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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 6,225

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Excellent analysis, well written. rec, Nt

I'm glad Rachel pointed out that dRump is still trying, openly, to hand over the Turkish dissident.

Doing the same thing that Flynn was covertly attempting to do.

Blubber away, Hair hitler.

Openly trying to use the powers of the presidency to go after his 'enemies', too.

You're right. I have a hazy recollection of him mentioning Mexico paying, one or 2 times.

He also said he's already building the wall, several times, and that he's already built the wall. He just tweeted that people have not been able to get through our newly built walls.

Colbert pointed out that tRump's problem is that he has to say we built the wall to satisfy the people who voted for him in 2016, but he also has to say we need to build the wall to get people to vote for him in 2020. He needs a wall that both does and does not exist.

Double think. Shroedinger's cat. He'll tell any lie, any time, even if it contradicts the last lie he told, as long as it's convenient for him to tell that lie at the moment, in order to explain away some inconvenient reality based truth.

Funny how dRump just tweeted yesterday p.m. about

'..Don't use Government resources to take down political foes. Weaponizing Government for gain.' Is this really America? Witch Hunt!"


He tweets this while trying to install an AG who wants to take down his political foe, and weaponize government for gain. He blubbers about how the Obama admin committed 'crimes' against him, while he installed and acting AG who says the president can do anything he wants, it's all 'legal'.

Any blubbering he does about 'attacks' on him is actually him telling us what he's planning and doing. And there's a Prez Shithole tweet, where Twitler calls himself a shithole, for literally every situation.

Rump announces withdrawal from arms control treaty, 10/20/18.

tRump bemoans crazy spending on uncontrollable arms race, 12/3/18.

dRump brags about his admin's arms spending, 8/13/18.



Standard double think, two track reality.

He was so vehemently sure he was gonna win unless cheated.

And he kept right on doing business as usual, coz they never thought they'd win.

He and his team have put forth double think polar opposite shroedinger's cat statements, on every subject, for years now. Runs in polar opposite directions, at the same time.

Lightly looked at very cool business deals with a sanctioned Russian state bank.

Very not legal, conspiring with the US's enemies to violate sanctions.

I notice it is also a total disgrace, but is it a "rigged" witch hunt, too?

tRump blubbers.

So shitler's committing obstruction of justice BY calling for prosecution of his 'enemies', for no


He commits a crime, while accusing others of non-existent criminal behavior, by accusing others of non-existent criminal acts.

He's no genius, just an openly transparently in your face criminal who constantly promotes doublethink. He doesn't think this shit up, his bannons and mercers and stones and millers do it for him.
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