions...they are not happy with me on this"

Obama 'cautiously optimistic' on TPP trade deal

President Obama said he is “cautiously optimistic” that Congress will pass his signature Pacific Rim trade deal, but he acknowledged opposition in both parties and election-year politics could stall the pact.

“I am cautiously optimistic that we can still get it done,” Obama told a gathering of the National Governors Association at the White House.

Facing opposition from labor unions and Democratic leaders in Congress, the president said he would rely on a coalition of pro-trade Democrats and Republicans in Congress to advance the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

“Labor unions — and I am a big labor guy — they are not happy with me on this,” Obama said.

The president said that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) “have been supportive of this trade deal” though they have “concerns along the margins.”

Obama said he would send the agreement to Congress for a vote “at some point this year,” but did not indicate a specific date.

If Congress does ratify the agreement, it would be a major legacy-defining accomplishment for Obama.

The massive trade deal comprises 40 percent of the world economy and it would be a significant step toward achieving his administration’s pivot toward Asia.

But the agreement faces staunch opposition both Republicans and Democrats in Congress.

........read the rest~

You know, some years back, I heard some good news. Despite the fact that Bill Clinton opened up China to the WTO & we lost much of our manufacturing to them, the Chinese were getting a taste of middle class & wanted more & would start demanding higher wages.

I read that the jobs would start to come back to the US because of this.

But no, my Democratic president who ran as a "progressive" president is opening up new countries for trade with slave wages like China used to be. So no, the jobs won't be coming back to the US after all.

Why do they think people will still line up behind them when they keeping ripping away jobs from US????

GO Bernie! Go "Made in the USA"!!!!!!!!!

Make your primary vote count. Hillary is all in for this TPP. She helped draft it when she was SoS, so of course she is.

FYI - President Emeritus of the NH AFL-CIO all IN for Bernie Sanders!!

Mark MacKenzie, the President Emeritus of the New Hampshire AFL-CIO, spoke with Talk Media New's Ellen Ratner about his support for 2016 Democratic contender Bernie Sanders.

MANCHESTER, N.H. (Talk Media News) – Mark MacKenzie, the President Emeritus of the New Hampshire AFL-CIO, spoke with Talk Media New’s Ellen Ratner about his support for 2016 Democratic contender Bernie Sanders.

“He is one of the most genuine progressive candidates that I’ve had the opportunity to see and meet,” MacKenzie said. “He is, from a progressive’s perspective, he is an interesting man and almost a dream come true.”

MacKenzie said that he was initially worried that Sanders would not be able to mount the name recognition and money necessary to run a campaign, but his campaign has proven able.


Thousands Greet Bernie Sanders In Greenville, SC

Thousands Greet Bernie Sanders In Greenville

By Krystyne Brown Published: February 21, 2016, 4:36 pm Updated: February 21, 2016, 11:17 pm

With the Republican Primary in the books the attention turns to the Democratic Primary next Saturday.

Sunday afternoon, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders already visited the Upstate. The day after losing the Nevada Caucuses, Sanders was greeted by thousands of supporters cheering him on in Greenville.

“Don’t you feel the Bern?,” Actor Danny Glover asked the excited crowd. He went on to tell them they were part of a campaign that would bring change for our country. “It is an historic campaign,” he said.

South Carolina for Bernie Sanders "We make our history" - Danny Glover as he introduces Bernie Sanders in Greenville

Sanders returned the gratitude to Glover. He said, “Unlike other people who have achieved celebrity status, what Danny has done is use it in the fight for racial and economic justice in our country and I thank him.”

Sanders says the campaign is gaining momentum because he’s listening to the needs of Americans from all backgrounds.

He is an incredibly honest man who listens to the people,” Sam Baker said.

He is very morally correct,” Jennifer Buchanan added. “It is about helping others and uniting as a people.”


Millionaire$ for Hillary - Hillary Super PAC gets BIG donor boost (from Hillary herself, too)

Hillary Clinton Super PAC gets BIG donor boost

By Theodore Schleifer, CNN

Updated 10:03 PM ET, Sat February 20, 2016

(CNN)Hillary Clinton's super PAC collected more than $9.5 million in January, more than half of which came from five wealthy donors.

