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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 6,225

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White House Tapes:

"A meeting was called at which Mitchell, Colson, Dean, Stans, Buzz Ehrlichman, H.R. Bob and some of the others came, but it got nowhere because all of them were so preoccupied checking their machines to see that they were recording, they were too distracted to talk. When they were able to put a few words together, it invariably happened that somebody's apparatus began emitting beep-beeps signifying it was time to change a reel.

Under the pressure, some of them began to crack. Kalmbach, Mr. President's personal lawyer, commenced shouting at Buzz Ehrlichman, 'I was your friend. I lent you $20,000 dollars. I was unthinking and loyal and look at the trouble you got me in! In my heart I know I'm not a criminal. I came to you and I said "Buzz, we're friends. Your wife Ermintrude is friends with my wife Hepsibah, and your oldest boy Buzzy, Jr., is pals with my oldest boy, Herbie III, and your little girl Sandy is friends with my little girl Sandy -- remember how we named them after each other -- and your little dog Inky used to love to smell my little dog Brownie best of all the dogs on the block until he knocked her up and I had to have her fixed". Don't you remember when I came and said that to you and how you said that was right and that always since we left USC law school we have lived in the same subdivision together and how we always split fees and crapped on our clients together. Remember you said that?'

'That's not exactly how I recall it.' said Buzz Ehrlichman, who'd noticed that Herbie's batteries had run down and was moving in on the electronic kill. "

-- Nicholas von Hoffman, The Fireside Watergate, pp. 100 -102.

D Rump crowing about getting the D A Director of FBI's anti-russian mole counterintel fired?

No collusion. You're the puppet.

I guess shitler needed a 'win', after his nazi pals flubbed the big DC jamboree.

He should be locked up for being a 'comic' who does Nixon impressions in 2018.

Something wrong with that guy. Like all Stone 'associates'.

Is shitler blubbering again?

EVERYONE told you not to put that commie mole Flynn in. We see how much heed you paid to that advice.

You were able to get daily classified briefings from our intel people once you were the repug nominee, you could have paid attention to the parts that said your many many russkie buddies were no good. Shitler.

The standing wave function -- which represents the equal and opposite realities

of dRump yes/no collusion -- has not yet collapsed, into resolution.

Can't you people just let shitler have his cake and eat it too?

Shroedinger's cake.

... then twitler goes back to tweeting threats of war against Iran.

Every accusation he screams is projection. He looks in a mirror and thinks about how much he hates his enemies.

DU post-er NRaleighLiberal posted this one in 3/20/17:


NRL's o.p. linked to this TPM 3/20/17 article about Comey's statement that the FBI's Russian investigation 'began' in July of '16:


Josh Marshall's article above contained this excerpt:

"On July 7, Carter Page gave a speech in Moscow which was generally hostile to US policy vis a vis Russia. He may have had other meetings – there are various unproven claims. But the speech is a public fact. The visit was approved by Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s soon to be fired campaign manager, after being rejected by J.D. Gordon, Page’s supervisor on the campaign’s National Security Advisory Committee."

I noticed at the time that there may have been a discrepancy in the TPM article "about who o.k.ed the 7/7 Page trip to Russia. It possibly was J.D. Gordon, not Lewandowski.

This might be correct, because when you read 4 paras later into Josh's summation, he says Manafort took over from Lewandowski on 6/21, when Corey was fired.

Lewandowski never really stopped working for dRumpf, I realize, but it seems hard to believe that he was making a decision 2 weeks later to send Page, instead of the alternative, that Gordon approved the Page trip. "

I recall asking if Gordon was a Flynn guy, he's definitely a far right military intel spook.

The T Rump Lie Train is really picking up steam. From 5 lies a day to 16 lies a day.

4229 lies in 18 months.

Accepting anything of value from a foreign national for your campaign

is a crime.
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