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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 6,227

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$91 mill for Baron Golfin von Fatfuck's R & R? In 2 years?

Totally worth it, he's our little Bavarian Prince.

And why shouldn't taxpayers be on the hook for it? Just because tRump doesn't pay any taxes himself doesn't mean he should deprive himself from indulging his least and every little whim.

Plus, he's too busy MAGA ing to golf. Unlike Obama, who made Rump mad, coz Obama was golfing too much.

Blubbering again, shitler?

No basis to investigate Rump's zillion financial felonies.

And look at that face in the pic. Yuck.

Let's shoot for Feb 28, tentatively.

tRump rages, tRump lashes out, tRump blubbers.

Bird box.

I'm outraged that she didn't fit 'piece of shit bastard' into the statement.

He reaally hates those signs.

How dare you not tolerate that nazi's intolerance?

Freedom of speech means he has the right to demand that nobody he disagrees with be allowed to speak freely.

Special shutzsstaffel snowflake seeks a safespace.

"Ra ho wahhhhh!" blubbered McGinnis.
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