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Member since: Tue Oct 11, 2011, 07:56 AM
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Trump can't even abide by rules of a debate

He claims he is the Law and Order candidate but can't even abide by the rules of a debate to let his opponent speak without interruption. If he became president would he send everyone who disagreed with him to Siberia?

How to debunk the anti-hillary articles in news rags near check-out lines.

Whenever I see an anti-Hillary headline in one of these cheap news "rags" near the check out lines in my supermarket, I insert a page that carries the truth about her and the reminds people about the wrongdoings of Mr. Trump. That way I can be sure that the "deplorables" who want to read anti-Hillary BS will also see that not every one agrees with them. They are, in fact, advertising for my views as well!

Trumpism is showing us what is wrong with our failing democracy and how to fix it

One thing we should all demand is that public figures MUST tell the truth. They should be either fined or indicted for lying to the public and subject to harsh penalty including a jail sentence. I could see that becoming the foundation of an advanced form of democracy in which truth-telling is strongly enforced.

What Trump's success says about America

Trump's success says more about the failng of our democracy than about any talent of his. He has a demonstrated ability to play other people's failures to his advantage like any criminal.

His success is the result of the sustained stresses on our society of religion, wealth and right wing extremism all of which have "deals" or "understandings" with each other to sabotage our democracy. These groups have no use for democracy and will do anything in their power to disrupt it and replace it with rule by the rich and religious/police fascism.
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