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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 04:50 PM
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Minus One

I can't find the un rec button anymore, so I did what I could.

Nothing against you, x, I think the info comes from repug trolls who fear that Occupy, Spring 99, and rainbow Coalition Dems all have so much in common that they are naturally allied.

Sorry HPD, can't give you a link.

Your post # 50 is the # 4 result in hits on Yahoo for jrkcia (so I'm chasing our tail on-line on this issue), and Yahoo result # 3 is an amusing discussion from a dot com (called 'whose media' drums in the global village). Basically a fight between several high level 'panthers' with CIA ties -- Malik Shabaaz, Katherine Cleaver, Elaine Brown, Geronimo Pratt. Here's why I say that:

Post 31 on this site has a good link from the SPLC about Malik Shabazz, the fake new black panther. If you combine Dallas, Farrakhan' NOI, a designation as a hate group, and the repug effort to make these new paper panthers into a credible underground conspiracy (the point of the original post here), if you combine them all into one neat package like Shabaaz's outfit represents, you're looking at 'the government' and intelligence agencies, as well as repug campaign media propaganda efforts. 'The government' isn't just the Obama Admin, it's also 'old hands' who are holding power over the course of many presidential administrations.

The Cleavers' connections with the CIA are undoubtable.

Pratt took over the LA Panthers when Ms. Huggins' husband was killed by Karenga's United Slaves outfit. (Seale discussed Karenga's Los Angeles gas station venture as being backed by the Rockefellers in 'Sieze The Time'. CIA.) Newton didn't trust Pratt, and Pratt is connected to Ward Churchill(CIA) through 'Studies on the Left' magazine. Churchill is a 'professor' like Karenga (who used to be Ron Everett, before all his name changes.) 'Pratt and LA' is important because the Wiki info on Jay Richard Kennedy and Brown put them in the music business, and LA, at that time.

Wiki's Elaine Brown info has her moving to LA around '61, to be a pro songwriter, but she winds up working in a wise guy strip bar, and meets the CIA's Kennedy. It also indicates her cutting records for the Panthers in '68 and '73, but whether she recorded in LA or Motown isn't indicated.

Wiki of Motown shows they had 110 top 10 records from '61 to '71. They started moving to LA in '69, (after Bunchy Carter and John Huggins were assassinated and Pratt took over the LA Panthers) and Motown completed the move by '72.

I tried to get an on-line link for you on Kennedy and Motown, that avoids citing wiki and Brown's autobiography, since my caveat on 'A Taste of Power' started the whole original conversation, and I don't really like citing wiki. But I couldn't. I don't own the book, but read it from the library in '93. I dug up a hard-copy Essence Magazine article from Feb. of '93, that promotes her book (starts on p. 58), but she spends too much time bashing Newton in it, to mention her musical career and CIA friend Kennedy. I have an absract from New York Times Magazine for 1-31-93, page 20, by author Rosemary L. Bray, but no way to get the Times site to cough it up. It interviews Brown about her book, her early life in Hollywood, and her relationship with Jay Kennedy. Ms. Bray seems to be good, unlike Brown, and she used to edit the NY Times Magazine, but I can't get it on-line for you.

So to bite the bullet, all I can say it that Brown's 'Taste' discusses Kennedy more thoroughly than I can find available in internet sources. He went to Motown, or Motown came to him in LA. He was involved in representing acts, and on the business end of Motown, according to Brown. She wasn't blowing the whistle on him, she was discussing his accomplishments. That's what I remember about her discussion of Kennedy in her book, but my memory doesn't prove anything to you. When Motown got broke is a matter of individual listeners' taste. I think the complete move to LA killed it, but some good music lingered in Detroit and LA, even after that. Then those sparks faded too.

So to cut to the chase, I can't prove a connection on-line between the CIA's Kennedy and Motown, and must recommend Elaine Brown's book for further reference(!) Lifes a bitch, sometimes, I guess. I won't be re-reading it myself, because I disliked and distrusted Brown enough the first time around. I'm sorry that I couldn't get something credible for you as a link on-line, and hopefully I didn't waste your time with the long response.

True. I did read her book when it was released, but

if you watched the coverage she got during her book release, both televised and print, you could see that she was pushing government sponsored lies about the Panthers. I saw her being interviewed at that time on a television show, along with Dave Hilliard. He seems to be great, (and he wasn't with her, just sharing the same interview) but she promoted the gov's fake propaganda charges of misogyny, organized crime thuggery, etc., against the Panthers. This was decades after Sieze the Time refuted those charges, and she just recycled them. I'd rather hear from Ericka Huggins or Angela Davis, than hear any further from Brown.

