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Member since: Sat Sep 24, 2011, 10:36 AM
Number of posts: 16,440

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Lyrics on the Internet

One of the nice things about the 'Net is you can find out wtf those lyrics in a song you've heard a million times really are.

Sometimes, the knowledge doesn't get you very far.

Viz: "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" (Stepen Stills)

Que linda me la traiga Cuba
La reina de la Mar Caribe
Cielo sol no tiene sangreahi
Y que triste que no puedo vaya oh va, oh va

Okay, so basically, that means "Cuba is really pretty, the sky is nice, so sad I can't go there."

Whatinhell does that have to do with Judy Collins?

Confuzed, Mal

Six shooting threats in three days.

Got an interesting phone call last night from the sherriff's office of the little county in Kentucky I'm living in now (pop 25,000 and some change).

The gist of it was that there have been six threats of shooting in the County's schools brought to the attention of the office since 19 February (that's right, 19 February). All six have been investigated and arrests made in four. This in a rural (hell. practically desert) area of 25,000 citizens.

That certainly seems like a lot.

-- Mal

Crappy food you like anyway...

... and don't try to talk me out of it.

I'll start:

Chef Boyardee Spaghetti
Kraft Mac and Cheese
Pop Tarts

Fess up, pilgrims, what horrible, unhealthy, and yummy food do you love, and are not one bit "guilty" about it?

-- Mal

Jim Wright strikes again.

Mr Trump wants a parade? Mic drop time:

Look, here's the thing:

Tough guys, the real deal, the snake eaters, those confident in their abilities, they don't brag, they don't swagger, they don't need to impress you with macho bullshit. They know who they are. Their brothers know who they are. Those guys, the truly deadly ones, they don't go looking for a fight. They avoid it, if possible. But if trouble finds them, well, then they end it. Without fanfare, without bluster, without cock waggling. They do what is necessary BECAUSE it's necessary and no more.

It's the blowhards, the cowards, the insecure, who strive constantly to impress you with their macho toughness and bulging muscles, with their tales of derring-do, with their war stories and their supposed heroics. They threaten and brag and swagger and crave your adulation.

But it's the guy in the back, the quiet one in the shadows with his hands in his pockets, you should be afraid of. Because HE doesn't need your respect. Or your admiration. Or your fear.

Now, if you're a repressive dictatorship with a cardboard military and a massive inferiority complex, you parade your tanks through the streets to impress the peasants. To brag and swagger and threaten the world with your macho.


(More at: https://www.facebook.com/Stonekettle)

As I have observed elsewhere, Jim Wright is a brilliant writer. He can clear up just about anything. Which might make him, from time to time, offend liberals, because he is ecumenical in his insistence on clarity, logic, and common sense. Highly recommend his Facebook page, and his blog at http://www.stonekettle.com/

-- Mal

My mother was a fanatical Eagles fan for over 50 years...

... she dies in June, the Eagles win the Superbowl in February. **sigh**

Well, she's smiling now.

-- Mal
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