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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Oakland, CA
Member since: Thu Oct 6, 2011, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 10,198

Journal Archives

Just Had My First Ever Post Hidden

Late last night, I posted a YouTube video in V&M called "Criminals Gone Wild UNCUT". Somebody alerted on it, saying that it was "out-right racist", and the jury voted 5-1 to hide it. I don't understand at all how that video was "racist", and my intent of posting it was not racial. All the video was about was showing a few crimes happening live and unscripted, and providing the perspectives of the people in the video on why they chose a life of crime. That's it.
At the risk of sounding biased about my own post, I have to say that the jury dropped the ball on this one.

Sexual Objectivication Explained (VIDEO)

Is the word "epic" overused in this decade?

Has it been used so much that it sickens you? For me, the word "epic" has become the most annoying words around. I didn't used to be annoyed by it until just a few years ago. I have seen countless people use it in blogs, on YouTube videos, TV shows, etc. Why did "epic" become popular in the first place? I can remember back in the early 2000's, epic wasn't used nearly as frequently in everyday social communication.

I Hate the Snow

I was just thinking...why are male virgins portrayed as losers in society?

This is the question that I have on V-Day. I don't understand why guys who have had sex before are deserving of more respect than guys who have not. Despite virgins being safe from STDs, it seems like they (particularly males) are the butt of some sitcom and movie jokes (the movie "40 year old Virgin" is a prime example of this). And if you're in school, other guys laugh at you when you tell them that you haven't had sex before. Meanwhile, while women who have a ton of sex are generally seen as trashy, the men who have a ton of sex are seen as "studs".
Why is it like this?

Luigi Drops by Squidward's House

Look at him tear the rug up! (from 2012)

People That Endanger Others Behave Badly

Too Short Weighs In On White People Using the N-Word

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