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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 04:50 PM
Number of posts: 4,150

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Just saw Ari Melber's guest on Last Word, Tom Nichols from the Naval War College,

talking about the peril of having normal Americans happy about having high ranking military like Mattis, McMasters, and Kelly in key positions in the gov, so there are some adults in the room in the Exec branch. I agree wholeheartedly. It's like a game's being run on us by pro-fascist power broker sources, to get us to accede to anything, in order to deal with the perils posed by the braindead nazi hairball kandykorn kolored skidmark.

That being said, anything coming from a pro-Horowitz source is garbage in garbage out. Flynn is a virulently antisemitic bircher, no matter how many Jewish neocons his fans dredge up to back his end of things.

They're cripplingly stupid,

and treasonous.

I'm glad you mentioned the proud boys, in the OP and this sub post, Ini.

There was a NY Times article posted here a few days ago, about reich wing fringe groups:

It mentions that Vice Media founder, Gavin McInnes, a big dRumpf supporter, founded the proud boys:

"The founder of the Proud Boys, Mr. McInnes, 46, a Canadian with a hipster-lumberjack aesthetic, is no stranger to controversy. He helped found Vice Media and edited its edgy magazine before leaving in 2007 over differences with his partners. In one episode that drew his colleagues’ ire, he told The New York Times in 2003, “I love being white.”

Mr. McInnes has seemed to find sophomoric pleasure in offending liberals, feminists, “beta male culture” and transgender people. His work is often inflected with a tone of crass, satirical bigotry that leaves him just enough room to declare it all a joke. While Mr. McInnes insists that the Proud Boys are “are a normal fraternal organization like the Shriners,” the sentiments that unify its members are often tinged with disrespect for nonwhite culture."

"Some groups like the Proud Boys have initiation rituals that include violent hazing and require an oath of fealty to Western culture. Their followers thrive on hyper-masculinity and celebrate when one of their brethren hits a leftist agitator. They mock Islam and purport to be soldiers against a “war on Whites,” while being mindful not to embrace overt white supremacy. Roger J. Stone Jr., a longtime associate of Mr. Trump’s, has taken the Proud Boy oath.

The Alt-Knights were initially conceived as a paramilitary wing of the Proud Boys, designed to provide protection for audiences listening to conservative speakers like Ann Coulter and Milo Yiannopoulos, whose public events have been canceled because of threats of violence."

I know McInnes and his Vice partners 'split up' 10 years ago, but I'd take Vice's reporting about 'fears of a surge in lefty violence' with a grain of salt. Because they've had ample opportunity to do a story covering the nazi goon squad aims and actions of the guy with whom they had an acrimonious split, but instead theychose to do a story that seems to dovetail nicely with McInnes' fantasy that his people are about 'defending themselves' against the violent left, and are completely 'justified' by the existence of a violent leftist threat.

A dRumpfenfuhrer fan calling the opposition 'commies' is rich, to say the least.

I see this nazi turd is hooked into the Vice founder. I never trusted Vice, good to see it confirmed.

Jesse's a bircher. Not too hard to spot.

"The New American, the online outlet of the John Birch Society, published an interview yesterday between two prominent attendees of last month’s anti-immigrant rally in DC, Jesse Lee Peterson and Stephen Broden.

Peterson, who calls himself a “proud member” of the John Birch Society, told Broden that the American dream is “fading” ..."


Yeah, they like Hitler, until it's time to attack the Dems. Then Hitler was horrible, and the Dems

are worse than Hitler.

Repug prez dRumpf just bragged about how he found out that 'the great president Lincoln was a repug, and not many people know that'. Then another repug pops up, and says that Lincoln is a horrible tyrant like Hitler. Who dRumpf's rabid fanbase loves, anyhow.

They're never going to make any sense, when they tell us what they 'think', about anything. They're fucking basket cases, screaming and crying, yelling and laughing, flipflopping back and forth, supremely incoherent and unhinged.

They'll never give us a heartfelt statement of their 'deeply held' 'values' that they don't immediately jettison to score some cheap political points with a polar opposite contradictory statement, as soon as it appears to be an opportune time to do so.

He also apologized to dRump for 'letting him down'.

Saw that on the screen crawl under the Maddow show, yesterday.

Their lies are so laughable, transparent. Sheisskopf dRump puts sheisskopf Spicer in as our country's official spokesnazi. We didn't want him in there, dRump did.

Then Spicer says something stupid and nazified, and everyone in the country weighs in on how much we hate him. Which prompts him to give his apology to dRump.

dRump 'is the real victim, here'.

