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Member since: Thu Oct 6, 2011, 01:17 PM
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Ann Coulter needs to STFU!!!

She said on Hannity's Clown Car Collection that if the kids had been armed the casualty count would have been less. Is there not a point where freedom of speech should be limited? As a mother of a son killed in gun violence on Christmas Eve 2001, I find no humor, sensitivity or intelligence in her statement. These people will NEVER get over this. . . They will learn to live with it is my sincerest prayer. There were days I did not think I would.

I also hope I never am in the company of this wretched woman. God only knows how it would . . .

I am so glad to have been one of the "URBANS"

Minnie Mittens (Ryan) blamed their loss of the election on. I am also from one of the 59 Philly districts that did not give them one vote. This girl's as proud as she can be.


to election rallies, television appearances, etc.? Did they fly coach on American Airlines? What the hell is this Air Force One crap about now? I have never seen or heard any mention or question of any previous president's travel arrangements until now. They bitch about his vacations, his wife's vacations . . . everything! Do they know how tiresome and boring this crap is? I did not even finish reading this article about his election kick-off rally in Ohio because the first lines pissed me off, and I, for one am tired of this crap!



a tie, or a voting controversy that would be decided by the Supreme Court?

The way the Republicans are running their election this year is so bizarre, one can't help but wonder if they have something up their sleeve. If they throw in enough money and chaotic legislation to create a voting nightmare, the Supreme Court will have to step in. Of course the court has been leaning to the right lately and they feel reasonably secure in the gamble.

Why else would Romney feel comfortable telling young people to get their college loans from their parents who are most likely living off of more of their retirement funds than they anticipated already? Or, John Boehner feel comfortable pushing through legislation that takes help from poor women and children? Why would they all feel secure in turning their backs on immigrants? Why is Rush Limbaugh being lower than usual, saying the rudest things he can think of about Hilary Clinton and every other woman he can call to mind? Why are they fighting to insult and disenchant everyone? The poor, women, military families, handicapped, immigrants, other countries. What are they really up to?
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