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Member since: Tue Oct 11, 2011, 07:56 AM
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The critical question is does religion breed fascism? I think history shows it does

The evidence is clear that the Church was an ardent supporter of Mussolini, Hitler, Salazar, the Ustasha and later supported Death Squad activity with heavy Catholic and Fundamental Protestant participation from the Family and church loyalists in the CIA. Not many people remember this but Pope Pius XII lobbied strongly for a preemptive nuclear strike on the Soviet Union with both A- and H-bombs that would have resulted 50 million casualties. He was preparing world Catholicism for the conversion of the Russian people to that faith and was using the Fatima legend to work up passion for an invasion. The Church also lobbied strongly for A-bombing the Viet-Minh at Dienbienphu to prevent a rout of the French. General Douglas MacArthur attempted to convert the Japanese people to Catholicism as well and was rebuffed by that nation for this.

Religion is the only other large institution that can declare war (Holy War) and mobilize millions to take up arms and depose government as happened in Spain in 1939 and Mexico in 1921. It does not respect secular justice and must be forced to observe it. When are we going to educate the public about this. It seems to me this is the most important issue about religion to be discussed.

Almost as good as Paul Ryan's during Obama speech

Ryan's hateful looks during the Obama speech reminded us about the stonily cold Inquisitors who tortured millions in the worst crime in all history which the Church got away with. Ryan is the sort of right-wing Catholic fanatic who would be pleased to see a rerun of that abomination with the liberals and progressives as today s victims. He is one bad guy. Reagan was the same sort. He said the USA should be run on the principles of Jesus Christ and received the Knights of Columbus's chief award for his support of their funding of Latin American and Asian death squads. These 2 guys are twin bad asses.
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