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Member since: Sat Sep 24, 2011, 10:36 AM
Number of posts: 15,350

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One subtlety of that Quinnipiac poll the other day...

... several people have commented about the fact that while 69% of respondents think Mr Trump is not sane, only 57% consider him unfit to be President. They worry about the 12% who think it is okay to have a madman as President.

But it's actually worse than that. This presumes that all 31% who do think Mr Trump sane also believe him fit to be President. But is this a safe assumption? After all, I can think of many people whom I think are perfectly sane, but unfit to be President. So, for every 1% of that 31% who do think Mr Trump is sane, but unfit -- another 1% think it's okay to have a madman as President.

See, we have even more reason to worry about the State of the Union than we thought.

-- Mal

Mirai Nagasu, 2018 US Championship FS

Okay, okay, she two-footed the triple axel. Sue her.

I thought her PCS should have been higher. Silver medal, forsooth.

-- Mal
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