Priorities USA Action earned a $3.5 million check from James Simons, a New York City hedge fund manager and philanthropist on Jan. 11, the group told the Federal Election Commission in a filing on Saturday.

Jay and Mary Pritzker, two members of a prominent and wealthy Chicago family, also gave a total of $2 million to the group just a few days before Clinton essentially tied Bernie Sanders in Iowa.

Slim-Fast founder Daniel Abraham gave $1 million.

Texas trial lawyer and prominent Democratic donor Steve Mostyn added $1 million.

Clinton herself added to that financial advantage over Sanders -- who does not have an authorized super PAC -- with a $14.9 million haul for her campaign.

She had nearly $33 million on hand as of Jan. 31. Priorities USA Action had nearly $45 million in cash on hand at the end of January.


The Wall Street & Corporate candidate calling herself a Democrat is scoring big on behalf of Moneyed Interests. yay!

It certainly helps if you can throw in $15 million of your own money to help seal the deal.

What a scam.

Yes, the fact that she set up a private server! to conduct GOVT business on while also working

with the Clinton Foundation establishes her 'grit' to be our president.

As my dad says, she's as crooked as a dog's leg.

I'm so incredibly ashamed such a corrupt person is being fully backed by my party.

And no one cares she is for job-killing trade that sends our jobs overseas so others can work at slave wages.

And no one cares she is the largest beneficiary of fossil fuel company donations, and wall street.

Do you think they want her to win because she will work against their profit over people agendas?

And she's against labeling our food so Americans can make informed choices on whether they eat GMO foods or not. BigAg gives big as well. Monsanto, Sygenta, Bayer....so much for giving a damn about our butterflies & bees.

War! Profiteers on our endless wars love Hillary too. Private prison owner who profit from more inmates as well.

The whole thing disgusts me. This OP disgusts me.

She is purchased & corrupt & is fooling a whole lot of people.

Enjoy your status quo corruption & the continued downfall of America if she wins & continues the trend Of republican policies in the name of the Democratic Party.

You can have it.

Why Eric Garner's daughter is supporting Bernie (VIDEO: Its Not Over!)

Why Eric Garner's daughter is supporting Bernie Sanders
By Kylie Atwood CBS News February 17, 2016, 11:42 AM

The daughter of Eric Garner, whose death as a result of a police chokehold in New York set off a spate of protests against police brutality, joined Bernie Sanders in South Carolina Tuesday to praise him as a "fearless public servant that is not afraid to stand against the establishment for the people."

Erica Garner is eager to build a legacy of political activism in the wake of her father's death, and part of that is helping to galvanize young black voters in this election.

To this end, she considered carefully whether to support Sanders or Hillary Clinton. She settled on Sanders.

"Once I did my research, I reached out to his campaign, and I asked them how can I get involved," Garner explained to CBS News.

By the end of January, she had written an op-ed in the Washington Post announcing her endorsement of Sanders.

"[Sanders] spoke out, in speeches and debates, about Sandra Bland and declared that black lives do matter," Garner wrote in the Post. "He heard us, and I believe he'll continue to listen."



Her video (grab a tissue first)~

Its not over!

"Bill Clinton’s many reversals of Democratic tradition..."

The issue is not Hillary Clinton's Wall St links but Democrats' core dogmas
by Thomas Frank
The Guardian

The Democratic party rejected the New Deal and its stress on working-class Americans in favour of a technocratic elite – is it time for a political revolution?

..........snip........what voters are rejecting is not Hillary the Capable; it is the party whose leadership faction she represents as well as the direction in which our modern Democrats have been travelling for decades.

...The figure that brought triumphant closure to that last internecine war was President Bill Clinton, who installed a new kind of Democratic administration in Washington. Rather than paying homage to the politics of Franklin Roosevelt, Clinton passed trade deals that defied and even injured the labor movement, once his party’s leading constituency; he signed off on a measure that basically ended the federal welfare program; and he performed singular favors for the financial industry, the New Deal’s great nemesis.

