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Member since: Sat Sep 24, 2011, 10:36 AM
Number of posts: 16,483

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You know what I hate about the Affordable Care Act?

Its very name validates the principle that human health -- and thus, by extension, human life -- is a commodity to be bought and sold.

Kind of barbaric, except barbarians don't usually have a money economy.

-- Mal

Well, should I get a new computer or what?

Just ruminating. A new computer would put a real strain on my finances. But the box I'm currently running is about as obsolete as it can get: Dual core AMD, "only" 2 GB RAM, a rather old Invidia GeForce 9400GT, running under XP. Which, of course, is no longer going to be supported.

Naturally, the current box does everything I want, but the potential vulnerability of XP after April does cause concern, especially since I know basically diddly about IT security. To say nothing of how badly windoze 8.0 has been panned, although I understand 8.1 is better.

So I'm wondering if getting a laptop primarily for Internet purposes would not be a viable option, and continuing to use the XP box to play my old games (which is the primary thing I use a computer for in the first place, aside from bullshitting on the 'Net). It's not an option I'm in love with, as I am not the tech-junkie type who needs the newest thing. Hell, I still use a rotary phone.

-- Mal
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