She didn't mortally wound the panthers, but she helped Cointelpro nail the lid on the coffin, then decades later, danced on the grave for money.

Catholic bishops denied Kerry communion in '04, because he was pro-choice.

In '08, my catholic bishop (Zubik in Pittsburgh) made the public statement that there were many important political issues in the election, but the only 'non-negotiable' issue was the candidate's stance on pro-choice vs 'pro-life'. Not the death penalty, not starving children, not war, just pro-choice. (Therefore, voting for a pro-choice Dem is a sin. Our Catholic doctrine requires us to confess sins. You're supposed to not commit that sin again after absolution.) After we rank-and-file catholics put Zubik on ignore and whomped his pig repug buddies' asses in the election, he issued the statement that 'now that the election is over, he hopes that Prez Elect Obama will pay attention to the concerns of the Catholic Church.'

This year, Zubik pushed the repug's b.s. issue of Obama's 'attack' on religious freedom and the church, both in the Pittsburgh Catholic weekly newspaper, and by sending flunkies to state his views from the pulpit, during the sermon. The National Catholic Reporter weighed in on the issue:

excerpt from the link:

"Asked what he might say to a Catholic woman who had attempted to follow the church's official teaching on contraception but had found it painful or difficult to do so because of health or other reasons, the bishop would only say that he thinks 'that really is an issue that's between a confessor and a penitent.'"

I'm a practicing Catholic, and it seems like you are too. I'm with you on the 98% statistic. To me, it looks like the thing to do is ignore the hierarchy when they say things that rise to the Zubik level of stupidity. I walked out when Zubik's muscle bound Deacon delivered his repug campaign propaganda during the sermon, and I never give the church any money. But I still go to church, because I'm not going to let the bad guys spoil my good time.

Thanks Sol. You're 100% right.

It may have started out as a garden-variety racist murder, but the right wing bad guys are trying to amplify it into riots, in order to defeat our first black president.

This is a perfectly reasonable sequence of events.

A nazi commits an atrocity, then the government response is a nazi injunction against all the world's citizens.

I love the French, and Sarkozy was great when he gamed l'il bush on the international p.r. scene, but nevertheless, wtf.

Great info. Thanks

As a Catholic, I thought the writing was excellent, and would have liked to thank the author on the blogspot's comment page, but couldn't sign up to do so.

Mae Brussell did a lot of investigative work on the Opus Dei links to P-2 (Propaganda Due), the fascist masonic lodge in Italy.

'Saint' Escriva's connections, to Franco in the '50's, point to 'the rat-line', which was the nazi underground rail-road out of Europe and away from war crimes prosecutions, post-WWII.

And thanks for the Frank Ryan info. I was just listening to the Pogues song that mentions him yesterday, titled 'The Sick Bed of Cuchulainn'. This is the first time I ever heard who he was.

Rev Terry is right. 'Mocking the unborn' is a bad habit,

but I gave up coffee last week, and need SOME kind of stimulant to energize me in the morning. The 'Rev' might want to re-think his 'promoting murder' accusations though, because he's connected to actual murderers like Scott Roeder and James Kopp.

He's a carpet-bagger in Oklahoma, too. He's from Binghamton, NY, and ran for Congress in FL in '06, so he's giving Romney a run for his money, in terms of 'number of states claimed as legal residence'. More like a drifter than a reverend.



Hey, I was just watching another repug lawyer woman talk about current issues on the Dave Pakman clip. God bless these little ladies, cos they're doing God's work, lying to the American public.

On edit: Pay no mind to Rick's mass-media broadcasted public statements. He's like Virginia's gov Bob. Pay no attention to all of his verbal and written statements. He doesn't believe it anymore, 'less he gets in to power.

Additionally, b n, I'd like to add

Mr. Golden's tearful statement 'give me a pay cut, and send me to ND, because nobody wants to go there', was obviously not a successful gambit, in terms of keeping his family of 8 fed. But when Rachel Maddow hosted repug Sen. Inhofe from OK on 3 -15, the Senator told the sad story (Segment 'E', min 10 thru 11) about how some poor fracker in ND named Harold Ham said that his problem is that there is full employment in ND but he needs people who are willing to work, and Harry wishes that he had some more able bodied laborers (but nobody wants to work in America, I guess. What a bunch of lazy whiners).

I'm glad Inhofe made Rachel laugh near the end of the segment, because her steadily increasing frown could have caused her permanant wrinkles, or even possibly damaged her eye sight.

The GOP sure does lie, and suck.
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