Among the legions of the respectable at the time, Bill Clinton’s many reversals of Democratic tradition were thought to establish him as a figure of great historic significance. A telling example of this once-common view can be found in an admiring 1996 book by the then Guardian journalist Martin Walker, who asserted that the president’s few failings were “in the end balanced and even outweighed by his part in finally sinking the untenable old consensus of the New Deal, and the crafting of a new one”.

That Clintonian consensus, which slouches on in the bank bailouts and trade deals of recent years, is what deserves to be on the table in 2016, under the bright lights of public scrutiny at last. As we slide ever deeper into the abyss of inequality, it is beginning to dawn on us that sinking the New Deal consensus wasn’t the best idea after all.

Unfortunately, focusing on the money being mustered behind Hillary Clinton by various lobbyists and Wall Street figures misses this point. The problem with establishment Democrats is not that they have been bribed by Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and the rest; it’s that many years ago they determined to supplant the GOP as the party of Wall Street – and also to bid for the favor the tech industry, and big pharma, and the telecoms, and the affluent professionals who toil in such places.

Consider the revolving door between Washington and Wall Street, which drew so much public outrage in the early days of the Obama administration … or the revolving door between Washington and Silicon Valley, which has been turning briskly in recent years without much public notice at all. Or the deal the pharmaceutical companies got as a result of the Obamacare negotiations. Or the startlingly different ways in which Obama’s Treasury Department treated beleaguered bankers and underwater homeowners.




To me, fighting FOR the values of FDR & his New Deal within the Democratic Party far outweighs the struggle against the rethugs, because at this point, we have 2 rightwing parties and no leftwing representation.

I am an FDR Democrat with no representation.

For me that is why I want Bernie Sanders to lead our party & our nation back to its former greatness with FDR values.

Pickety -- Democratic Primary Makes Clear: A Populist Revolution is Coming

Democratic Primary Makes Clear: A Populist Revolution is Coming
Lauren McCauley, Common Dreams

Regardless of Sanders win, Thomas Piketty predicts 'the end of the politico-ideological cycle' brought on by Ronald Reagan at the behest of financial elites


Putting Sanders' rise within historical context, Piketty revisits the period between 1930 and 1980 when the U.S. "pursued an ambitious policy of reduction in social inequalities," with economic policies that included progressive income and estate taxes, as well as the implementation of a federal minimum wage (which reached above 10 dollars per hour, in 2016 dollars, by the end of the 1960s).

"Half a century of steady fiscal progressivity" came to an abrupt end in 1980, when Ronald Reagan "surfed" into the presidency "on a program designed to reinstate a mythical capitalism said to have existed in the past," propelled largely by the frustrations of "the financial elites."

Piketty said this culminated with the 1986 fiscal reform, which lowered the top tax rates to 28 percent (compared to an average rate of 82 percent for the richest Americans during the previous era), as well as the freezing of the federal minimum wage.

Neither effort, he notes, was "genuinely challenged by the Democrats of the Clinton years and the Obama era" leading to an "explosion of inequalities and huge salaries...and stagnation of the incomes of the majority."

Indeed, the French economist rose to global prominence in 2014 when he argued in his book Capital in the Twenty-First Century that the world had entered another Gilded Age.

Piketty concedes, "Faced with the Clinton electoral machine and the conservatism of the major media, Bernie will perhaps not win the primary." But he adds, "it has been demonstrated that another Sanders, possibly younger and less white, could one day soon win the American presidential elections and change the face of the country."

"Today, Sanders’ success demonstrates that a substantial proportion of America is tired of the rise in inequality and these pseudo-alternatives and intends to return to a progressive agenda and the American tradition of egalitarianism," he concludes.......

Read in full~

From 2 years ago, a great speech from a man who could make the impossible possible if ENOUGH people wake up to the purchase of our govt by Moneyed Interests & say ENOUGH & vote for BERNIE.

This isn't some manufactured campaign schtick. This is his life's work.

He needs our help to help him help US.

He isn't being purchased by Super PACs because he wants to work for US, The People.

Its great he may be paving the way for a populist in the future. But I say, why not NOW? Why wait? Contribute $25 to Bernie, and ask your friends to as well.

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