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Gender: Male
Hometown: Oakland, CA
Member since: Thu Oct 6, 2011, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 10,345

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24 Types of Libertarian


Ben Carson Supports Flat Tax To "Please" God

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Fucking Thing Sucks!

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Message to today's Right-Wing: stop calling yourselves conservatives

Let's get something straight here. The definition of the word "conserve" is to protect something (especially an environmentally or culturally important place or thing) from harm or destruction. However, from what those on the Right have shown us, they are out to essentially destroy and dismantle everything that has helped out so many Americans. Whether it is Social Security, affordable health care (aka. Obamacare), welfare, food stamps, anti-discrimination laws, Roe v. Wade, the Voting Rights Act, Affirmative Action, or environmental regulations for corporations, the political Right has vehemently opposed every single one of these policies. It wants to take America back to a time where people died from easily-curable diseases, had less rights, had less financial stability, and a time where corporations were able to carry on with their business without regard to the environment that we all share. In fact, when it comes to actually conserving things, many of today's liberals are more conservative than the average self-proclaimed conservative is.

So, RWers of all stripes, do NOT call yourselves conservatives. You are regressives. Stop trying to hide behind words that you believe sound more euphemistic in order to advance your agenda.

Ted Nugent: "Blacks are only ones who don't realize Democrats are destroying Black America"

Link: http://mediamatters.org/blog/2013/02/21/ted-nugent-blacks-are-only-ones-who-dont-realiz/192754
Conservative commentator and National Rifle Association board member Ted Nugent wrote in his latest column that African-Americans are the only ones who don't realize that President Obama is continuing the Democratic Party's decades-long destruction of black America.

The comments are the latest in a long line of racially inflammatory statements from the rocker, who has said of the Confederate battle standard, "I am going to wear it forever."

In his February 20 WND column, titled "I Honor Blacks - The Dems Destroy Them," Nugent highlighted several metrics by which black America is struggling and commented:

"Barack Obama, the guy who received roughly 93 percent of black American votes, is the clear and present engineer of the destruction of black America.

It's not all the president's fault, but the economic and social policies he endorses are destroying what is left of a once proud and strong black America.


The truth is that the Democratic Party has been the engineer of the destruction of black Americans, and everyone knows it except the very people who need to know it the most - black Americans.

The turbo-destruction will continue for black Americans until they realize that dirty Democrat politicians are their true enemy, not their salvation. Fortunately, some are beginning to embrace this self-evident truth.

The truth will set those black Americans free who want to be free, who want to be the best they can be, who want to leave their grandchildren a better, stronger America."

Elsewhere in the column Nugent praised "the tapestry of black America" as "rich and vibrant," and claims that "black musical thundergods" influenced his "fire-breathing musical career." He concludes, "Say it loud: my music is black and I'm proud!"

This year alone, Nugent has attacked President Obama's "racist agenda"; accused civil rights leaders of speaking "ebonic mumbo-jumbo"; and claimed that gun owners will become the next Rosa Parks and offer nonviolent resistance if President Obama issued an executive order confiscating guns (a statement for which he was condemned by leaders of the NAACP, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and National Urban League). Such comments have not prevented Nugent from being praised by hosts at CNN and Fox News.

Others at the NRA have offered similarly insensitive comments related to race. Former NRA president Marion Hammer drew widespread criticism after she compared a proposal to ban assault weapons to past racial discrimination, and commentators have criticized the "racial overtones" they found in executive vice president Wayne LaPierre's recent op-ed.

Black vs. White Rant

DISCLAIMER: This is not my video.
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Anyone else prefer rainy weather over sunny weather?

For as long as I can remember, I've always liked rainy weather. I find it comforting and soothing, and I like the whole atmosphere of it. I like some of the more introverted activities, such as playing video games, surfing the Web, or working out at home, and this type of weather gets me in the mood for those things. Also I find it easier to sleep at night when it is cold, and I never have to worry about sweating randomly like when it's warm outside.

On the other hand, I never did care for sunny days that much. Unlike many other people, I actually find them a little depressing and boring. They're depressing for me whenever I have nowhere to go one day, and because I really don't have anybody to hang out with outside anymore (I lost contact with all my high school friends). Plus it becomes monotonous to me whenever there is more than 2-3 weeks of sunny weather. During this type of weather, I'm just waiting for either nighttime or rain.

To everybody in the press complaining about Obama golfing with Tiger...

Remember this?
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On the eve of MSNBC's Bush ll documentary, I want to spread this video:

For anyone who doesn't get it, this is a parody that the Boondocks did of Bush ll lying about the war and the existence of WMDs.
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Message to Republican Pundits and Radio Talkers

Dear Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly, Nugent, and the rest of the RW media,

First of all, I want to congratulate you on a job well done in convincing about 47% of Americans to support regressive social and fiscal policies this past election cycle. It never ceases to amaze me how you guys (since 1980) have been able to persuade millions of working-class and middle-income Americans to support lower taxes for a small handful of citizens, at the expense of services that are designed to help millions of people who struggle to make ends meet.

However, since your party decisively lost the last presidential election, there is no need to continue trying to drag Pres. Obama's name through the gutters. He was re-elected decisively and is here to stay for 4 more years, so you can stop scaring your viewers and listeners with lies about him wanting to ban all guns, being a foreigner, a communist, a fascist, and comparing him to Hitler and Stalin (two people who happened to be on opposite sides of the ideological spectrum). How about you propose some decent ideas for a change, that will actually help a wider array of people than just the Monopoly Men of society? Enough fear-mongering.

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