This is 3 in a row from the dRump admin, in terms of blatant antisemitism and Holocaust denial. It isn't a gaffe. First they didn't mention Jewish victims in their Holocaust Remembrance Day statement. Then dRump 'hosted' a passover celebration, without attending, and neither did his 'Jewish' daughter and junior-prez son-in-law. Now his official mouthpiece pretends not to know that zyklon b was used against German Jewish civilians, and says he thinks that death camps were 'holocaust centers'.

This isn't surprising, they aren't 'blundering' into doing these things, they're doing them because dRump is a nazi. He's always pointing to his 'Jewish family', to say 'nobody can call me anti-semitic'. He can stick them up his ass. His only actual interactions with Jewish people are with his organized crime buddies.

This anti semitism is purposeful. He was forced to jettison anti semite Flynn and demote anti semite Bannon, and his copious number of nazi adherents are really unhappy about losing their seat at the table. So he's dog whistling pro-nazi antisemitism to his froggie posting fans, to try and keep them on board.

Good. So we're getting more on (pun unintended) Page and Manafort's treasonous

ties to the russians. Still quiet on the Flynn front.

I'd love to see more about Stone and Epshteyn come out. Tillerson and Sessions, too. And Ross. And Kushner. And Nunes.

dRumpfenfuhrer had so many russian assets working in his campaign, that FBI wiretaps found the actual russian spies had nicknamed dRumpf campaign HQ 'the Lubyanka'. Many people are saying this, anyway.

Instead of 'urging' the dRumpf junta to declassify these non-smoking gun reports,

it should be phrased a bit more impolitely and confrontationally. "This administration is lying about Obama and Rice. This admin could 'prove' they were surveilled, by declassifying those reports. But they won't, because they're lying. dRump is lying, again, as usual. His flacks are lying again. His repug party buddies like Nunes are lying. If you're not all lying, prove it. I dare you. Stop telling us about those reports that 'prove' you're right, show us those reports. Liars."

It's silly to politely 'urge' radical fascists -- who are obvious open traitors selling us out to Putin -- to do the right thing, for the good of Democracy and the nation.

It comes off as wimpy and milquetoast-ish, because you're asking them to admit they're lying traitors, asking them politely.

House of Rep repugs with minority leader McConnell did this, during '11 - '12.

Blocking recess appointments of Cordray for CFPB and NLRB members.

"Over what would have traditionally been the 2011–12 winter recess of the 112th Congress, the House of Representatives did not assent to recess, specifically to block Richard Cordray's appointment as Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.[7] As therefore required by the Constitution, both the House and Senate held pro forma sessions.[8] Regardless, on January 4, 2012, President Obama claimed authority to appoint Richard Cordray and others under the Recess Appointments Clause. White House Counsel Kathryn Ruemmler asserted that the appointments were valid, because the pro forma sessions were designed to, "through form, render a constitutional power of the executive obsolete" and that the Senate was for all intents and purposes recessed.[9] Republicans in the Senate disputed the appointments, with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell stating that Obama had "arrogantly circumvented the American people" with the appointments. It was expected that there would be a legal challenge to the appointments.[10] The first such challenge was announced in April 2012, disputing a National Labor Relations Board ruling made following the Obama appointments.[11][12] "


Turtle man had someone show up, once in every 3 days, then declare the Senate 'open', then adjourn after a few seconds.

He was minority leader, but the repugs had a House Majority.

"... Noel Canning presents a classic conflict between the President and the Senate. The Senate attempted to block recess appointments by holding pro forma sessions in December 2011 and January 2012, and the President disregarded the Senate’s wishes when he appointed four officials on January 4, 2012.

Here is the problem with that view: It is uncontroversial that the Senate majority has generally supported the President’s nominees, and the most plausible inference is that the majority also supported his recess appointments. The belief that the Senate is in conflict with the President appears to stem from the belief that the Senate minority filibustered the majority’s attempt to take a recess, thereby placing the Senate, as a body, in conflict with the President’s actions. But Senate rules do not permit filibusters of motions to adjourn and, in fact, it was the Speaker of the House of Representatives who claimed authority to block the Senate from taking a recess.5 "


The Supreme Court found that Obama's recess appointments for the NLRB were unconstitutional. It's worth noting that little bush made 171 recess appointments, and Obama made a few dozen, despite massive repug party obstruction . Here's a MoJo article on the defeat of Obama's NLRB recess picks, good and easy reading:

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