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Member since: Sat Sep 24, 2011, 10:36 AM
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Big Brother IS watching...

I had occasion this morning to start up the electricity in the apartment to which I am moving. Previously, all bills had been in my roommate's name: I have no credit record whatsoever, since the last thing I paid for myself was a car that was paid off in the previous century. I had been living in a boarding house for the past six months while I waited for better digs; this is germane.

As I filled out the form, the phone number I had *before* I moved to the boarding house was already filled in. Now, I never did business with this company before, I am using a different computer from a different location... yet somehow, they knew that phone number had been associated with me. It makes one wonder.

Can't be the chip from my Covid vaccine, because I just got that.

-- Mal

The Big Bopper does Little Red Riding Hood...

... and she will never be the same.

-- Mal
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