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Will Trump regime be the best seller of atheism?

Trump and his religious supporters may not realize it but they may turn out to be giving the best boost atheism ever received. His regime reveals like none other the true goals of religion which to the present atheist have always been its dictatorship, creulty, vindictiveness, ignorance and poverty. Mr. Trump's actions and associates prove better than any logical discourse just how much his religious backers hate freedom and democracy and are prepared to turn our country into a theocratic dictatorship.

Good way to blunt propaganda from the GOP Trump mill:

If you like it please spread around!

Eric Stone

I now call him Hitler - the name of trump is no longer relevant

This man is so vicious and vindictive the two dictators in recent history that he resembles now are Franco and Hitler. Since most young people don't know historyor what Franco did, i have decided dispense with the Franco name and call him Hitler. To me therefore Trump is now re-named Hitler and will be called that in all of my subsequent communications.

Why Trump has been able to get away with it: in a word, religion

Why Trump has been able to get away with it: in a word, religion

Trump’s lies are now legendary. The man spouts falsehoods whenever and wherever he is and goes. He is shameless, guiltless and fearless, which certainly qualify him as a psychopath. But that doesn’t answer the question of why haven’t the American people come down hard on him and strongly condemned him for such unethical behavior. Why has he continued to get so much support from them? Most people in this country will not like my answer which is: religion. As an atheist I have been able to discern this a little more easily than most because I have read about it happening at other times in the history of religion.

America is the most religious democracy on earth. Greater percentages of our citizens believe in God, the Devil, the afterlife, miracles, the supernatural, and angels than of any other democracy on earth. Our government is dominated by believers and our citizens forced to respect its priority over all other rights and freedoms. Public disrespect of religion is almost illegal in the USA with faith in God proclaimed on the back of police vehicles and all politicians aware that any public criticism of it by them means political death. Believers enjoy all kinds of leg
al and financial advantages over nonbelievers. Even our high school students may not be taught about subjects that contradict scripture such as evolution and geology.

The very basis of religion is its profound anti-intellectualism and authoritarianism. The institution spurns rationality, science and objective evidence in favor of faith and loyalty to Church and God. It cares much less about objectivity and scientific or even legal truth than about religious dogma, loyalties and the saving of the faith and its continued domination of society. It cares much more about serving and bringing a greater glory to God than about human rights, freedoms and needs. It is totalitarian in nature and driven to conquer all that is secular which is to be converted to religious. All facts that contradict its dogma are disputed or challenged and labeled secular lies. The young are indoctrinated with obligatory respect and obedience to the clergy and Church and are taught that those who do not believe in God are evil, should be hated and will be punished.

The similarities between the anti-intellectualism of Trump and that of religion are obvious. In both cases objective evidence and realities are overruled by the desires and dogma of leaders. The same was true of all the fascist dictators of the 20th century. The reason why Trump has not been condemned by the American public is that as a clever con-man he has exploited the religious fervor of the people and is using it for his own benefit. Although probably devoid of any belief in God, he is manipulating the still large majority of religious Americans into believing that he is a modern-day protector of the faith who will fight all advances of secular rights. He is therefore seen by them as a “visionary” who can do no wrong. When he says “the polls are rigged” it is understood that this is how he defends them against the loss of an election and asks their support for his lies to so that they and he can appear undaunted and victorious. They therefore readily give him the same unquestioning and unqualified support as they would the dogma of their Church and then come out for him in droves on election day to vanquish the secular.

The religious people of America are fighting for the survival of faith in an age of science and technology. This is why vast numbers of them support Trump fanatically which he understands and is cleverly exploiting. I do not know if there is anything that can be done to stop the catastrophe that this portends. However one thing we should do immediately is loudly hold all religions responsible for Trump. He is just the latest chapter in their long war with democracy and is moving very rapidly to disempower secular citizens. We must loudly blame every religion in America for supporting him and using him to overthrow our secular government. Only they have the resources to stop millions of their followers from supporting him.

Eric Stone

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