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Another well liked BBC children’s TV presenter Rolf Harris

Has been arrested due to allegations of sexual abuse. The entertainer has been part of the BBC for decades; (The Rolf Harris Show (BBC, 1967-71; ITV 1972-74), Quick on the Draw (ITV, 1974-1977), Cartoon Time (BBC, 1979-1989), Animal Hospital (BBC, 1994-2004) and Rolf on Art (BBC, 2001-2002)

(Bill Oddie) The BBC knew Savile was 'at it'. Savile and Harris both have strong ties to the British Monarchy. Harris has been given a OBE, MBE and a CBE. Savile (who is reported to have abused 1350 children so far) was also strong ties, and to the British state through Margaret Thatcher. Hence the BBC which has known for years about abuse, misled the public as it honored him in a tribute. I'm puzzled how this can be kept silent until now, it seems the BBC have known about it for years. Did the state? Westminster Minsters have also been linked to the Savile scandal where they also aware? We may never know.

The BBC has faced questions over it impartiality including closing political pieces to comments in Scotland, using a French Euro MP to misrepresent the French Government view over the Scottish Independence. In fact using a former research assistant of New Labour minister Denis MacShane. (undisclosed by the BBC Scotland of course) anyway I digress. The scandal has to be the BBC's biggest crisis. (However if interested. Here is the view of the French Government in the video below)

Anyway the whole Savile scandal makes me ill thinking about it and the silence in all them years, from the BBC. This current headline reminded me of it.
Posted by MichaelMcGuire | Fri Apr 19, 2013, 07:36 AM (5 replies)

A+ for Creativity

Good to be back
Posted by MichaelMcGuire | Tue Apr 2, 2013, 03:42 PM (4 replies)
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