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Member since: Mon Nov 7, 2011, 01:46 AM
Number of posts: 3,588

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I reserve my deeper animosity for Cheney and Rove, but that still isn't as visceral as my animosity

toward trump.

trump is just an emotionally stunted, vindictive vandal. Even more despicable than trump, however, are Ryan and McConnell who assault us with him, and use him as a vehicle and cover for their anti-democratic agenda-- and for the media culture that incubated and nurtured that shit-for-a-soul's success.

I never felt that kind of disdain for Bush. It seems that the Obamas, the Clintons, and Bono, among others, have made their peace with George Bush the person. I'm okay with that.

Does that mean we have then acquiesced to right-wing governing philosophy and GOP tactics? No. But we can't lose our ability to recognize the humanity in others.

trump may no longer have the capacity to do the work of self-examination and redemption. He only sees ridicule and purchased adoration and has no internal spark that would try to fathom why.

trump holds grudges, is consumed by them, is governed by them. We have to move on, while remembering history and honestly assessing our mistakes and successes.

Scared of...

The several Knights of the realm at Heart
Who glared toward they
Who'd dare to bray
At our good Lady.

Drunken they,
and not so Brave,
The pack of knaves
Have lost the day.

Hamburger guy is sorry

I've often wondered about our specific end. How we would delay it over the eons. If we would ever

achieve a singular concerted purpose of continuance. Our conscience born in our biology and its cravings, do we embrace them and nourish them over time or do we minimize, becoming systems of stored and exchanged information? Do we give up our human motive to become an eternal witness?

He communicates via the id in visceral blasts that leave an afterglow

in brains with atrophied attention spans.
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